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Company information

Mailing Address
130 Notre-Dame St W
ALMA, Quebec
G8B 2K1
Location Address
52 Nouchimi St
J0M 1W0
Telephone: (418) 668-3321
Fax: (418) 668-0652
Website URL: 

Contact information

Ted Moses
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Domestic Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (418) 668-3321
  Fax:   (418) 668-0652
Marc Gagnon
  Title:   Controller
  Telephone:   (418) 668-3321
  Ext:   107
  Fax:   (418) 668-0652
Charles Deslauriers, ing.
  Title:   General Manager
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (418) 668-3321
  Fax:   (418) 668-0652
Lynda Noel
  Title:   Directrice générale adjointe
  Area of Responsibility:   Manufacturing/Production/Operations
  Telephone:   (418) 668-3321
  Fax:   (418) 668-0652


Company description

General and specialized contractor.
Mining, industrial, commercial, institutional, municipal, residential, civil engineering and roads sector. Small buildings, all buildings, roads and mains, civil engineering structures, underwater civil engineering, telecommunications, transmission, transformation and distribution of electric power, drilled wells, non-drilled water collection structures, underground water pumping systems, private sewerage systems, piles and special foundations, blasting, concrete structures, masonry structures, metallic structures and prefabricated concrete elements, wood structures, solid fuel local heating systems, pressurized industrial or institutional piping, residential ventilation, excavation and earthwork, sitework, small concrete works, non-structural and ceramics, metal fabrication, wood and plastic work, insulation, waterproofing, roofing and siding, doors and windows, interior finishing, special equipement and products, manufatured cabinets and cunter tops, prefabricated cabinet and counter tops, prefabricated or special installations.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 2007
Exporting: No  
Quality Certification: ISO 9001
Primary Industry (NAICS): 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 236210 - Industrial Building and Structure Construction
238110 - Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
238310 - Drywall and Insulation Contractors
Primary Business Activity: Services  
Total Sales ($CDN): $10,000,000 to $24,999,999 
Number of Employees:
Aboriginal Firm: Registered Aboriginal Business under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB)


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: General contractor
Apitsiu Construction ltée agit en tant que entrepreneur général en construction dans le domaine de la construction de projets privés ou publics dans la région nordique de la Baie-James. La compagnie a une expertise particulière dans le domaine de projets de construction civils tels que aéroports, écoles, centres communautaires et équipements immobiliers de traitement de l'eau.



Technology profile

Working in remote locations has represented major challenges for Apitsiu Construction ltée. Conditions such as harsh weather and working in remote areas where communication is often limited have helped mould the planning and organisational strength of the company. Our on-going presence in the North, the respect we have for its communities and self-reliance have placed the company at the forefront of the industry.

Market profile

Industry sector market interests:


Sector information

Total plant size:

- Production floor area: 30 000 sq. ft.
- Transport equipment / shipping facilities: 100 000 sq. ft.

Distribution of employees

• Engineers 6
• Draftspersons 1
• Production 160-200
• Estimators 2
• Quality Assurance 4
• Procurement 2
• Project Managers 4
• Technical services 6
• Site Supervisors 8
• Others 20

Unique applications:

Contractor general and concrete specialist, the company offers services of project management, of turn-key with partners resulting from decades of collaboration. Apitsiu Construction ltée is strong of a half century of experience in projects of provincial and national scale, of a reputation which is not any more to make and of many mentions of honor for the audacity, the rigour and quality through time.

Key / Major clients:

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Mining Industry

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