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Hypertec Group

Company information

Legal Name:   Hypertec Systems Inc.
Operating Name:   Hypertec Group
Alternate Name:   Hypertec
Mailing Address
9300 Transcanada Hwy
H4S 1K5
Location Address
9300 Transcanada Hwy
H4S 1K5
Telephone: (514) 745-4540
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-876-0920
Fax: (514) 745-0937
Website URL: 

Contact information

Mike Marracino
  Title:   Manager
  Area of Responsibility:   Export Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (514) 745-4540
  Ext:   5900
  Fax:   (514) 745-0937
Bob Novek
  Title:   Manager
  Area of Responsibility:   Electronic Data Interchange
  Telephone:   (514) 745-4540
  Ext:   5500
  Fax:   (514) 745-0937
Jonathan Ahdoot
  Title:   Vice President
  Area of Responsibility:   Export Sales & Marketing Domestic Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (514) 745-4540
  Ext:   5700
  Fax:   (514) 745-0937
David Ahdoot
  Title:   President
  Telephone:   (514) 745-4540
  Fax:   (514) 745-0937
Reine Karam
  Title:   Manager
  Area of Responsibility:   Domestic Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (514) 745-4540
  Ext:   5400
  Fax:   (514) 745-0937


Company description

Hypertec is one of the leading providers of information technology products and services. Its four strategic divisions serve more than 3,000 customers in over 60 countries.

1. Hypertec Systems ( We provide integrated hardware and software solutions as well as professional services to supply organizations with the necessary support to design, build and manage their IT infrastructure.

2. Hypertec Direct ( We provide organizations with direct access to a large variety of brand-name IT hardware and software products through our interactive web store and specialists.

3. CIARA ( We help maximize the output of organizations’ IT infrastructure by offering a wide array of custom end-user, enterprise and high-performance computing products.

4. Hypertec BCDR ( We offer business continuity and disaster recovery services to organizations who wish to ensure their personnel and data are protected in times of necessity.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Exporting: Yes  
Quality Certification: ISO 14001 ISO 9001
Primary Industry (NAICS): 541510 - Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 417310 - Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
443120 - Computer and Software Stores
454111 - Internet Shopping
811210 - Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Primary Business Activity: Services  


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Computers, Servers, Software, IT Consulting, Professional Services, Integration, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Other IT Solutions.
IT Products
- Personal Computers and Notebooks
- Printers and Peripherals
- Rackmount Servers, Tower Servers and Blade Servers
- Network and Storage Devices
- Software for Personal Computers and Servers
- 130,000 other IT products...

IT Maintenance Services
- On-Site Repair Services
- Depot Repair Services
- Service Contracts
- Ad-Hoc Repair Services

Integration Services
- Custom Upgrades
- Image Pre-Loading Services
- Asset Management

Professional Services
- Design and Implementation of IT
- Network Optimization
- Integration and System Management
- Network Security

IT Products (Ciara)
- Personal Computers and Mini PC
- Commerical and Industrial Thin Clients
- High-Performance Tower and Rackmount KRONOS Workstations
- ORION Servers
- Storage

HPC Solutions
- Personal Clusters
- NEXXUS 4080
- High-Density Clusters
- GPU Systems

OEM Services
Business Continuity Services
Disaster Recovery Services



Market profile



Sector information

Total plant size:

1. Ciara
Montreal: 200,000 square feet manufacturing facility with an annual production capacity of more than 1,000,000 units per year

2. Hypertec BCDR
Montreal Recovery Site: 200,000 square feet (3,000 workstations)
Quebec Recovery Site: 40,000 square feet (450 workstations)
Toronto Recovery Site: 40,000 square feet (800 workstations)


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