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Company information

Legal Name:   Micwil Group of Companies Ltd.
Operating Name:   ErgoCanada
Alternate Name: (e-portal on the web)
Alternate Name:   Micwil Computer Consulting (formerly)
Alternate Name:   The Micwil Group of Companeis (formerly)
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 9022
Stn Main
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan
S7K 7E7
Location Address
102 Wheeler St
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan
S7P 0A9
Telephone: (306) 382-5995
Toll Free Phone: 1-866-335-3746
Fax: (306) 382-4995
Website URL: 

Contact information

Michael Craggs
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (306) 382-5995
  Fax:   (306) 382-4995
Jana Fong
  Title:   Controller
  Area of Responsibility:   Finance/Accounting
  Telephone:   (306) 382-5995
  Fax:   (306) 382-4995


Company description

ErgoCanada is Canada's definitive source for ergonomic products. We offer a comprehensive range of ergonomic products including keyboards (adjustable, alternative, combo, compact/mini, contoured, low-force, programmable, separated, etc.), mice (alternative, assistive, contoured, left-handed, hands-free, vertical, etc.), touchpads, trackballs, foot switches, numeric keypads, keyboard arms, trays, LCD Arms, sit-stand workstations, radiant heating products, document holders, writing surfaces, arm rests, foot rests, laptop risers mounts / docking stations and more.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1994
Exporting: No  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 417910 - Office and Store Machinery and Equipment Wholesaler-Distributors
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 417930 - Professional Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
454111 - Internet Shopping
Primary Business Activity: Trading House / Wholesaler / Agent and Distributor  
Number of Employees: 15 


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Ergonomic Input Devices and Accessories
We handle a wide variety of products including keyboards
(Kinesis, Key Ovation, Goldtouch, Solidtek, Matias, Cherry, DSI, Cleankeys, Maltron, Safetype, Sejin, Big Keys, TypeMatrix, A4Tech, Cherry, etc.), mice (Contour Design, Hippus, Cirque, Posturite, Evoluent, Mousetrapper, City Ergonomics, Clearly Superior Technologies, ), alternative input devices (Savant Elite programmable footswitches, XKeys programmable numeric keypads from PI Engineering, NaturalPoint SmartNav hands-free mousing systems) and
accessories (document holders/writing surfaces from GoodUse Company (Microdesks), Posturite, Vu-Ryte), footwarmers,
Ringpen, LCD monitor arms from Innovative Office Products (IOP), Flextend Gloves from Balance Systems International, forearm support rests from Ergorest, articulating arms and trays from Waterloo.



Sector information

Total plant size:

Micwil maintains a 16,000 square foot warehouse facility for storing inventory located in Saskatoon.

Distribution of employees

We have on average 9 Anglophone front office staff.

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