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Last Updated: 2014-06-05

Interalia Inc.

Company information

Legal Name:   Interalia Inc.
Operating Name:   Interalia Inc.
Alternate Name:   Interalia Communications Inc. USA
Alternate Name:   Interalia Communications Ltd. UK
Mailing Address
275-6815 8th St NE
CALGARY, Alberta
T2E 7H7
Location Address
275-6815 8th St NE
CALGARY, Alberta
T2E 7H7
Telephone: (403) 288-2706
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-661-9406
Fax: (403) 288-5935
Website URL: 

Contact information

Karen Sarmaga
  Title:   Owner
  Area of Responsibility:   Management Executive
  Telephone:   (403) 288-2706
  Ext:   119
  Fax:   (403) 288-5935
Lyle Pakula
  Title:   Engineer
  Area of Responsibility:   Research/Development/Engineering
  Telephone:   (403) 288-2706
  Ext:   201
  Fax:   (403) 288-5935
Ken Myroon
  Title:   Manager
  Area of Responsibility:   Research/Development/Engineering
  Telephone:   (403) 288-2706
  Ext:   103
  Fax:   (403) 288-5935
Sebastien DiMeglio
  Title:   Manager
  Area of Responsibility:   Domestic Sales & Marketing Export Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (514) 278-9639
  Fax:   (403) 288-5935


Company description

Whether you’re delivering messages directly to customers or disseminating information to the public, Interalia can help provide the right message at the right time. We are a privately held company, with approximately 100 employees located at our Canadian headquarters, and subsidiary locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. For the last 34 years, Interalia has been a leader in the design and manufacture of digital voice announcement systems, having installed over 250,000 installations in 60 countries around the world. Our products are available directly from Interalia and through a worldwide network of strategic representatives and distributors. Interalia solutions help companies deliver messages: Simply. Clearly and Intelligently.

Interalia solutions are used by companies in every industry including: healthcare, finance, government, oil and gas, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, education and many more. We have an extensive line of solutions for call centers and general businesses including: ACD announcements, call routing/processing, audiotext, music/messaging-on-hold, automated attendant, call screeners, after-hour announcements, attendant overflow, teleconferencing, weather/emergency broadcast and hotel wake-up. Interalia is all around you, delivering messages to thousands of passengers each day on-board buses and trains, or at platforms, stations, ferry terminals and bus stops. Our systems provide air traffic and navigational information at small or unmanned airports. Broadcast emergency announcements. Play overhead pages to shoppers in-stores and travelers at airports. And display messages to concert attendees. If there is a message to be played, a call to be answered, or an announcement to be delivered – you can count on Interalia to be there.

In support of our world wide sales, most Interalia products meet stringent ISO and RoHS standards and are manufactured in our 15,000 sq. foot ISO registered facility. Interalia has held an ISO registration since 1992, and is currently ISO 9001:2000 certified. We are capable of producing leaded or lead free products to comply with the globally recognized IPC 610 standard and the EU Directive 2002/95/EC regarding the restrictions and use of hazardous substances (RoHS). Interalia manufactures our own products and we are capable of manufacturing products for other companies too.

Ongoing research and development, comprehensive technical support, and superior customer service make Interalia the solution of choice for delivering messages. We provide high quality products that are affordable, reliable and simple to operate. Our solutions are easy to manage and enable administrators to quickly, and easily update messages as situations change. Interalia has an excellent reputation, backed by years of customer testimonials validating the quality of our products and the excellent of our support. To read what our customers have to say visit or
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1975
Exporting: Yes  
Quality Certification: ISO 9001
Primary Industry (NAICS): 334210 - Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 334290 - Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  
Total Sales ($CDN): $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 
Export Sales ($CDN): $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 
Number of Employees: 23 


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: ATIS Automatic Terminal Information
Interalia's Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS) is used by manned and unmanned airports all over the world to transmit information to airplanes. It is ideal for a new airport installation, or it can easily integrate into an existing facility to replace an old broadcast system.

Interalia’s ATIS sytem:

1. Disseminatesvaluable information to pilots.
The ATIS system transmits information to arriving and departing airplanes 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week without requiring any control tower staff. It is a great way to disseminate valuable information to pilots such as: wind speed, visibility, air temperature, runway/navaid availability, wind direction, NOTAMs (notice to air man), weather advisories and runway conditions.

2. Reduces mundane communication and increase safety.
The ATIS system reduces the volume of cockpit to control tower communication. While still providing the information pilots need, it eliminates mundane tasks for control tower staff allowing them to focus on more important things such as the safety of planes in their area.

3. Allows staff to easily update messages.
Although Interalia's ATIS system plays messages continuously to the transmitters, messages can be easily updated as conditions change without interrupting the current transmission. Personnel can update messages in five different ways without physically having to be at the airport. Staff have the option to preview the message or re-record it (if necessary) before the new message is transmitted.

4. Increases productivity with integrated text-to-speech.
Interalia's ATIS works seamlessly with the StarCaster text-to-speech capability from STR-SpeechTech Ltd. This is a high quality, low-cost speech concantenation technology that automatically creates natural voice message recordings freeing up control tower staff for more productive tasks.

5. Is useful at manned or unmanned airports.
At unmanned airports with no control tower, Interalia's ATIS solution may be the only way to transmit information to arriving and departing airplanes. This same solution can be used at manned airports to offload mundane control tower communication giving staff time to focus on more important tasks.

6. Integrates into new or existing airports.
Interalia's ATIS system is ideal for a new airport installation or it can seamlessly replace an outdated broadcast system at an existing airport.

Typical ATIS Users:
- US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
- US Air National Guard
- US Air Force
- Raytheon Corporation (Canada)
- Royal Malaysian Air Force

For more information email or visit

Product Name: iProMOH On-Hold and In-Store announcer
The Interalia iProMOH is a solid state music and message announcer specifically designed for music-on-hold, background music, and overhead paging applications. It is excellent for businesses that wish to promote products and services to on-hold customers in a general business environment or a call queue in a call centre. The iProMOH can work either as a single-site solution or part of a multi-site environment and its plug’n play design and network interface ensures it will easily operate with any new or existing telephony system. The iProMOH can turn your public address system into a powerful marketing tool by playing messages and music that entertain and inform shoppers and/or workers.

The iProMOH is an affordable and intelligent music and message-on-hold announcer that solves all the typical problems associated with promotional on-hold and in-store announcement systems. You don’t have to waste time plugging cassettes into an on-hold announcer, or waiting for technical staff to update messages because the iProMOH can automatically update its own messages remotely via the internet.

The Interalia iProMOH is 2 solutions in one: a digital announcer that can entertain and inform on-hold callers and an in-store public address system for broadcasting music and/or messages to store patrons.

1. The iProMOH plays music and messages for on-hold callers:
You can use the iProMOH to play messages and/or music to callers that are put on-hold, entertaining and educating them about new products, advertising or frequently asked questions.

2. The iProMOH plays overhead announcements:
The iProMOH turns your public address system into a powerful marketing tool by playing messages to introduce products or services, answer questions, or promote store campaigns and advertising.

3. The iProMOH plays background music:
The iProMOH is a great device for playing background or foreground music to entertain shoppers at your business.

4. The iProMOH is a flexible single or multi-site solution:
The iProMOH is available as a single site unit with administration done directly at the unit via a network connection from a PC. Or with the optional iCAS administration software for multi-site management, an iProMOH can be administered remotely via the internet from a host system.

Note: You must have one copy of the iCAS software installed in your network for an iProMOH network to run. This iCAS can manage one or more iProMOH units on the network.

5. You can manage the iProMOH yourself or contract out:
As a single site, or part of a multi-site solution, you have the flexibility to administer the iProMOH yourself or have it managed by a separate third party.

6. The host can tell the iProMOH to download new files:
If there are files to be updated, administrators can tell the iProMOH to initiate a download from the iCAS host workstation. This enables administrators to control exactly when messages get updated into one or more iProMOH units.

7. The iProMOH can updates its own music and message files:
The iProMOH is so intelligent it can update its music and message files by calling out over a “firewall friendly” internet connection to a “host” workstation at scheduled intervals. It then automatically downloads new files directly from the host into itself.

8. The iProMOH plays music and messages from various sources:
The iProMOH plays pre-recorded messages, pre-recorded music, blended music/messages, or messages cross-faded with music from an external source such as a live satellite feed, or internal music bed.

9. The iProMOH can from multiple music choices or message beds:
The iProMOH can store unique music or message beds so it can play a set of general day music/messages then automatically switch to a different set after your business has closed. This feature can also be used to turn holiday greetings on or off.

10. The iProMOH has hours of recording time:
Most cassette systems only have minutes of recording time, the iProMOH has up to 3 hours so you can have more messages and they can be longer too.

11. The iProMOH smoothly cross-faced between music and messages:
The iProMOH smoothly cross-fades between independent music and message beds so you can re-record messages as often as you want without having to pay for the music to be re-mixed.

12. The iProMOH has easy multi-site management:
Music and Messages can easily be downloaded into one or more iProMOHs remotely over the internet without anyone physically going to that location.

13. The iProMOH automatically converts files to the right format:
The iProMOH automatically converts MP3, WAV, OGG or WMA files to a suitable format.

14. The iProMOH plays pre-timed P.A. announcements:
The iProMOH plays P.A. messages such as store opening or closing announcements at the exact pre-scheduled time you want.

15. The iProMOH can play MOH for different queues:
The iProMOH can play two completely different MOH productions to two unique call queues without needing a separate MOH box for each.

16. The iProMOH has higher quality sound:
iProMOHs provide a much higher quality sound than most cassette-type systems so your customers only hear the best.

17. The iProMOH allows you to pre-schedule music and messages:
Music and messages can be downloaded into the iProMOH days or weeks in advance then automatically played at the exact time you want.

18. The iProMOH does not require technical staff onsite:
You do not require technical staff to go onsite to install new updates. It is so easy to update the iProMOH via the internet that even non-technical staff can download new music and message files into the unit.

For more information email or visit

Product Name: MWR Digital Weather Radio System
The MWR is a solid state digital recording and playback system
designed to play out live or pre-recorded announcements to a
transmitter and / or telephone line. Up to 5 outputs can be
configured for transmitter or telephone line play out. Users of
the MWR include Environment Canada, NOAA National Weather
Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State
Emergency Management Agencies.

. Up to 6 audio outputs
. Up to 17 minutes of recording time
. Up to 30 separate messages
. Live through-put for emergency announcements
. 1050 Hz warning tone built-in
. Built-in WRSAME interface
. Remote message recording and system operations
. 2 hour system operating battery backup

For more information email or visit

Product Name: Paging Sequencer / Feedback Eliminator
The Paging Sequencer allows up to 5 pages to be recorded
simultaneously. The frustrating delays encountered when
accessing a paging system are thereby eliminated. The recorded
pages are queued so that the first page recorded plays first
followed by the second page etc.

. Up to 5 pages may be recorded simultaneously
. Pages may be verified before being played
. Recorded pages play out on a F.I.F.O. basis
. Emergency page override feature
. Up to 17 minutes of recording time
. 2 hour system operating battery backup

For more information email: or visit

Product Name: SLA Single Line Announcer
The SLA (Single Line Announcer) provides high quality recorded messages for telephone applications including: ACD/UCD, DID intercept, after-hours answer, hotel wake-up, multi-language announcements, holiday greetings and general public information announcements

The SLA is a solid-state digital announcer designed for continuous maintenance-free operation. It is simple to install, and compatible with all major telephone systems. The SLA uses non-volatile FLASH memory to retain recorded messages during power interruptions without the need for battery backup.

The SLA has a single line that can play 1 or 2 messages for a total recording time of one minute. Messages can be recorded into the unit from a handset or downloaded from a tape deck so the user has complete control over what the caller hears. The messages can be played individually, or linked to play one after another (i.e. the same message in two languages). Day and night/holiday messages or multi-language messages may also be pre-recorded.

The SLA:

1. Easily integrates into existing phone systems:
The SLA is simple to install and operate, easily integrating into your existing telephone system.

2. Is highly reliable so it won't break down:
The SLA is a reliable digital announcer with no moving parts to break down so you can count on it to answer when you need it.

3. Is an affordable way to deliver high quality messages:
The SLA is so affordable it allows even the smallest company to have a high quality, professional sounding system without a lot of expense.

4. Can be used it for a variety of applications:
The SLA is so versatile it can be used to play general messages, after-hour announcements, holiday greetings or multi-language information.

5. Switches between two messages:
With the SLA, you can manually switch between two messages. This means the SLA can be used to play an after-hours announcement once your office has closed, or a holiday greeting on a specific date.

6. Plays messages separately or linked-to each other:
With the SLA, you can set the two messages to play one after another (for multi-language messages) or independently (day message and after-hours message).

The SLA has many great features including:

1. Easily records or download messages:
With the SLA you can easily record a message directly from a handset or download multiple messages from a tape deck.

2. Recording time for up to two messages:
The SLA has one announcement channel with one minute of total recording time that can be allocated between one or two messages.

3. Simultaneously plays and records:
The SLA lets you record new messages without interrupting existing messages that are already playing on the unit.

4. Retains messages even in power failures:
The SLA uses nonvolatile FLASH memory so it retains all messages even during power interruptions.

For more information email or visit

Product Name: VOICE Multi-Purpose Announcer
The VOICE is a digital announcer providing 2, 3 or 4 lines of high quality recorded messages specifically for telephone applications including: ACD/UCD, DID intercept, after-hours, hotel wake-up and general public information announcements. The VOICE can be equipped with 4 minutes of recording time and it can play messages on 2, 3 or 4 lines. The system is simple to install and operate, interfacing with all major telephone systems.

The VOICE’s flexible programming allows the user to configure unique messages to play based on day and time parameters. Up to 9 different messages can be recorded from a handset, downloaded from a tape deck, or recorded remotely via a touch-tone phone. Each message can be assigned to any line, or to all lines, and a user may even link any 2 messages to play one-after-another (i.e. the same message in two languages). The VOICE even allows users to pre-program up to 20 holiday dates that override the standard outgoing message with a special holiday greeting.

The VOICE includes many additional features. A large back-lit LCD display allows users to easily see the status of the system, program the unit, or perform system administration functions. A daylight savings feature, when activated, automatically adjusts the system time when appropriate. Non-volatile FLASH memory retains all messages during power interruptions, and a built-in clock that allows time-of-day and date-stamping of messages.

For more information Email: or visit

Product Name: XMU+ Call Processing Digital Announcer
The XMU+ fills the void between simple passive announcers and expensive voicemail or IVR systems. It is a cost effective announcement, call processing and music/message-on-hold system with state-of-the-art design, and flexible configuration options that enables managers to deliver the same functionality as more elaborate systems, but at a fraction of the cost. The Interalia XMU+ is compatible with all major telephone systems, and very easy to install and operate.

The XMU+ is Interalia’s next generation advanced announcement, call processing and music or messaging-on-hold system. It is an ideal solution for any industry needing: auto attendant, ACD announcements, music/messaging-on-hold, interactive audiotex, call processing and basic IVR functionality. Our customers find that when they move applications to the XMU+ from more expensive IVR and voicemail systems, they save money while delivering the same functionality.

The XMU+ allows companies to provide callers with a variety of messages without requiring a dedicated port for each message, and it is easy to change an announcement message so callers only receive the most up-to-date information.

The XMU+:
1. Allows callers to choose extensions (dial-by-name).
2. Answers and transfers calls (call processing).
3. Prompts callers and routes calls (auto attendant).
4. Notifies callers when agents are unavailable (ACD Announcements).
5. Prompts Callers to have information available.
6. Entertains callers with Music/Messaging-On-Hold.
7. Answers calls after closing (after-hour attendant).
8. Provides answers to questions (interactive audiotex).
9. Delivers information 24 hours-a-day (information lines).
10. Provides hotel wake-up functionality.
11. Delivers weather and emergency broadcasts.
12. Broadcasts disaster and emergency messages.

The XMU+ is an excellent solution for:
- Call processing
- Auto Attendant
- ACD announcements
- Music/Messaging-on-hold
- After-Hour Attendant
- Interactive Audiotex
- Information Lines
- Hotel Wake-up
- Weather and Emergency Broadcasts
- Disaster and Emergency Messages

Call Processing:
The XMU+ helps companies transfer calls when operators are not available. It front-ends main telephone lines prompting callers for the location they want to be directed to, then transferring those callers to the appropriate location. The XMU+ can direct callers to: ACD queues, IVR ports, departments, voicemail or informational messages. It is a great solution to reduce caller frustration, offload IVR or voicemail and process high volumes of calls.

Auto Attendant:
The XMU+ is an excellent solution for any business that can’t justify expensive call handling solutions or additional operators. It delivers efficient and affordable automated attendant functionality to outside callers and internal staff. The XMU+ prompts callers for the extension they want, then quickly routes the call to that extension or to the requested audiotex information. If you need auto attendant functionality, the XMU+ is a great way to provide 24-hour access to extensions and information.

ACD Announcements:
Even with voicemail’s popularity callers still have the need to talk to a live agent. When agents are not available and callers have to be put on-hold, the XMU+ can be used to notify callers of a delay. It can play a variety of interesting ACD announcements until an agent is available to take their call. These messages may provide product information, promote services or educate callers about the company. The XMU+ can also be used to prompt callers to have information available before talking to a live agent (credit card numbers, account information, etc.) Using the XMU+ for ACD announcements helps prepare the caller, speeds up call processing and occupies the caller while they wait on-hold.

The XMU+ can occupy callers while they wait on-hold by playing a variety of music and messages. When callers are entertained and informed while waiting on-hold, time goes by faster and they experience less frustration.

After-Hour Attendant:
When offices or stores close the XMU+ continues to answer calls and transfer callers to extensions, information, or even other offices in different parts of the world. This means callers can still speak to a representative even after the office has closed for the day.

Interactive Audiotex:
The XMU+ is a great solution for interactive audiotex applications because it can provide answers to frequently asked questions such as: store hours, locations, services and special promotions. Interactive audiotex has many benefits: callers receive the answers they need without waiting on-hold, calls are processed faster, and existing staff have more time to help customers that require personal assistance.

Information Lines:
The XMU+ is a great way to provide general information to the public or staff. Many companies use it to deliver: student information lines, 24-hour health information, concert and sporting event details, or human resource information. Any time of the day, callers are able to quickly get the information they need without waiting on-hold to talk to an agent.

Hotel Wake-Up:
The Interalia XMU+ easily interfaces with hotel telephone systems to play announcements for guest wake-up. Hotels can inform guests about dining room specials, tours, weather forecasts, and hotel facilities.

Weather and Emergency Broadcasts:
Government departments use Interalia products to broadcast weather conditions, road closures and emergency situations. Users may tune to a specific radio frequency, or call a phone number to listen to a pre-recorded message.

Disaster and Emergency Messages:
The XMU+ is a simple way to immediately communicate emergency messages to callers. By flipping a switch, or remotely dialing into the XMU+ from a touch tone telephone, announcements can be easily switched to pre-recorded emergency messages. This allows callers to be quickly alerted of problems such as system failures or business changes.

There are two sizes of XMU+ systems:
Interalia has two sizes of XMU+ systems. The XMU+ large chassis is for solutions requiring up to 64 ports and is capable of handling up to 8 line cards (2-64 ports). The XMU+ small chassis can hold one line card with a maximum of 8 ports and is ideal for smaller systems. Recording time for the XMU+ ranges from 8 minutes up to 6 hours. The XMU+ uses a windows-based software interface to enable remote management of up to 1000 units, with simple downloading of message and configuration files from one location directly via an RS-232 connection, using TCP/IP over a LAN/WAN or remotely via a modem.

The XMU+ has a lot of great features and functionality including:

- Built-in modem and ethernet connection
- FLASH memory (no batteries required for backup)
- Improved microprocessor speed
- Capacity to handle larger program configurations
- Remote prompt support in multiple languages
- A hot swappable dual power supply option
- An easier to use GUI interface
- Administrative programming templates
- Day-of-week, or date-and-time activated announcements can be scheduled in advance
- One platform for call processing, audiotex, ACD announcements and music/messaging-on-hold
- Callers can rotate through a variety of messages on a single announcement port
- Stores messages in .wav file format
- From 2 to 64 channels
- From 8 minutes to 6 hours of recording time
- Windows-based management software
- Internal modem
- TCP/IP network interface
- Make changes online or scheduled in advance
- Standard multi-site management tools
- Field upgradeable chassis, line cards, memory and power supply
- Disaster recovery override activates pre-programmed instructions or messages
- Interfaces to network redirect services

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Technology profile

Interalia solutions are used by all industries to deliver messages: Simply. Clearly and Intelligently. We have over 250,000 installations in 60 countries around the world.

Market profile


  • Financial
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Technology

Strategic alliances:

We are always open to joint ventures with companies that can
broaden our product offering or scope. We have many partners
that currently sell our products, and various companies that we
have undertaken joint ventures with.

Industry sector market interests:

  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Service Industry
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale/Retail
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical Equipment

Geographic markets:

Export experience:
  • Algeria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Russian Federation
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming


Sector information

Total plant size:

Interalia products are manufactured in Calgary, Canada at
our 1500 square foot manufacturing plant where high-tech equipment enables us to assemble components from bulk or tape in the most efficient manner. For more information on our manufacturing visit

Distribution of employees

23 in Canada,
2 in USA
2 in UK,

Unique applications:

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Key / Major clients:

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Success stories:

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International capital projects:

Please email so we can have someone contact you regarding capital projects we have been involved in.

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