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Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd.

Company information

Legal Name:   Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd.
Operating Name:   Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd.
Mailing Address
1172 Miller Rd
BOWEN ISLAND, British Columbia
V0N 1G1
Location Address
1172 Miller Rd
BOWEN ISLAND, British Columbia
V0N 1G1
Telephone: (604) 947-9236
Website URL: 

Contact information

Chris Corrigan
  Title:   Partner/Associate
  Area of Responsibility:   Domestic Sales & Marketing Export Sales & Marketing Management Executive Customer Service Research/Development/Engineering Government Relations
  Telephone:   (604) 947-9254
Caitlin Frost
  Title:   Partner/Associate
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive Customer Service Administrative Services Finance/Accounting
  Telephone:   (604) 947-9254


Company description

Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd. provides facilitation, community engagement, organization development and leadership development services. We also offer world class facilitation and leadership training programs specializing in meeting methodologies including the Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology, World Cafe and appreciative inquiry,  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 2007
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 611430 - Professional and Management Development Training
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
541619 - Other Management Consulting Services
Primary Business Activity: Services  
Total Sales ($CDN): $100,000 to $199,999 
Export Sales ($CDN): $1 to $99,999 
Number of Employees:
Aboriginal Firm: Registered Aboriginal Business under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB)


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Consulting
Facilitation, coaching and public engagement services.



Sector information

Unique applications:

Open Space Technology specialist

Key / Major clients:

First Nations

* Nuxalk Nation
* Cheam First Nation
* Musqueam First Nation
* Sliammon First Nation
* Soowalie First Nation
* Saulteau Nation
* Katzie First Nation
* In-SHUCK-ch Nation
* Cariboo Tribal Council
* Nautsamawt Tribal Council

Aboriginal Non-Profit Organizations

* Greater Vancouver Centre for Aboriginal Business
* National Centre for First Nations Governance
* Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association
* Centre for Native Policy and Research
* Prince George Aboriginal Business Development Centre
* Victoria Native Friendship Centre
* Building our Legacy Together
* M'akola Housing
* National Aboriginal Forestry Association
* Vancouver Coastal Interim Aboriginal Authority
* Vancouver Island Aboriginal Transition Team
* Coast Salish Training and Employment Society
* Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services
* Aboriginal Financial Officer's Association of BC
* Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers
* BC Aboriginal Network on Disability
* Assembly of First Nations
o Office of the BC Regional Vice-Chief
o Delgamuukw/Gisday'wa National Process
o Chiefs Education Committee
* First Nations Summit
o Chiefs Health Committee
* ACCESS: Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Employment Services
* Caring for First Nations Children's Society
* Council for BC Aboriginal Economic Development
* First Nations Employment Services
* Odawa Native Friendship Centre
* BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres
* Nechi Institute for Drug and Alcohol Training and Research
* Luma Native Housing
* Lower Mainland Aboriginal Health Council
* Vancouver Island Aboriginal Health Council
* Northwest Aboriginal Health Council
* Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
* Native Brotherhood of BC
* Kermode Friendship Centre
* Fraser Region Aboriginal Planning Committee
* BC Aboriginal Economic Development Working Group
* Aboriginal Health Association of BC
* Prince George Native Advancement and Employment Agency

Other Non-Profit Organizations

* The Kettering foundation
* International Association for Public Participation
* BC Academic Health Council
* Dalai Lama Centre
* McCreary Youth Foundation
* Centre for Sustainability, Vancouver Foundation
* Committee Against the Sexual Exploitation of Youth
* United Community Services Coop
* Society for the Advancement of Non-coercive Education (Windsor House School)
* Long Beach Model Forest
* Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment
* International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements


* University of British Columbia
o Sauder School of Business
o Office of the Director of Health Sciences
o Human Resources
o Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine
o Office of Access and Diversity
o First Nations House of Learning
* Simon Fraser University
o Chief Dan George Centre
* Beloit College

Federal Government

* Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
o Economic Development Branch
o Social Branch
o Strategic Planning and Consultation
o Federal Treaty Negotiation Office
o Human Resources
* Health Canada
o First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
* Natural Resources Canada
* Fisheries and Oceans Canada
* Heritage Canada
o Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centres
* Human Resources Development Canada
o Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreements
o National Aboriginal Youth Strategy
* Elections Canada
* Parks Canada
o Western Canada Service Centre
* Western Economic Diversification
o Greater Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Strategy
o Prince George Urban Aboriginal Strategy
* Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
* Pacific Council of Senior Federal Officials
* New Zealand Department of Labour
o Community Economic Group

Provincial Government

* Government of British Columbia
o Ministry of Women's Equality
o Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
o Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services
+ Provincial Aboriginal Social and Economic Strategy
+ First Citizen's Forum
+ Native Economic Development Advisory Board
o Ministry of Advanced Education
o Ministry of Child and Family Services
o Ministry of the Attorney General

Municipal Government

* Greater Vancouver Regional District
o Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee
* City of Vancouver
* City of Calgary
* City of Victoria
o Victoria Urban Development Agreement
* Municipality of Bowen Island
* Cariboo Regional District
* District of North Vancouver
* Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District


* British Columbia Treaty Commission
* British Columbia Human Rights Commission
* Child and Youth Officer for British Columbia


* Treadlight Films
* Karyo Communications
* Experien
* Michael Herman Associates
* Dalar International
* BC Hydro
* Tale’awtxw Corporation
* Boeing

Conference Facilitation and design

* Place Matters 06
* Systems Thinking in Action Conference
* UN World Urban Forum, Youth Leadership and Governance POD
* Action Now! Aboriginal Health Professional Education Conference
* Working Together: A round table on FASD prevention and intervention for Northern BC
* National Aboriginal Head Start Conference
* Say't Kuulum Goot: Of One Heart. A conference on Aboriginal Youth suicide
* Opening Space for Giving to Flourish
* No the the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth
* The People's Gathering: A conference on youth based human rights monitoring
* Emerging First Nations Leadership
* Building our Legacy Together youth conference.
* Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers annual conference
* Caring for First Nations Children conference(First Nations Ch
* National Aboriginal Forestry Association Conference
* International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements world congress
* Creating a vision of our future: a conference on Aboriginal child and family services governance (The Tsawwassen Accord)
* Becoming a Peacemaker
* "A Just and Lasting Reconciliation: First Nations and Canada"
* "Hearing our voices today, for tomorrow" National conference on the future of the National Aboriginal Youth Strategy
* "Improving our practice of Open Space Technology" The ninth annual international Open Space on Open Space
* "Speaking Truth to Power: Looking at Aboriginal Title in British Columbia"
* Youth Empowered Solutions: an Open Space for the Aboriginal youth of Vancouver
* National Conference on Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Training offered

* Open Space Technology Workshops offered in Canada, the United States and New Zealand
* Art of Hosting
* Customized facilitation, consultation and conversation training



"This was an amazing event. I'm not sure how you did what you did; perhaps it's a lovely combination of wisdom, humour, skill, patience and good faith. It was truly a special gathering." -- Open Space client

"Many thanks for your effective and stimulating facilitation. I am now a convert to open space as a very respectful means of community building. You did a great job!" -- Open Space participant

"Listening to [Chris] is to listen to a man who mostly leads by opening spaces for others to speak. Watching his face in such sessions is to see a lively running interpretation of the speaker, the topic, the discourse, the audience and the 'scene.'...Thank you, Chris, for holding open this space for the sacred stories." -- Phil Cubeta, Philanthropy Blogger and Open Space sponsor

"You did an excellent job in facilitating the forum and I must extend a special credit to you for keeping it on time - well done."-- Meeting organizer, Office of the Premier of British Columbia

"Since our planning session with you, holding the idea of being in a prototyping phase has helped us find ways to say 'yes' rather than 'no' and we've also been freed in not having to get things right. Having solid intention framed by our 'burning' question keeps us focused and is central in how we communicate that intention to others. Thank you for helping us build that foundation."-- Principal of an independant film production company, Vancouver, BC.

"I have a fairly good grasp of facilitation but Chris Corrigan is operating on a completely different plane...what he does is in the realm of magic." -- Board member of a community economic development group

"Your skills and integrity and your willingness to stay with the process and the people help a lot. Not an accident that you are seeing wholehearted buy-in and participation. You are willing to hold space for huge amounts of pain and grief, and facilitate not only individual healing, but important changes in community systems and how people work together. You make traditional ritual and practice a real part of meetings in a respectful, integrated way. Open Space works, and Chris works, too--pretty hard, some days." -- consultant, Everett, Washington

"David and I were sitting in the peanut gallery as you did your work. I said to him that you really seemed to like what you were doing. The affirmation came when folks were intently talking to one another and were clearly on-task. It was wonderful to see how you built the mood and interaction in the group. Thanks for your work." -- Conference participant, Vancouver

"The work you're doing is truly amazing. What better than to share hope - and to facilitate and engage the community in carving out their own future." -- Consultant, Mumbai, India

"Just wanted to check in and thank you for last night. I still feel warm, optimistic and excited about the energy and ideas in the room -- and looking very forward to looking at the filing cards and big sheets of paper." -- Sponsor of a World Cafe event, Vancouver.

"It's truly remarkable to see how a few hours spent in OS can affect a community...I have seen the parents, staff and students go from hopelessness, despair and anger to action and strength. It seems like somehow everyone suddenly remembered what their true purpose was. They've organized action groups, committees, totally revamped the school website, created a very professional proposal and accompanying powerpoint presentation to the school district trustees and best of all, everyone seems to have come together and pooled their energy to really take this school in the direction that we all want. I'm not sure how many of the people who have been actively involved in this work over the past few months would credit that time in OS with having been the turning point for our community... in a way I think that's a credit to your facilitation, that they see the energy and action as coming together in an organic way from within the group. Regardless, I think that the gift you and Kathryn gave us by holding that space for a few hours and making it possible for us to have true open dialogue together, has been exactly what our school needed to continue existing." -- Sponsor of an Open Space with an alternative school, North Vancouver

"I wanted to send you my personal thanks for facilitating the youth forum event yesterday. You were a wall of support easing my shaky nerves and your ever-present smile and perfectly chosen words throughout the day always made me feel instantly at ease." -- Youth forum sponsor, Vancouver

"This is the most beautiful agenda I've ever seen." -- Appreciative summit client reflecting on the results of a design meeting.

"We were honored in the way the facilitators, Chris Corrigan and Lyla Brown conducted the meetings. Respective of her traditions, Lyla started each morning with a prayer and then appointing two 'Witnesses' to the day's events, a traditional teaching from the longhouses of her Nation. The Witnesses were to openly listen and remember the day's work so that in the future, if anyone ever had any questions regarding the event, the Witness could be called upon to retell the activities of the day. In keeping with the oral histories of the Salishan People the Witnesses will carry on in the tradition." -- Focus Group participant commenting on how we integrated Aboriginal protocol with dialogic facilitation methods

"Thank you Lyla and Chris for your amazing work. I haven't had an experience like the one you gave me ever in this city. It has opened the door for much more to come!" -- Project manager, intergovernmental urban development project

Training and Learning

"I thought I was attending this 3-day workshop to learn more about how to use OST in organizations and with clients—but what I discovered was the deep rich well of possibility that appeared when I opened space inside me—inside my own heart, body and mind. It was a much more personal journey than I expected, and what I’ve noticed since last week is how many opportunities to “open space” have arisen, with invitation naturally extended, without me cajoling, coercing or convincing anyone of anything in particular. I am learning that I don’t push the river, it really does flow by itself, and that the best I can do is to get into right alignment with it." -- Professional facilitator, practice reteat participant

"Chris Corrigan is my OST mentor (he may say differently!). I am learning from him and you and myself as I practice and read and practice OST some more. Chris facilitated a great OST practice workshop a couple of weeks ago where, one more time, I had a rich and rewarding learning experience with and from all those who were there." -- Facilitator, pracitice workshop participant

"Thanks for a fantastic workshop. You have a real gift and I've definitely come way from this experience with a renewed sense of direction." -- Public servant, Practice workshop participant

"Chris is an awesome conversationalist. Every word he says is nuanced by and guided by the Four Practices. I learned more in an hour of conversation with him (including learning about myself) than I have ever learned in a week of intensive study. And the critical content of the conversation is never analysis or argument, but contextual stories." -- Weblogger and visionary Dave Pollard

"Thanks...for your skill and generosity of Spirit over this week. I have learned tons. I have a glimpse into the potential for opening space and I'm excited to continue the practice." -- Community organizer, Open Space practice workshop

"I am just writing you to say thank you. I really enjoyed all of the learning I did with you. I went in to it not thinking that I can really do much to make a difference but I came out of it knowing that I can do so much. You are really inspiring, and for that I appreciate everything you taught me. I hope and pray that everything goes well for you and your family in all the days that come. You have made a difference in my life which is unexplainable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. You gave it away so freely. I hope that one day that will be me." -- Aboriginal youth, Open Space practice workshop participant

"It has been a great addition to my life. I have used the philosophy and principles of OS a few times in places that I would not have expected to and it always amazes me. I am still striving to live in open space and it seems to be a journey well worth the effort." -- Practice workshop participant, Prince George, BC

"I wanted to thank you for an excellent day yesterday...the staff here all really enjoyed the day, and we will definitely benefit from the knowledge and experience you shared." -- Facilitation workshop participant, Vancouver


"Parking Lot is a dazzling gem which when held in the gaze opens the poetics and practice space" -- Raymon Montalbetti, at if...

"Still on the subject of Chris Corrigan... he writes so eloquently on the themes of opening space. His blog is a real gift." -- Johnny Moore

"As usual, stepping into Chris' blog is never about reading just one post, but getting lost in a lovely sea of facilitation possibility." -- Nancy White


"Just know that I can’t think of anybody I would rather have behind me – or in front of me, which seems often to be the case " -- Senior Open Space Technology consultant, Maryland, USA

"You are such a rare person, full of energy, wide spread interests, ready to listen, to learn, and ready to give, in contact with deep sources." -- Graphic facilitator, Germany

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