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Company information

Legal Name:   Rail-Veyor
Operating Name:   Rail-Veyor
Mailing Address
129 Fielding Rd
LIVELY, Ontario
P3Y 1L7
Location Address
129 Fielding Rd
LIVELY, Ontario
P3Y 1L7
Telephone: (705) 682-0450
Ext: 303
Fax: (705) 682-2144
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Contact information

Joe Einarson
  Title:   General Manager
  Telephone:   (705) 682-0450
  Ext:   303


Company description

Rail-Veyor® is an industrial material haulage solution for underground or surface applications with all the best features from conveyors, rail and truck haulage in one complete package.

The electrically powered Rail-Veyor® system operates remotely through a control centre and incorporates a light rail track with a series of interconnected two-wheel cars capable of continuous movement.

The Rail-Veyor® cars travel at speeds of up to 8m/s or 32km/h or 18 m/ hr as they climb grades of twenty percent (20%) and negotiate complex turns within a 30 meters or 100 foot radius.

The open trough formed by all the rail cars can load, unload and transport any type of industrial material including mineral ores, aggregate, coal, wood chips and more. The cars are connected to allow for articulated movement along curves and for continuous reloading.
Rail-Veyor® Global is a reliable, cost-effective, environmentally responsible bulk material haulage alternative to its target industries. Rail-Veyor® Global provides material haulage solutions to a broad range of customers, including the global, multi-billion tonne mining, aggregates and energy sectors.

Material haulage is a key contributor to productivity and cost performance in many industries. The Rail-Veyor® system combines the best of conventional rail haulage and conveyors to create a uniquely flexible and functional alternative for materials transport. Semi-cylindrical cars are linked by flexible flaps, preventing leakage and forming an open trough capable of continuous movement along light rail track. Energy efficient electrical drive stations are distributed along the rail line, providing forward thrust by driving horizontal tires in contact with the car side plates.

Rail-Veyor® systems offer a high degree of design flexibility, competitive capital cost (due to use of light rail and system layout flexibility/ operational at grades up to 20%, reducing infrastructure preparation time and cost relative to grade-limited rail and truck haulage/short turning radius of 30m reduces rail footprint and cost), low operating and maintenance costs, high reliability, safe automated continuous operation, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency and superior environmental performance (both local emissions and carbon footprint) relative to competing technologies. Independent studies have found the Rail-Veyor® system to be the preferred alternative in bulk materials handling.

Rail-Veyor® Global holds the exclusive global license to the Rail-Veyor® technology and offers a full range of services including research and development, material haulage testing at dedicated demonstration facilities, engineering and design of fully-commissioned installations and after-sale support.  
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 333920 - Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 336510 - Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing
482112 - Short-Haul Freight Rail Transportation
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Material Haulage
The Rail-Veyor® car design, track and drive systems are capable of operating the cars in both an upright and inverted position. This feature allows the cars to be easily dumped and continuously loaded and unloaded using a roller coaster design.

One of the many Rail-Veyor® configurations allows the train to enter the dump in the upright position on a horizontal plane and as it moves through a loop the product is discharged by gravity and the inverted car is then returned to the upright position and directed down the track to be reloaded.



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