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Norwood Sawmills

Company information

Legal Name:   Norwood Industries Inc.
Operating Name:   Norwood Sawmills
Mailing Address
1660 Hwy 11 N
R.R. 2
P0E 1G0
Location Address
1660 Hwy 11 N
P0E 1G0
Telephone: (705) 689-2800
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-567-0404
Fax: (705) 689-1982
Website URL: 

Contact information

Ashlynne Dale
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (705) 689-2800
  Fax:   (705) 689-1982
Dale Spry
  Title:   Representative
  Area of Responsibility:   Export Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (705) 689-2800
  Fax:   (705) 689-1982


Company description

Manufacturer of portable sawmills (mobile sawmills), including band saw mills and chainsaw sawmills, band blade sharpeners and setters and small-scale forestry equipment including log skidders and grapples.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1993
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 333210 - Sawmill and Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 321111 - Sawmills (except Shingle and Shake Mills)
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: LumberPro Portable Band Sawmill - Manual or Hydraulic Bandmill
The Norwood LumberPro HD36, a high-capacity portable sawmill, maximizes owners’ production, profits and sawmilling options.

Capable of cutting large-dimension hardwood and softwood logs up to 36” (92 cm) in diameter and 13-feet long (or as long as you want with track extensions), the HD36 can mill virtually any tree into valuable lumber.

With unprecedented versatility, the LumberPro HD36 has a broader selection of optional attachments than any other sawmill on the market. Super-productive even in its standard manual configuration, it’s functionality and throughput can go even higher with output-boosting attachments.

At its ultimate, the LumberPro HD36 expands to a fully-hydraulic, fully-powered machine. In other words, a sawyer can, very affordably, start with the large-capacity, accurate, reliable manual LumberPro HD36 sawmill for only $7595. Then, he can build up his sawmill as his milling operation grows, adding hydraulic or manual log loaders, log turner, toe boards, power feed/power setworks, etc … at any time … now or ten years down the road.

Product Name: LumberMate Portable Sawmill - Manual Bandmill
Portable band sawmill quality-built in Canada ideal for landowners. Easy-to-use, rugged and economical, the LumberLite is capable of handling logs 29" (72cm) in diameter and cutting boards 19" (49cm) wide. Can be customized to meet the sawyer's unique milling requirements with the addition of optional attachments such as trailer system, log loading/ramp system, toe boards, board offloading rollers, etc ...

Product Name: Log Skidders & Log Skidding Equipment for ATVs and Tractors
Easily skid logs out of your woodlot by harnessing the power of your ATV or small tractor. Norwood carries a selection of log skidding arches, attachments, winches and grapples that make harvesting logs and skidding logs out of woodlots easier, faster, and reduces damages to the woodlot. Ideal for small-scale log harvesting by private landowners, small commercial operations or communities. Economical solutions. Easy to use. Reliable.

By raising the end of the log off the ground while skidding, you –
Increase maneuverability,
Keep your logs cleaner, and
Reduce damage to your woodlot floor.

The Log Hog™ is designed specifically for skidding logs more safely and easily – it allows you to keep the load closer to the tractor.

Simple to install and simple to use, the Log Hog will make hauling big logs or multiple logs quick and easy*. Install the Log Hog to your tractor in just seconds and get skidding.

With no mechanical components to break down, you won’t spend a second doing maintenance. The Log Hog is constructed of heavy-gauge square tubular steel and powder-coated for superior rust-resistance.

* Actual load will vary depending upon tractor size and type.

Product Name: Chainsaw Sawmill - Super-Portable Chainsaw Sawmill
Norwood's PortaMill chainsaw sawmill converts regular chainsaws into fully-functional sawmills that can be used to mill lumber and beams. The sawmill converts a chainsaw into a horizontally-mounted sawhead, while a regular extension ladder serves as the rail along which the sawhead travels to make the horizontal cuts in the log. Compact, light and quick-connect/disconnect design make the PortaMill ideal for sawing operations in very remote locations accessible by plane, boat, ATV or snowmobile only. Very economical solution for occasional milling of small to mid-sized logs.

FSC Code: 3210-Sawmill and Planning Mill Machinery


Technology profile

Norwood - The global leader in portable sawmill innovation has over 50 patents, more than all the other sawmill companies put together. No other portable sawmill is more productive, reliable, easy-to-use or versatile than a Norwood – the brand-name most trusted by sawyers around the world.

Market profile


Strategic alliances:

Norwood has been designing and building top quality portable sawmills for over 20 years. Norwood sawmills are hard at work in over 100 countries worldwide cutting millions of valuable board feet of lumber. The undisputed global loader in portable sawmill technology, Norwood's innovation is backed by 50+ patents, more than the combined total of all other portable sawmill companies around the globe together.

Norwood is eager to explore and establish strategic alliances with well-established partners in domestic and international markets.

Industry sector market interests:

Geographic markets:

Export experience:
Actively pursuing:


Sector information

Key / Major clients:

Norwood equipment is sold in every U.S. state, in every Canadian province and in over 100 countries worldwide.

All Norwood equipment is shipped in knock-down form on 4' x 4' pallets. This facilitates shipping to remote areas and reduces shipping costs. Norwood keeps everything in stock so that we can ship as soon as we receive an order with payment.


I’d rather use a Norwood than any other mill. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Mike Hutter, New York

The LumberMate is the best-made mill in America.
Mike Kroll, Michigan

I owned one of your competitors’ sawmills, sold it and bought a Norwood.
Dollar for dollar there is no comparison.
John Wiebe, British Colombia

I’ve cleared over 600 acres with my LumberMate Mark 3, just sold it for almost as much as I paid for it in 1997 and ordered the upgraded LumberMate 2000.
Joe Miller, Pennsylvania

I am very pleased with my LumberMate. This sawmill is a great investment!
James Pate, Alabama

The LumberMate is really unbelievable.
Joe Steiner, British Columbia

I am very pleased with my LumberMate. I have cut thousands of feet of lumber of all types, built three houses and cut for other people. It is a truly rugged, dependable mill – no trouble at all.
Paul Norris, North Carolina

Haven’t bought a stick of lumber since I purchased the sawmill – cut a walnut log larger than the mill was designed to handle and produced over $1500.00 worth of wood.
Douglas Nutt, Indiana

The best product in the world is only as good as its support people – Norwood people have been excellent.
Murray LaBrash, British Colombia

With the LumberMate, I now don’t hesitate to tackle a lot of large logs in one day. I can trust the mill to produce a nice stack of accurately sized, flat boards by the end of the workday.
John Conway, Ohio

The LumberMate produces the best quality lumber that I have seen anywhere.
Thomas Bryan, Lousiana

The competition doesn’t hold a candle to the LumberMate – Excellent engineering!
Carman Gordon, Nova Scotia

The LumberMate does everything Norwood said it would do. It went together perfectly and arrived in excellent condition.
Scott Boydston, Hawaii

I cut about 2,000 board feet per day with my LumberMate. It paid for itself in 3 days.
Don Maas, Wisconsin

I am a mechanic and repair sawmills for a living. From a mechanical point of view, the LumberMate is the best mill I have come across. It saws better quality lumber than any mill I have serviced.
Brian Lawrence, Minnesota

The LumberMate is fantastic! It is really something! I have built two houses with this mill.
George Carter, Virginia

Boards come off the LumberMate beautiful.
Edmund Searle, Nova Scotia

The LumberMate is a great mill – I just love it! The engineering is excellent and I just love its simplicity.
Carman Goodwin, Nova Scotia

I edge about 5,000 feet a day on my EdgeMate and could do more. It has plenty of power. The delivery was excellent and the assembly instructions were excellent.
Richard Greenwood, Prince Edward Island

The LumberMate produces the best quality lumber that I have seen anywhere. I have seen a good deal of lumber sawn on automatic saws, none of which can compare to the consistent size of the LumberMate.
Thomas Bryan, Lousiana

In the last 9 months, I have cut around 100,000 board feet of lumber of almost every species of wood – the LumberMate just works flawlessly day after day.
John Peters, British Columbia

I am very happy with both the LumberMate itself and the way I have been treated by Norwood. Both have been first rate. It is nice to work with a company that produces and stands behind a good product.
John Conway, Ohio

The LumberMate is a pleasure to use. It sets up easily, cuts well and operates smoothly. I have owned two small mills before I bought this one. They were exhausting to operate. With the LumberMate, I don’t hesitate to tackle lots of large logs every day.
John Conway, Ohio

The LumberMate is a really nice machine. I just turned 85 years old and can operate the machine by myself with no problem.
Boyd Young, Nebraska

I cut old power poles with my LumberMate. I figure, over 4 years, I’ve pushed that sawmill a little over 9 miles … and it still runs great.

Randy Yarbrough, Florida

Last August I purchased a mill from Norwood. Best thing since sliced bread!!!!! Started cutting lumber in September for my cottage. Built a 24x32 cottage with 17-foot high cathedral ceiling. The mill paid for itself by now.

Rick Montreuil, Ontario

The LumberMate 2000 is the best sawmill I have ever used.

Michael Bailey,

Those (Goldline Premium) blades are the best blades I’ve ever used. I am really impressed!!!! They are sharp right out of the box and they stay sharp longer than any other blade I’ve used (and I’ve tried just about all the other brand names).

Allan Porter

The SkidMate works absolutely great and is more maneuverable than expected.

Ross Allen and Phillip Grant, Nova Scotia

The LumberMate has made me nothing but money … quality, quality lumber.

John Brush, Montana

The LumberMate 2000 is one of the simplest, easy to maintain pieces of equipment or “tool” that I have ever seen. You would be wasting your time, and probably more money, to even consider any other mill in this price range. Really, for the money, it is as near perfect a machine as I could imagine. I have nothing to gain by saying this – it is just my honest opinion.

Jerry Moore, Kentucky

I got 1 blade with my LumberMate from Norwood and it’s the best blade I’ve ever had. I bought a bunch from Wood-Mizer, they are good blades too but they dull faster and I can’t always count on them to cut smooth. I started with 15 Mizer blades and one Norwood. I use them all and then sharpen them and now I have 6 Mizer blades left and still have the 1 Norwood blade. The next box of blades I‘m buying is definitely from Norwood!

Jason Reay, Ontario


Pat Killian, New York

I used the LumberMate to cut all the timbers and sheathing for a timberframe. It worked like a charm. Good product!

Perry Munro


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