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Last Updated: 2013-09-03

Ryk Oliver Corporation

Company information

Legal Name:   Ryk Oliver Corporation
Operating Name:   Ryk Oliver Corporation
Mailing Address
4766 Wild Rose St
L5M 5M6
Location Address
4766 Wild Rose St
L5M 5M6
Telephone: (613) 723-2816
Website URL: 

Contact information

Robert Van Eyk
  Title:   Chief Executive Officer
  Telephone:   (613) 723-2816
  Fax:   (613) 787-5757


Company description

Ryk Oliver Corporation provides consulting services to facilitate trade, joint ventures, project financial planning and government relations. The company is located in Mississauga, Ontario and Ottawa, Ontario Canada where it continuously researches government incentive programs for business and has an established network of embassies and government programs. The company provides management services including interim management, start up management and financing.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1990
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 541619 - Other Management Consulting Services
Primary Business Activity: Services  
Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 to $999,999 
Export Sales ($CDN): $200,000 to $499,999 
Number of Employees:


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Management consulting services
Ryk Oliver Corporation has for over 30 years provided management consulting services to companies based in Canada seeking to expand into global markets, seeking business planning, government incentives and assessment of the opportunities for business. Ryk Oliver Corporation has successfully completed over 200 joint venture projects in 27 countries for Canadian business.

Ryk Oliver Corporation has extensive knowledge and experience in the Canadian market and as such is a valuable resource for companies seeking to enter the Canadian market and to create partnerships and joint ventures in Canada. We have a network of professionals and sourcs of information to assist foreign companies to establish and grow their business in Canada and indeed throughout North America.



Sector information

Distribution of employees

3 located in Ottawa, 2 located in Toronto

Key / Major clients:

Garland Commercial Ranges Limited manufacturers of commercial ranges, stoves and ventilation hoods
Positron Public Security Services, manufacturers and distributors of 911 systems
Salumatics Inc providers of medical records
Redishred Capital Corporation, suppliers of paper management systems
Protocol Biomass Corporation, supplier of wood pellets for zero based energy
Green Coop developer of wind solar and alternative energy sources
Windfield Global Solutions Inc, supplier of alternative energy systems consulting services


The result of our work has been quite gratifying to date. The Chapter has contributed to increased central agency awareness of this class of corporation and the work we did has already led to changes in the government’s reporting to Parliament on these corporations. The assistance and recommendations we received from you contributed to the scope, research and reporting decisions throughout the study. I am certain that Parliament will find this first consolidated profile of mixed and joint enterprises useful and that the work will yield improved information to Parliament in the future. Thank you again for your help.”
Henno Moenting
Office of the Auditor General

“I have known Robert van Eyk in a professional capacity for over 10 years and we have worked on a number of large projects in the international field. I am the Managing Partner, McKnight & Associates. Most recently Ryk Oliver Corporation has been retained by our group of companies to plan and implement feasibility studies for:

Modernization of the Lanka Tractors Corporation in Sri Lanka. He designed the project, structured the Strategic Business Plan, the work plan, and arranged for the government assistance. He worked as a team member in Sri Lanka with us to assess the market and investment feasibility of the project. He is now retained to assist in the implementation of the business plan. We re-engineered Lanka Tractors Corporation and we have begun our second phase of the modernization of the company including the market assessment for new products, distribution channels, project financing with IDA, the Asia Development Bank and local equity sources. His engagement as a consultant for this project is a key role over the next two years.

Feasibility study of two cogeneration plants for Power Generation and Texas Industries with PEMEX in Mexico. Ryk Oliver Corporation was retained to structure the feasibility study the study team and to assist with the implementation of the marketing components of the feasibility study. He was very effective in arranging front end financing for the study during a time when Mexico was going through a turbulent period. He is a pragmatic problem solver and his broad experience in international development was a key to our successful negotiations with PEMEX and for the development of a BOO/BOT joint venture structure. His work was instrumental in the success of the Project.

Santo Tomas Copper Mine for Exall Resources and Bechtel in Mexico. This Project will be the third largest copper mining operation in the world. He structured the feasibility study team, prepared the work plan and schedule and now Ryk Oliver Corporation is to provide advise in the marketing and socio-economic components of the study.

I consider Robert van Eyk a highly effective international management consultant who, for our group of companies, is a key resource in the planning, implementation and successful completion of major projects. We draw on his expertise regularly for a broad range of international projects including the conduct of marketing feasibility studies. We do not hesitate to recommend him to other clients.
Richard Logan,
Managing Partner
McKnight & Associates

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