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Diamond Management Consulting Inc.

Information sur l'entreprise

Dénomination sociale :   Diamond Management Consulting Inc.
Nom commercial :   Diamond Management Consulting Inc.
Adresse postale
Box 718
185-911 Yates St
VICTORIA, Colombie-Britannique
V8V 4Y9
Téléphone : (250) 370-7617
Téléphone sans frais : 1-888-594-9450
Télécopieur : (250) 370-7627
Courrier électronique :
Site Web : 

Information sur les personnes-ressources

Jane Lavoie
  Titre :   Executive Assistant/ Registrar
  Domaine de responsabilité :   Services administratifs Finance/comptabilité Service à la clientèle
  Téléphone :   (250) 370-7617
  Télécopieur :   (250) 370-7627
  Courrier électronique :
Richard McGuigan Ph.D.
  Titre :   Principal/ Academic Director
  Domaine de responsabilité :   Ventes sur le marché intérieur Gestion Service à la clientèle Recherche/développement/ingénierie Relations gouvernementales
  Téléphone :   (250) 370-7617
  Courrier électronique :
Sylvia McMechan
  Titre :   Principal/ Program Director
  Domaine de responsabilité :   Ventes sur le marché intérieur Gestion Service à la clientèle Recherche/développement/ingénierie Relations gouvernementales
  Téléphone :   (250) 370-7617
  Courrier électronique :

Description de l'entreprise

Diamond Management Consulting Inc. is an integral consulting company that champions personal and organizational success. We do this by supporting and challenging individuals to learn and grow in the context of the "sense and soul" of their relationships. We call this method the Diamond Approach.

1. Education and Training
The Diamond Institute for Integral Learning presents the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Managment, which is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC. It is a vibrant learning community of enthusiastic educators and adult learners who are committed to personal enlightenment and responsible relationships.

Diamond Management Consulting Inc. teaches courses in mediation, group dynamics, reflective practice, conflict resolution, governance, facilitation, negotiation, emotional competency and leadership in many different settings. Examples include in-house sessions for companies in the private sector, problem solving workshops, post-secondary courses, and customized seminars for public and voluntary sector clients.

At the institute we take an integral approach (Wilber, 2004) to leadership and conflict resolution education. Integral means balancing and including all of the domains of personal professional success. Here we focus on improving performance through leadership, teamwork and individual effectiveness.

2. Facilitation
Diamond provides custom designed opportunities for open discussion and the development of new ideas. In this role, our goal is not to supply a solution for you, but to assist you in creating a satisfying outcome. With us helping to manage your interactions, you can focus your efforts on the substance of your shared concerns.

Diamond supports the development of consensus-based decisions among multiple parties with divergent interests. As an independent third party, we look beyond emotional argument to reveal the values, needs and interests of all parties, and then facilitate progress towards an equitable and mutually satisfying outcome. This assistance is especially useful in creating guidelines and policies, and in settling community based disputes.

3. Mediation
Mediation is a way of supporting two or more people who need assistance with their negotiation. A mediator helps these parties to reach voluntarily a mutually acceptable settlement.

Mediation is often preferred because the decision making power resides with the parties in dispute, not with a judge or arbitrator.
Mediation’s non-competitive philosophy allows for the restoration and healthy growth of relationships. When wrestling with difficult circumstances, people can create ways to bridge their differences, and often find some aspect of their relationship transformed with the support of a mediator.

Mediation is used in a broad range of disputes including divorce, environmental issues, institutions (prisons, schools, hospitals), housing, small claims, personal injury and insurance, labour issues, business disputes, and claims involving government agencies.

Our well-trained mediators bring a dynamic combination of formal education and extensive experience to each dispute. Guided by a reflective practice approach, every Diamond mediator is an outstanding conflict professional.

4. Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a process that provides direction and meaning in the day-to-day activities of an organization. Diamond designs planning processes to examine an organization's guiding values, current status and environment, and relates those factors to the organization's desired future state, usually expressed in five-to-ten-year time periods. The organization may be a program, school, school district, public or private agency, or any other institution that wishes to control its future.

Our business and organizational environments are constantly changing: demographically, economically and culturally. Thus, our strategic planning processes respond, and are also a tool for adapting, to those changes. We enable participants to create their organization's future within the context of change.

Strategic planning helps to improve performance at all staff levels in your organization. Members of any organization can become so bogged down in routine functioning and daily challenges, that they lose sight of the organization's overall vision and purpose. A strategic plan will not only refocus your members' sense of purpose, it will stimulate future-oriented thinking based on a shared sense of mission.

5. Organizational Development
Organizational development is a planned organization-wide effort that is managed at senior levels and is intended to increase organizational effectiveness and health through deliberate interventions in the organization's processes.
An organizational development program begins with an assessment (the current state of affairs) of an organization. The assessment highlights areas of strength and identifies weaknesses, which inform the development of a strategic plan for improvement and the mobilization of resources to carry out the change effort.

In any successful organizational development effort, senior leaders have a personal investment in the program and its outcomes. While they do not necessarily participate in the same activities as staff and managers, they must have knowledge of, and commitment to, the goals of the program, and actively support achievement of these goals.

6. Harassment Investigation
Harassment is any improper behaviour by an employee, who knew or ought reasonably to have known would be unwelcome, that is directed at and is offensive to another employee. It comprises objectionable conduct, comment, or display made on either a one-time or continuous basis that demeans, belittles, or causes personal humiliation or embarrassment to an employee.

It includes the meaning given by the Canadian Human Rights Act; i.e. harassment based on the following prohibited grounds of discrimination: race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, disability or conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted.

Every staff member in an organization has a right to be treated with respect, and a responsibility to treat others in the same way. Everyone is responsible for creating a healthy workplace by nurturing a climate of cooperation, dignity, respect, and appreciation of diversity.

7. Enhancing Governing Capacity
Good governance is both an art and a science. Sustainable relationships based on trust and mutual cooperation are essential ingredients, as are skills for overseeing everything from financial spreadsheets to personnel concerns. Understanding the roles, responsibilities and functions of everyone in your organization, providing inspiration and direction for your team members, creating policy then conducting oneself according to its parameters, and relating suitably to external influences are only a fraction of the key elements of governance.

constituents require support to communicate their values, gain new knowledge and skills, maximize their inherent abilities, and understand how to use resources wisely. Whether you are elected as aboriginal Chief or Council member, appointed as Executive Director or Top Manager, or charged with other formal leadership functions, governance issues will become very familiar to you.

Diamond provides training and other educational guidance and materials for individuals and groups involved in governance activities.

Diamond Management Consulting Inc. works with Aboriginal citizens, organizations and communities to restore relationships necessary for living together with others in a good way. We help to stimulate appropriate economic autonomy and effective governance strategies while respecting the interdependence of all living beings.  
Pays propriétaire : Canada  
Exportation : Non  
Industrie primaire (SCIAN) : 611430 - Formation professionnelle et perfectionnement en gestion
Autres industries (SCIAN) : 541611 - Services de conseils en gestion administrative et générale
611690 - Tous les autres établissements d'enseignement et de formation
Activité principale de l'entreprise : Services  

Produit / Service / Licence

Licence à octroyer : The Diamond Institue For Integral Learning
We offer accredited courses and certificates in:
Conflict Resolution

At the institute we take an integral approach (Wilber, 2004) to leadership and conflict resolution education. Integral means balancing and including all of the domains of personal professional success. Here we focus on improving performance through leadership, teamwork and individual effectiveness.

"I learned valuable skills and your courses offer
a new way to understand why I do what I do." -Student

Code CFA : B504-Études et analyses sur l'éducation
B509-Autres études et analyses
R000-Services professionnels, administratifs et de soutien à la gestion
R019-Autres services professionnels
U000-Services d'éducation et de formation
U001-Conférences de formation
U006-Enseignement professionnel et technique
U008-Établissement de programmes scolaires/de formation
U010-Homologation et accréditation des établissements d'enseignement
U099-Autres services d'éducation et de formation

Profil de marché

Secteurs industriels d'intérêt :

  • Culture
  • Affaires environnementales
  • Pêche
  • Industries forestières
  • Technologies de l'information et télécommunications
  • Industries de services
  • Tourisme

Renseignements sectoriels

Demande unique :

Our Vision
The Institute is a vibrant learning community of enthusiastic educators and adult learners who are committed to personal enlightenment and responsible relationship. An accredited educational institute with a wholistic approach, we offer outstanding courses and certificates in conflict resolution and leadership.

Our Mission
Mediators and leaders occupy key positions where the nexus between individual integrity and responsibility to others is intense. By supporting and challenging members of our learning community to move towards their deeper purpose, individual capacities are strengthened and meaningful contributions toward the lives of others are enhanced. Through acquiring new skills, studying reflective practice, and exploring the role of consciousness, graduates improve their abilities to interact, mediate and lead.

We emphasize teaching leadership and conflict management skills within the Reflective Practice Approach, a powerful learning model that encourages students to develop a personal awareness of how our values, beliefs and theories about conflict influence how we work through it.
We offer a maximum class size of 14, well trained and supportive instructors and coaches, and an opportunity to complete certificate training in one semester with eligibility for BC and Canada student loans.

Contract Training
We offer contract training in the full spectrum of leadership, communication and conflict management training skills to staff and management of private, public and not-for-profit organizations. We can provide custom-designed workshops designed to build functional teams, or to meet the needs of a group within an organization. Under contract, we will supply:
• Custom courses/workshops designed and developed relevant to the client and to the course participants;
• Trainers and coaches;
• Learning materials such as manuals and handouts;
• Workshop facilities, if required.

Training/learning initiatives can be custom-developed to reflect the client’s interests. If requested, participants will receive a certificate of completion, and may receive credit towards an applicable course or one of our three certificate programs (dependent on the duration of the contract training), should they decide to register and complete that program.

Clients clés / principaux clients :

Recent Clients - Organizations

AIDS Vancouver Island
Beaverlake Elementary School
British Columbia Teachers Federation
Camosun College
Carter Center (Georgia, USA)
Centra Gas
Department of Fisheries & Oceans
Knox Presbyterian Church
Glenlyon-Norfolk School
Health Canada
Ministry for Children and Family Development
Ministry of Human Resources
Parklands School
Queen Charlotte School District
Royal Oak Middle School
Sannich School District
Sannich Child and Youth Services
St. John of the Devine Church
Sooke School District
South Island Distant Education School
United Way (Victoria)
University of Victoria
The Commercial Industry Caucus
The Commericla Groundfish Industry Advisory Committee
Parks Canada
Ministry of Natural Resources
BC Public Service Training Agency

Recent Clients - Educational Institutions

Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management
Pearson College of the Pacific
Royal Roads University
University of British Columbia
University of Victoria

Témoignage :

"I learned valuable skills and your courses offer
a new way to understand why I do what I do." -Student

" no other program of study I have ever taken before......I learned as much from the students as I did from the teachers."- S.C. Student

"I feel be included in such an elite group of students, an exemplary instructor. The whole experience is inspiring" L.L. Student

"This was much more than a 'course' for me- it has more to do with rediscovering who I am." P.K. Student

" every way the program exceeded my expectations....I would also like to thank all the instructors and coaches for their real commitment to fine work." J.S. Student.

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