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Kitikmeot Caterers Ltd.

Company information

Legal Name:   Kitikmeot Caterers Ltd.
Operating Name:   Kitikmeot Caterers Ltd.
Alternate Name:   Horizon North Logistics
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 18
X0B 0C0
Location Address
17 Mitik St
X0B 0C0
Telephone: (867) 983-2200
Fax: (867) 983-2995
Website URL: 

Contact information

David General
  Title:   Director Project Development
  Telephone:   (867) 983-2200
  Fax:   (867) 983-2995
Warren Murray
  Title:   President
  Telephone:   (780) 410-1000
  Fax:   (780) 410-1477


Company description

Kitikmeot Caterers is a majority Inuit-owned company, being a partnership between Horizon North Logistics and Kitikmeot Corporation. Kitikmeot Corporation is 100% Inuit-owned by the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, representing the interests of the Inuit of the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut. As such, Kitikmeot Corporation is the birthright Inuit Development Corporation for the Inuit of our Region. Horizon North Logistics, who is partnered with Kitikmeot Corporation, provides resource companies with mobile structures, camp management and catering, matting solutions, and northern marine services.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1997
Exporting: No  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 722320 - Caterers
Primary Business Activity: Services  
Aboriginal Firm: Registered Aboriginal Business under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB)


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Camp management and catering; camp sales and rentals
Kitikmeot Caterers provides a variety of services to remote sites in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, and to other regions in the north as the opportunity arises. In addition to camp catering, we provide various other camp-related services including housekeeping, maintenance services specifically including waste water treatment plant maintenance. We are also active in camp sales, providing a variety of modular structures to various remote sites.



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