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Dernière mise à jour : 2013-03-12

Dove Global IC Ltd

Information sur l'entreprise

Dénomination sociale :   Dove Global IC Ltd
Nom commercial :   Dove Global IC Ltd
Adresse postale
E101-2638 Ash St
VANCOUVER, Colombie-Britannique
V5Z 4K3
Adresse civique
E101-2638 Ash St
VANCOUVER, Colombie-Britannique
V5Z 4K3
Téléphone : (604) 800-8316
Télécopieur : (604) 800-8316
Courrier électronique :
Site Web : 

Information sur les personnes-ressources

Lily Harvey
  Titre :   Présidente
  Téléphone :   (604) 800-8316
  Courrier électronique :

Description de l'entreprise

Dove's vision is to bridge and foster clients’ success through e-commerce, arranging international events through project management practice.

In short, we do in services -
* E-Commerce setup
* Immigration consulting referral service
* Event planning and organizing and marketing
* Business development planning and integration
* Project Management Training for practical use in any industry

Dove Global welcomes all business and governments in all sectors to contact us directly
By email: By phone: 778 858 8201 or 604 730 9056

In short, we do in Import and Export -
Dove is working with over 1000 bicycle manufactories overseas to develop Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB) and other transportations to meet North American standards of safety and a cleaner environment. Dove is working on the PABs that are specifically designed for students, women and seniors; PABS for business professionals; PABs for tourism and PABs for family use.

Dove Global welcomes all governments procurement divisions and potential distribution companies to contact us directly. By email: By phone: 778 858 8201 or 604 730 9056
Pays propriétaire : Canada  
Année d'établissement : 1996
Exportation : Oui  
Industrie primaire (SCIAN) : 541619 - Autres services de conseils en gestion
Autres industries (SCIAN) : 339990 - Toutes les autres activités diverses de fabrication
541710 - Recherche et développement en sciences physiques, en génie et en sciences de la vie
Activité principale de l'entreprise : Services  

Produit / Service / Licence

Nom du produit : eScooters or Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB)
Escooters or Power Assisted Bicycles ---

Speed less than 30KM/HR
Power Less 500W
Charge it like a cell phone, Freedom of the road without big buck! Great alternative transportation tools! License and Insurance not required ! Per Full charge goes 50 KM or 30 miles Carry weight for best performance: 250 lb or less. Cost per charge: 15c

Nom du produit : Thriller Power Tour Boats
Great tools to operate tour/events
Twin Hull (Cat) High Speed Type Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Construction
Length over all: 55 ft
Length @ Design Waterline: 42' – 10"
Breadth, moulded: 12' – 0"
Sponson Body moulded Breadth: 3' – 2.7"
Depth, moulded: 6' – 2"
Draft to Design Waterline: 3' – 0"
Displacement, Light: 15,800 LBS
Displacement, Maximum Draft: 24,500 LBS
Service Speed: up to 55mph depending on load and conditions

Passenger Capacities: 43 Maximum
Crew Complement: 2

Nom du service : eCommerce related business service
* E-Commerce setup
* Event planning and organizing and marketing
* Business development planning and integration

Nom du service : Immigration Consulting Referral Service
We are specializing in identifying high quality field immigration consultants among many who over claim that they are good.

If you wish to start a new life and new business/career in Canada, talk to us and we will put you in good hands.

Before making a contact with us, please fill the Free Assessment form, then email to: or call: 778 858 8201

Nom du service : Project Management Trainings

Profil de marché

Alliances :

  • Financier
  • Ventes / marketing
  • Technologie

Secteurs industriels d'intérêt :

  • Affaires environnementales
  • Industries forestières
  • Industries de services
  • Tourisme
  • Gros et détail
  • Appareils électriques

Renseignements sectoriels

Clients clés / principaux clients :

The Flight Deck Airport Restaurant in Penticton

Marvel IT Co. Ltd. in China

And more upon request.

Réussite :

Visit Testimonial.

Témoignage :

The most unforgettable airport restaurant service that anyone could ever dreamed of - First class of healthy food for travelers; reliable service time - long hours of 365days and you can count on good food and warm service if there is any flight delay due to bad weather condition.

All thanks to the leadership focused on the loving-caring ambassador services that reflected the spirit of Canada.

Time flies by, we miss Flight Deck and its Anchor Lily Harvey!

- Staffs at Penticton Airport Authority and companies on the property
- Regular commuters and private pilots
- Air Force and Rescue Teams and Flight Cadets


We are greatly benefited from the business strategic planning and effective project management concept beyond our original needs of a website. We are impressed not only the website alone but also the in-depth knowledge, wisdom and global vision that Dove Global has demonstrated.
- Management team


As a woman entrepreneur in the Okanagan, I am fascinated by Lily Harvey beyond her technical capability – her great understanding of the virtues of life and its relationship with success. Her special attention in assisting me on re-structuring my website and re-exam my short and long-term goals has exceeded my expectation of a nice looking website. I am so grateful and greatly inspired. I know that when the website is completed, my interior design business will start a new momentum.
- Lilia Z.
Lead designer

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