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Last Updated: 2013-02-05

Cendec Systems Inc

Company information

Legal Name:   Cendec Systems Inc
Operating Name:   Cendec Systems Inc
Mailing Address
315 - 1615 - 10 Ave SW
CALGARY, Alberta
T3C 0J7
Location Address
315 - 1615 - 10 Ave SW
CALGARY, Alberta
T3C 0J7
Telephone: (403) 215-9936
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-661-8369
Fax: (403) 215-9937
Website URL: 

Contact information

Mike Comessotti
  Title:   Vice President
  Area of Responsibility:   Domestic Sales & Marketing Export Sales & Marketing Management Executive
  Telephone:   (403) 215-9936
  Fax:   (403) 215-9937
Kevin Hintz
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (403) 215-9936
  Fax:   (403) 215-9937


Company description

Cendec Systems is a software development company that develops an enterprise solution for companies ranging from small start-ups to large international organizations. Our products are used primarily in the energy sector, manufacturing and healthcare. The functionality includes complete asset management from requisition to disposal including Qids, Quotations, POs, Invoicing, Manifesting, Material Transfers, Inventory management. In addition we have a complete Maintenance module that tracks work requests, WOs, PMs , Crafts, Timecards, Labor Certifications etc.

We also provide consulting services in the areas of procurement, inventory management and maintenance management.
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 511210 - Software Publishers
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 541510 - Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541619 - Other Management Consulting Services
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: CMMS32
Materials software is designed to fulfill inventory and purchasing department needs for accurate and current information about the corporation's materials and supplies. Some of the functions include detailed inventory catalogues, accurate stock counts, and material purchasing and transfers. Assets management software monitors the purchase, performance and disposition of company assets providing substantial benefits in asset control and evaluation. This ultimately leads to lower costs and higher company profits.

Cendec's CMMS32 Materials Management software incorporates the features and functionality of both materials and asset management. The system provides full accounting systems interface (including two-way general ledger and accounts payable interfaces to third party financial accounting systems) and is flexible in implementation design allowing for relatively easy installation either in a corporate or branch office or at a remote site. CMMS32 has the ability to track inventory and procurement at a corporate level and has become increasingly important to keeping an accurate count of inventory levels while minimizing carrying costs.

The Materials Management Module is a comprehensive materials management system including functionality for requisitions, quotations, purchase orders, receiving, inventory and fixed asset control, and material transfer/transaction processing. A bar code module is also available which allows for remote transaction data capture for standard processes such as receiving, inventory and asset counts, and material movements.

The system has many features required specifically for the energy industry, including a corporate catalogue, multiple warehouses, tubular tracking and complete material transfer capability.

Maintenance Management Module

Maintenance management software manages a wide range of information on the maintenance work force, spare parts inventory, repair schedules, and equipment histories. The CMMS32 Maintenance module includes all core functionality related to plant and facility maintenance, including work order tracking, preventative maintenance, equipment repair and run-time history, employee and contract labor time reporting, materials usage, work planning and scheduling.

CMMS32 easily provides up-to-date information on maintenance activity and costs, including the status of maintenance requirements and spare parts information (including tools, equipment, and consumables). On-line access to both pending and closed work orders facilitates purchase planning. CMMS32 automatically generates preventative maintenance work orders to avoid missing or duplicate maintenance inspections. It tracks individual work orders from original work requests to completion. It maintains a well-planned preventative maintenance program and handles contract purchasing through vendors.

Maintenance management software improves corporate performance and risk management with enhanced preventative maintenance programs. These things result in reduced operational downtime, more effective planning and scheduling of maintenance and more effective inventory control. CMMS32 provides reports on equipment maintenance, labor efficiency, personnel information and can be integrated with most accounting and financial management systems.

Product Name: CNS
Cendec Notification Service (CNS) is a middleware product that enables company applications to send notification and process responses based on defined business rules via email. It allows your employees to process and update documents from any location, whether it be in the office or in the field, quicker and more efficiently than having to access individual systems separately.

With its robust capability to process customizable business rules, CNS allows you to specify who gets an email, what they are allowed to respond with, and what the responses will do. Responses can be restricted to a list of specific values, numeric ranges, or free text fields. Emails can be set to expire after a defined period of time, ensuring that your employees are reminded if they do not update an important document in time. Once a valid response has been received, the system allows you to customize a set of actions that are to occur to update your external systems.

Emails sent from CNS are completely platform independent. Messages can be read and responded to from any email client from outlook, to thunderbird, to google mail, to handheld devices. This means that employees can continue to process documents from virtually anywhere, just as long as they have an available internet connection to send their responses back to CNS. The format of the emails is completely customizable, allowing your employees to get the information they need to process documents. CNS validates all incoming responses to ensure that updates follow specific guidelines that you define.
The product has a robust set of auditing tools, making sure that administrators can track outgoing and incoming emails and see historical records of the updates that it has processed.

On top of all of this, CNS will connect with multiple external systems at the same time, which means that you could facilitate process workflow with your financial system, accounting system, and maintenance system all with one product.

Service Name: Consulting Services
Cendec's consultant services encompass a wide range of areas from helping to develop maintenance strategies, procurement consulting, implementations of systems and integrating multiple business value applications.



Market profile


  • Sales/Marketing

Industry sector market interests:

  • Mining/Petroleum/Gas

Geographic markets:

Export experience:
  • Netherlands
  • Uganda
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas


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