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Last Updated: 2013-07-02

2000's Efficiency

Company information

Legal Name:   Isabelle-Elyzabeth Lavoie Efficience Opérationnelle 2000
Operating Name:   2000's Efficiency
Mailing Address
752, rue Ampère
Bureau 4
LAVAL, Quebec
H7N 6G7
Location Address
752, rue Ampère
Bureau 4
LAVAL, Quebec
H7N 6G7
Telephone: (514) 791-8899

Contact information

Isabelle-Elyzabeth Lavoie
  Title:   Chief Executive Officer
  Area of Responsibility:   Electronic Data Interchange Administrative Services Domestic Sales & Marketing Export Sales & Marketing Management Executive Finance/Accounting Customer Service Research/Development/Engineering Manufacturing/Production/Operations Government Relations
  Telephone:   (514) 791-8899
  Fax:   (450) 975-7553


Company description

Supply Chain Specialist & Analyst – Logistics / inventory, distribution network, Purchasing - Senior Buyer-Planner, process reingeneering, transport planning, training.
MANDATE: SHORT OR LONG TERM REPLACEMENT CONTRACT (Buyer, Planner, inventory & distribution Analyst)
With a large experience in different industry I can quickly take over the responsibilities of the employee on leave or sick or as an additional resource for temporary work overload or special project

Efficiency is a matter of optimizing the available resources by taking the better decision for the best results at the optimal cost.
To offer an Efficient Business Analysis in order TO ALLOW an OBJECTIVE VISION of the organization's REALITY.
To develop pertinent Action Plans in order to reach the desired situation in a way that authorized to meet the organization’s objectives.
To Implement a proactive process through a continuous improvement strategy.

Professionnal services:
Procurement and contract
Planning & forecasts
Activity Based Costing (ABC)
Complete Product cost
Inventory Control (Velocity & Forecast)
ABC categories
Opportunity cost
Integrated Supply Chain improvement
Capacity Planning
Distribution Planning
Transport Planning
KPI - Supplier Performances Analysis
Supplier Score card development

Your best asset to OPTIMIZE your Enterprise Resource Planning system:
other business database
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1998
Exporting: No  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 611430 - Professional and Management Development Training
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 541619 - Other Management Consulting Services
Primary Business Activity: Services  
Total Sales ($CDN): $1 to $99,999 


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Logistics Planning
1. Gestion & optimisation des flux des produits (matières premières, en-cours, produits finis)

2. Gestion & optimisation des flux d'information (prévoir, suivre, contrôler, adapter les mouvements physiques)

3. Optimiser le réseau logistique

4. Gestion du Changement (Motiver et former le personnel)

Coordonner & optimiser entre elles les activités de :
-Gestion des stocks et prévisions de vélocité
-Transport et entretien préventif des équipements
-Processus de Production
-Approvisionnement (Planification de la demande & Achats)
-Distribution (Localisation des Centres de distribution & itinéraires de Livraisons)


LA PLANIFICATION LOGISTIQUE a pour BUT premier de permettre une flexibiliité accrue, au niveau des capacités de réponse tant, aux clients-processus (internes), qu'au client final. En analysant les situations qui ont causé une augmentation des coûts logistique / unitaire, et en procédant à l'identification de celles qui ont été récurentes et qui sont susceptibles de se répéter compte tenu que la cause est l'un des objectif de l'organisation... (l'augmentation de la clientèle, par exemple)...

LA LOGISTIQUE est l'ensemble des techniques * concernant la politique de stockage, de transport et de distribution d'une entreprise.
Elle est l'ensemble des activités ayant pour but la mise en place au moindre coût d'une quantité d'un produit à l'endroit et au moment où une demande existe.
* Cette définition ne prend pas en compte les coûts et la qualité
LA FONCTION LOGISTIQUE regroupe la gestion de l'ensemble des moyens mis en oeuvre pour déplacer et transformer les produits, où et quand il faut, au moindre coût global.

Service Name: Activity Based Costing - Business Analysis
Demand planning & forecast
Resource Improvement
Integrated Logistics Supply Chain Improvement
ROI Data Base Implementation

Service Name: Demand Forecast
ABC classification
Market parameters
Products Category review
Core Business Identification

Service Name: Informatics "On job training"
- EXCEL analysis & reporting tool including data download from the Enterprise Resource Planning data base (including ERP: SAP, JDE, BaaN, Oracle, Access, Home made software)

-Word, Power Point, Outlook, Ms Pub, Visio.

- ERP: SAP, JDE, BaaN, Oracle (supply, inventory, distribution modules)

Service Name: inventory optimization
velocity analysis
ABC category
forecast vs inventory level by SKU & product category
trend or seasonality analysis by SKU group
category: "core business" & "non core business"
supplier Lead time analysis (including transit)
safety stock & risk management analysis

Service Name: Procurement & supply chain
cet exercice peut s'effectuer sur base de mandat contractuel:
analyse et mise à jour des SKU's "live" au système
révision des porte-folio fournisseur
analyse de volumes et négociation de rabais-volume avec les fournisseurs majeurs
rationalisation du nombre de fournisseur afin d'optimiser les achats et de maximiser les rabais-volume
identification des produits critiques et de sourcing A, B, C
analyse des historiques d'achats par catégorie de produit et par fournisseur
analyse des retours clients et processus de RMA vs disposition selon les coûts de retour

FSC Code: D000-Information Processing and Related Telecommunications Services
D302-ADP Systems Development Services
D303-ADP Data Entry Services
D306-ADP Systems Analysis Services
D311-ADP Data Conversion Services
D314-ADP System Acquisition Support Services (Includes preparation of statement of work, benchmarks, specifications, etc.)
D399-Other ADP and Telecommunications Services (incl. data storage on tapes, Compact Disk (CD), etc.
R112-Information Retrieval (non-automated)
R114-Logistics Support Services
R122-Program Management/Support Services
R199-Other Administrative and Management Support Services
U009-Informatics Training


Sector information

Key / Major clients:

Supply Chain & Business Analyst EXPERIENCE

Isabelle-Elyzabeth Lavoie (Efficiency 2000's President)

10/2006 – July 2007 Supply Chain Specialist & Business Analyst Consultant
Customer: Wyeth Pharma Canada
Strategic Purchasing Department – Non Production & OEM (Capital, Lab supplies & chemical, Packaging Sourcing)
-> Commodity Management, Inventory & Velocity Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Strategic Alliance Agreement Negotiation, Purchased History Reporting Development ( JDE & Access), Production Support (system & purchasing), Order Board Analysis, Trouble Shooting. SAP implementation.

04/2005 – 2006 Supply Chain Specialist & Business Analyst Consultant Montréal area
Customers: Home Depot, Reno-Depot, Rona, Sodisco’s SUPPLIERS (hardware manufacturing & merchandising svc)
-> Activity Based Costing, Inventory Control, Operations & sales Data Base Development
-> Reporting tools development with Excel & Access

3. INFORMATIC TEACHER (Ms Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, Visio, Ms Pub, Access, Oracle, SAP, JDE, BaaN).

05/2004 – 02/2005 Alcoa/ Reynolds Food Packaging Laval QC
Product Coordinator Quebec / Ontario / Alberta / Nova Scotia (contract- maternity replacement.)
Business process Improvement & Planning (Calgary, Halifax, Ontario, Montreal warehouses)

Canadian’s warehouses inventory level management & fulfillment coordination.

-> Forecast coordinator (sales, manufacture, customer service)
-> Business Analysis on Order Board vs Fcst vs ATP
-> Built a Distribution Replenishment Planning tool (DRP) with 4D an ORACLE extracts in order to root case the back orders and stock shortages as well as Available To Promises stock (ATP) issues
-> PFG requirement planning from external supplier and Reynolds-USA manufactures.

05/2003 – 12/2003 Draxis Pharma Kirkland QC
Senior BUYER pharmaceutical product (contract)
Material management & purchasing. (Ointment, cream & liquid, Tablets manufacturing raw material & packaging)

-> Inventory control & supplier performance analysis, Cost control & price negotiation
-> Purchasing, Expediting, Sourcing, Escalations
Incident Report & Corrective action co-ordination (supply & production problem resolution)

2001 – 2002 Pratt & Whitney Canada Longueuil
Senior Project Planner (1 year contract)
-> Developed an Experimental engines’ Critical sub-components analysis tool with SAP data.
-> Reduced back order an Experimental engines’ Critical sub-components analysis tool with SAP data.
-> Reduced back order by 80% within six month on the industrial engines project.
-> Trained the Planner team to use the Critical path analysis tool & process cookbook development.

1999 – 2001 Nortel Networks Ville St-Laurent
Order Fulfillment Prime-Qwest - Logistics coordinator - International Optical project (06/2000–07/2001)
-> Developed a Shortages control & supply chain issues analysis tool with BaaN data downloads.
-> US customer centre transition Order fulfillment Coordinator for a major account (900K/Q).
-> Increased on time delivery by 180% within six month through the Customer fulfillment centers.

Business Analyst & OEM Products Coordinator (08/1999–06/2000 )
-> Developed an OEM / PFG Suppliers Performance analysis & inventory control tool with BaaN.
-> Developed an order board analysis tool to coordinate the supply for the jeopardy orders.
-> Reduced overdue orders by 70% within 6 month even though a constant increasing customer demand, very tight delivery time frames & several project escalations.

1996–1998 National Defense Department Montreal
Distribution Manager
-> Process Reengineering & Montreal Supply Depot National Distribution Networks Implementation.
-> Developed a Communication Plan with the 36 Canadian Bases, Transport Sections & employees.
-> Reduced the backlog orders by 98% & Increased customer satisfaction by 63%.
-> Reduced distribution costs by 32% (local) and by $1.8 millions (national) through the resources optimization strategy of the Distribution-2000 project.

*** 98-Icestorm-Operation emergency material deployment logistics coordinator. ***
Canadian Red Cross & Health Canada & Montreal Bases Transportation Resources optimization.

Fleet Operations Analyst (Contract 05/1996–12/97)
-> Provided a performance indicators & costs reduction Business case to meet the Canada General Auditor’s productivity requirements.
-> Developed an Activity Based Costing analysis tool for the Montreal Base’s fleet (500 units).


1989-1991 Transcontinental Editions Baie-Comeau
Marketing & Business Development
Sales & Development Manager (1990-91)
-> Increased Customer Demand by New Promotion concepts & publicity strategy.
-> Reduced the operation costs by 35%.
-> Supervised the Newspaper Publicity layout optimization (artwork & mechanical).
Marketing & Development Counselor (1989-90)
-> Increased the market share by new territory development & coverage.
-> Increased the customer demand by 25%.
-> Implement new customer’s business services & publicity products.

1982–1989 Entreprises La-Si & Distal Inc. La Malbaie
Marketing representative East of Quebec (1988–1989 )
-> Food products marketing & the new suppliers/products Food Service & Retail Distribution evaluation.
-> Organized & coordinated successful on sites customer promotion.
-> Increased the territory product mark up by 300%.
-> Increased the food service customer fidelity by 50%.

Operation Assistant (1982–88)
-> Customer fresh & frozen Order fulfillment supervisor.
-> Routing & Delivery schedule coordinator.
-> Administration & sales clerk.


UQAM – Montreal 1994–1997
-> Transportation Services Administration & Logistics Certificate.

UQAM – Montreal 2001–2003
-> Management improvement Certificate.

HEC – Montreal 2003–2004
-> Production and Operations Management Certificate.

HEC – Montreal 2000–2005
-> APICS – C.I.R.M. Integrated Resource Management (in process )

Lionel-Groulx College 1992–1993
-> Administration

Supply Chain & Business Analysis Specialist
-> DEMAND Forecast Expert 6 years
-> Business Analysis Expert 10 years
-> Inventory Control Expert 7 years
-> Quality improvement Expert 7 years
-> Customer Oriented Expert 15 years
-> Distribution planning & networking Expert 10 years
-> Supply chain coordination Expert 9 years
-> Purchasing Expert 5 years
-> SAP, Oracle, BaaN, JDE, Legacy, Copics Expert 6 years
-> Excel data export & analysis tool Expert 10 years
-> Ms Office Expert 15 years
-> Visio, Power Point Expert 10 years
-> Ms Access Expert 7 years


July 10, 2001

Reference Letter : For Elyzabeth Lavoie

I believe that is no surprise that Nortel Networks has faced difficult market conditions in the past 6 months and has been faced with many difficult decisions in order for them to remain in a competitive position moving forward. As a result, Elyzabeth was one of our top performers that were recently let go back into the market place.

As mentioned to her on many occasions, I have never worked with an employee
Who has the dedication, drive and relentless appreciation for our customers as she did while at Nortel Networks. In order to satisfy the tremendous demand made by our customers in the past 2 years, Elyzabeth never questioned lengthy work hours, stressful conditions nor the ever-changing work environment as demonstrated by her while she was employed at Nortel.

She will definitely dazzle you with her computer skills in Excel and has the capacity to track a multitude of tasks while keeping in mind their deadlines.

It is with deep regret that we see Elyzabeth without a deadline to meet or a customer to satisfy. She definitely strives on the most difficult of challenges and will always finds a way to deliver with a smile.


John lavallee
Customer Interaction Program Manager
Nortel Networks – STL BAN.

Nortel Networks
9300 Trans-Canada Hyw
Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1K5

July 09, 2001

Recommendation letter for Elysabeth Lavoie

Elysabeth Lavoie has worked for me since the last 12 months. She works as the order fulfillment prime for one of the biggest NORTEL’s customer on optical business. She was responsible of all the purchased materials pull-in, expediting and logistics tracking required by this customer.

Having an excellent knowledge of purchasing, distribution and the logistics environment, combined with her strong skill of data analysis, problem solving and relationship building, she have been able to be rated as a key element of the organization.

Being very nervous, energetic and dynamic, Elysabeth is extremely customer oriented. She is very efficient, result oriented and dedicated to her work. She worked countless extra hours to succeed in the task to do and she succeeded very well to manage complex projects that were needed urgently and required outside and/or International suppliers. She never hesitated to pull and drive all the resources available including the engineering and installation groups to find any alternatives or quick solutions in front of a road block situations.

It is much to my regret that we have to let go Elysabeth because of company rationalization. Ely-sabeth is very strong on her field of expertise. She worked beyond her scope of work all the time and always put the maximum of her-self into the job to do.

Yours sincerely,

Lyne Demers, ing.

NORTEL networks
Senior manager, Customer services
(514) 818-3174

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