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Company information

Legal Name:   LMSOFT Inc.
Operating Name:   LMSOFT
Mailing Address
5334, rue Garnier
H2J 3T2
Location Address
5334, rue Garnier
H2J 3T2
Telephone: (514) 948-1000
Website URL: 

Contact information

Luc Carreau
  Title:   Vice President
  Area of Responsibility:   Manufacturing/Production/Operations
  Telephone:   (514) 948-1000
Luc Michaud
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (514) 948-1000
  Ext:   222


Company description

LMSOFT develops software and web applications for creating web sites. Web Creator, the flagship product, is a visual editor with strong graphic features, without any programming. It is designed for those who whish to develop and control their web sites by themselves, without the need for specialists. Web Creator is produced in six languages and sold in over 50 countries.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1974
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 541510 - Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  
Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 to $999,999 
Number of Employees: 12 


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Web Creator
Web Creator is a web editing software for Windows. With Web Creator, anyone can quickly develop a high quality web site. Many graphic options such as shadows and transparency, can be used to give a truly professionnal image to the site. Visit for more information.



Market profile


  • Sales/Marketing

Strategic alliances:


LMSOFT's markets are as varied as its products. Educational
software materials and multimedia titles are sold mainly to
schools and the general public. Interactive stations are sold
to museums. The server part of GEOSCOPE Network is designed for
geographical data distributors like NASA, Ministère des
ressources naturelles du Québec, La maison de la géographie
(France) etc.
In addition, LMSOFT has relationships with other clients in the
United States and Europe.

LMSOFT is interested in a variety of international partners

- geomatics partners interested in including LMSOFT's
geo-catalog technology in their software or using GEOSCOPE to
distribute their data;
- developers, resellers, and end user clients to help
establish the HYPERPAGE multimedia authoring tool for the
Internet as a standard PC product.


- Direction générale des ressources didactiques of the
Ministère de l'Éducation du Québec - LMSOFT's partner for over
ten years, with educational software production.
- Canadian Space Agency and Canada Centre for Remote
Sensing - partner in the development of GEOSCOPE, the
Interactive Global Change Encyclopaedia that was the Canadian
contribution to the International Space Year (1992).

LMSOFT's partners for the production of GEOSCOPE Network are:

- Ministère des Ressources naturelle du Québec
- Géomatique Canada
- Direction générale des ressources didactiques (MEQ)
- Addison-Wesley Publishers Limited
- Universities Space Research Association
- Centre national de documentation pédagogique (France)
- Réseau d'étude des changements dans les localisations
et les Unités spatiales (France)
- Université Laval
- Centre de développement de la géomatique

Geographic markets:

Export experience:
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


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