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Dernière mise à jour : 2013-08-18

Mighty Oaks

Information sur l'entreprise

Dénomination sociale :   Mighty Oaks Wireless Solutions Inc
Nom commercial :   Mighty Oaks
Adresse postale
27 Burnside Rd W
VICTORIA, Colombie-Britannique
V9A 6Z7
Adresse civique
27 Burnside Rd W
VICTORIA, Colombie-Britannique
V9A 6Z7
Téléphone : (250) 386-9398
Poste : 203
Téléphone sans frais : 1-866-386-9398
Télécopieur : (250) 386-9399
Courrier électronique :
Site Web : 

Information sur les personnes-ressources

Paul Weyer
  Titre :   Président-directeur général
  Domaine de responsabilité :   Ventes sur le marché intérieur
  Téléphone :   (250) 386-9398
  Poste :   203
  Télécopieur :   (250) 386-9399
  Courrier électronique :

Description de l'entreprise

Mighty Oaks is a customer service focused, Vancouver Island based, consulting company with a wealth of practical experience building, and supporting general Information Technology (IT) software and systems and custom software applications for business, the sciences, and non-profit clients across Vancouver Island, BC, and North America. Our clients are our long-term partners. We work with our clients in engagements that have meaningful, long-term, and community oriented impact.

We are a business and technology integration company with our headquarters located in Victoria, BC. Our practical long-term business focus runs through all our three service divisions: Business IT Services, Business Consulting, and Custom Software. We have a wealth of practical experience in servicing technology for business. We tailor our core competencies to our business: designing, integrating and managing technology for business. We work with best-of-breed partners for all business solutions to ensure we offer the best, complete, technology solutions for business. We employ senior professionals with fifteen or more years of hands-on experience who remain their clients’ account managers and main service provider. We provide backup personnel for all clients, and ensure we have primary and backup coverage for all clients. All of our personnel are full-time employees, working in a peer-partnership model, similar to partnerships in accounting, legal, and medical offices.

Our Business IT Services team has the people, equipment, skills, partners, and tools needed to manage your technology investment. We offer remote and on-site workstation and server management, technology procurement, as well as a 24x7 two person help desk, and the use of our Telco grade co-location facility.

Our Custom Software division focuses on managing your software, so you have time to focus on your business. We pride ourselves on completing projects from initial concept, and "rescuing" abandoned software that other technology companies are no longer willing to support. Our Custom Software Division are your local experts at bringing your technology investment into full production, regardless of the business vertical.

Our Business Services include team building, organizational structural review, hiring, role definition, strategic planning, business planning, budgets, forecasts, negotiating, building business cases, and business re-engineering. We have a strong product background, and are able to help bring your product to market. Our team has successfully reorganized companies, from the ground up, time after time. We work with you to enable your personnel, and your business, to perform better. Our diverse business backgrounds have in common strong ethics, integrity, and a results-oriented approach. We will assist you in improving your business’s efficiency, personnel, effectiveness and earnings. Apply our business experience to your bottom line.  
Pays propriétaire : Canada  
Année d'établissement : 2002
Exportation : Oui  
Industrie primaire (SCIAN) : 541510 - Conception de systèmes informatiques et services connexes
Autres industries (SCIAN) : 518210 - Traitement de données, hébergement de données et services connexes
Activité principale de l'entreprise : Services  

Produit / Service / Licence

Nom du service : IT and Business Integration
We are a partnership of seasoned professionals focussed on being the absolute best at providing general and custom Information Technology (IT) software and systems for businesses and non-profits.

We connect our clients with the IT Services that best empowers them. We speak in your business language, identify business needs and pro-actively implement solutions and services to best propel your organization.

We utilize our experience and diversity to the advantage of our clients. We thrive by providing ongoing support services and exceptional customer service , whether through time and materials work performed in fifteen minute increments or fixed cost contracts. Our clients are our long-term business partners. With our clients, we provide meaningful services to our communities where we live and work.

We accomplish our work via:
- 15 Minute Billing Increments for Time & Materials
- Long-term Support
- Exceptional Customer Service
- Being Friendly and Approachable
- Augmenting Clients' IT Teams
- Time & Materials or Fixed Cost Monthly Contract
- Being Accountable, Practical, and Results Oriented
- Ensuring all personnel have 15 or more years of IT experience
- Being a partnership of former one person companies

We work with organizations of any vertical industry or size to provide the full range of IT service and support. We are the primary IT outsourcer for most of our smaller than enterprise clients, while augmenting some of our larger clients’ in-house IT teams. Our world class hardware and software suppliers ensure cost-effective procurements, enhancing the long term customer service we provide.

Service Offering
- Standard IT Sales & Support
- A 24x7 two-person help desk
- Business Continuity Planning
- Hosted Backup
- Remote & On-Site Service
- Security Audits & Ongoing Compliance
- Technology procurement
- Server Hosting & Management
- Infrastructure Monitoring
- Virtualization, and much more…

We partner with best-of-breed local and Canadian market leaders to provide you with effective IT solutions. Avast and AVG offer the best price for features in anti-virus software. Synetic is the local leader for onsite data storage. Our hosted exchange solution offers the best value for enhanced email/spam protection. Our offsite backups will keep your business data safe.

Software Support and Sales
- Antivirus, including Avast & AVG
- Blackberry Email Integration BES/x
- Custom Software Support
- Microsoft, Mac & general office
- Hosted Email/On Premise Exchange
- Off-premise Hosted Data Backup
- Virtualization & VMWare
- MS SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, etc
- Server & Workstation OS

Hardware Support and Sales
- Backup Hardware, including Synetic
- Firewalls & VPN
- Monitors & Printers
- Networking, including Cisco
- Servers, Workstations & Laptops
- Thin Clients
- Wireless Networks, PDAs, Blackberries
- Storage, Hard Drives & systems
- Miscellaneous Hardware components

Customized Coverage Plans
We offer standard time and materials IT service, and customizations which may include:
- 24x7 Helpdesk Telephone Support
- Off Business Hours On-Site Support
- Client specific 800 Support Numbers
- Guaranteed response times
- Per Call, Monthly & Annual SLA Contracts
- Multiple personnel staffed specifically to support your investment
- Onsite Inventory for High Availability
- Customized Hosting for your critical applications & servers
- Customized Monitoring of any or all infrastructure for High Availability


Renseignements sectoriels

Clients clés / principaux clients :

Mighty Oaks has worked with many small to large companies, non-profit, and health organizations throughout Victoria, BC, and North America.

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