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Company information

Legal Name:   The Mansis Development Corporation
Operating Name:   Mansis
Alternate Name:   Mansis
Mailing Address
18 Chatsworth Pl.
WINNIPEG, Manitoba
R2J 3K9
Location Address
18 Chatsworth Pl.
WINNIPEG, Manitoba
R2J 3K9
Telephone: (204) 770-2184
Toll Free Phone: 1-888-445-7575
Fax: (866) 450-5932
Website URL: 

Contact information

Robert Kent
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (204) 770-2184
  Fax:   (866) 450-5932


Company description

The Mansis Development Corporation is a management consulting and training company established in 1978 and headquartered in Winnipeg.

Mansis specializes in Performance Management and works with the management of small and medium-sized companies across Canada as well as government departments to implement organizational change and to improve management practices. Mansis researches, develops and implements supervisory and management skill training programs and management systems for government and private sector clients, and provides professional management consulting services in human resource and general management. Mansis was one of the first consulting organizations in Western Canada to market an external Assessment Centre Service, as well as customized In-House Assessment Centres to help private sector and government organizations dramatically improve the selection and development of their management. In 2010, Mansis brought together its experience with Assessment Centre technology and Performance Management Skill training to offer a unique skill Certification Program in Performance Management to interested individuals and organizations.


Dr. Kent is President of the Mansis Development Corporation where he helps business owners and their management implement simple and practical processes for managing employees. Bob is a specialist in Performance Management and the structure and management of small and medium-sized organizations. Bob also serves as a personal coach and management consultant to business managers and owners, in Canada and the United States, for solving their organizational, management and employee performance.

Before founding Mansis in 1978, Bob held senior management and executive positions in the Canadian Federal and Manitoba Provincial governments as well as in private and public corporations. He also continues to lecture in management at the University of Manitoba where he has been an award winner for excellence in teaching and professional expertise. Currently Bob teaches in the Manitoba MBA Program.

Bob has degrees in Mathematics, Business Administration and Computer Science and a Ph.D. degree in Management and Organizational Behavior from the University of British Columbia. He is a Director of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba; former President of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba; and has also been a Director of many provincial and national organizations including the Community Planning Association of Canada, the Children’s Hospital Research Foundation, Scouts Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada, the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors.

Bob is also the author of over 150 published articles as well as several texts, videos and software applications on management, supervision, executive development and organizational change.

A frequent speaker at seminars and conferences, Bob is noted for his jargon-free, practical approach to management. Participants at workshops and conferences regularly praise Bob for his ability to clarify concepts and offer practical, field-tested solutions to everyday problems faced by management.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1978
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 611430 - Professional and Management Development Training
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Primary Business Activity: Services  
Number of Employees:


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Management Texts
Several texts written by Dr. Robert H. Kent, President of Mansis, are available for purchase. These are:
-- 25 Steps to Maximize Productivity,
-- Installing Change: an executive guide for implementing and maintaining organizational change,
-- The Mansis System: Common Sense Management for Everyone,
-- Chicken Stew For Management.
-- Simple, Sensible Management: The Principles and Practice of Managing People,
-- Guides For Successful Employment: What businesses and their new employees can do to ensure a successful employment relationship,
-- First Make It Work: Three Fundamental Requirements for Successfully Managing Any Organization,

All texts can be reviewed and ordered from the Web Site,

The Mansis System is a leading-edge performance management system
used for organizing, managing and leading a workforce and for
implementing change. The Mansis System is comprised of processes,
interpersonal coaching procedures, supplementary tools, as well
as specially designed forms for helping all members of an
organization clarify performance expectations, resolve and
prevent performance problems, successfully perform their
day-to-day duties, and maintain a proper data base of employee
performance. The Mansis System has an optional Windows-based
software version and a videotape self-paced training program.

Service Name: Celebrity Seminars
Designed for either in-house or public presentation, The Mansis
Celebrity seminars feature Mansis President, Dr. Robert H. Kent.
The '25 Steps' seminar reviews Dr. Kent’s internationally
published text '25 Steps to Maximize Productivity' and
participants learn how to diagnose and solve employee
performance problems. The 'Installing Change' seminar is based
on Dr. Kent’s acclaimed management text 'Installing Change: an
executive guide for implementing and maintaining organizational
change'. 'The Executive Clinic on People, Performance and
Change'is a special day long workshop restricted to executives,
and focuses on how a performance management system can be used by
senior executives to lead and empower their workforce and
successfully implement change and innovation.

Service Name: Management Consulting
Mansis provides top quality professional general management
consulting and personal coaching to the heads of organizations
and their senior executives, in the areas of human resource
management and resolving employee performance problems. Using
the unique "Mansis Index of Organizational Change" survey
tool, Mansis consultants can also measure an organization’s
inherent ability to implement change and recommend action plans
for increasing the organization’s success at implementing change
and other initiatives.

Service Name: Management Skill Clinics
Mansis conducts a set of supervisory and management skill
training clinics for either in-house or public presentation.
These high impact clinics feature one-on-one coaching and
instruction from our management training professionals, and
immediate on the job application of the skills by the
participants for exceptionally fast return on the training
investment. Included are clinics on the skills for recruiting
and selecting employees, delegating authority, Job Instruction
Training (JIT), and changing an employee’s inappropriate behavior
or poor work habits.

Service Name: Serv-Consultant-Marketing
Service Name: Serv-Education and Training
Service Name: The Mansis Certification Program
Participants in the Mansis Certification in Employee Performance Management Program attend a 3 day workshop where they learn and practise a core set of critical people management skills and in addition, complete home study assignments based on the course material. Near the end of the workshop, participants participate in an in-class assessment of the skills they have learned and practised in the workshop. Afterwards, at home or at work, they take a web-based knowledge test based on the course content.

The Certification workshop is designed to build participants’ confidence in their management skills by practising realistic applications of the skills with support from the Mansis team of experts. Mansis has used this formula for years to help clients from a variety of backgrounds to quickly learn people management skills.

Successful participants receive their Certification, along with an invitation to take advantage of free follow-up support and networking. Re-certification (refresher) workshops and additional seminars are also available to successful participants.

The Core Management Skills That Are Certified:

•Developing and using a set of simple, effective tools for giving performance direction
•Coaching others to change behavior/performance
•Giving documented recognition
•Holding others accountable for their job performance
•Using Performance Reviews to develop others
•Diagnosing and resolving employee performance problems
•Tracking and documenting employee performance
•Motivating others
•Using Official Discipline
•Listening and using the Non-Directive Interviewing Technique
•Implementing Change with the Performance Management System

Service Name: The Mansis Index of Organizational Change
Purpose of the Mansis Index of Organizational Change*

>>The Mansis Index of Organizational Change* is designed
specifically to give senior management an assessment of the
probable success of planned change efforts in their organizations.
Results gathered using this Index give you unfiltered information
about important organizational characteristics and opinions
which are related to your organization's receptivity and ability
to implement change successfully.
>>Information collected with this Index can be used to develop
specific action plans not only for increasing your organization's
willingness to accept necessary change, but also for improving
the organization's ability to implement the changes you want.
>>As well, the Mansis Index of Organizational Change* can help
validate management's perception of the need for organizational
change and focus organizational change activity on organizational
needs and not on symptoms.
>>This Index has resulted from over ten years field
experimentation by the Mansis Development Corporation with
organizations from all industries. This research is also based
upon studies of organizational behavior undertaken at major
research institutions across North America and it reflects the
most current, leading-edge knowledge about organizational change
and management.
>>Specific questions in the Index were developed from numerous
sources for measuring the many factors related to organizational
change, as well as from intensive research by Mansis.



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Please contact us for present and past clients from the private sector and from municipal, provincial and federal governement organizations

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