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Canada Hill International Business Advisors Inc.

Information sur l'entreprise

Dénomination sociale :   Canada Hill International Business Advisors Inc.
Nom commercial :   Canada Hill International Business Advisors Inc.
Adresse postale
2305-892 Carnarvon St
NEW WESTMINSTER, Colombie-Britannique
V3M 0C5
Adresse civique
46 Havenbrook Blvd
M2J 1A5
Téléphone : (604) 506-3166
Courrier électronique :
Site Web : 

Information sur les personnes-ressources

Anthony Falcone
  Titre :   Directeur de l'exploitation
  Courrier électronique :

Description de l'entreprise

We are a Canadian federal corporation, providing a wide range of business advisory and consulting services in the international arena.

We help companies from various countries establish, grow, and maintain their international operations.

With Canadian ownership and management, and employing advisors coming from and operating in a number of countries, we are a truly international organization, providing professional services on a global scale.

Therefore, our seasoned advisors bring together the best practices of both worlds -- the homeland of our clients and the target country of their business expansion.

Sharing a wealth of global experience and applying success-critical local knowledge, we play an important role in our partners’ international success.

(1) Legal Status, Ownership, and Location

Canada Hill International Business Advisors Inc. is a Canadian federal corporation, established under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA).

Our headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, and our activities are regulated by the Canadian federal corporate law.

(2) Mission and Values

We provide our clients with invaluable support in the critical areas of their international business expansion, while striving to achieve and maintain excellence in all aspects of our work and relations with them.

Our strength is twofold and stems from meeting the highest advisory service norms, on the one hand, and adding our own innovative touch, on the other.

While aiming to provide our clients with the finest possible value, we adhere to the best practices of the global advisory and consulting industry and maintain high standards of professional ethics and personal integrity.

We always act in our clients’ best interest and fairly disclose current circumstances and anticipated developments, while maintaining unconditional confidentiality.

(3) Key Advantages

There are two distinct advantages, key to our success.

(3.1) Advantage #1: Our Advisors -- the Best of Both Worlds

The crucial advantage which makes our clients prefer us to many advisory firms is one unique feature of our company.

On each assignment, we allocate advisors who, besides their excellent qualifications and high professional standards, belong (both professionally and culturally) to each of the backgrounds involved in a project -- the home country of our clients AND the target country of their business expansion.

Therefore, our advisors have applicable experience from and maintain significant professional ties in both countries.

This practice makes us successful ambassadors of business and is the main reason for our success.

Not only does this approach make us distinguishable, but it puts us in a favorable position with respect to the two most critical areas of an international business project:

- Natural understanding of our clients and proficient communication with them
- Making the most of the target country’s networks, industry, and government

(3.2) Advantage #2: Compliance with the Best Advising Practices and Standards

Besides being unique, we comply with all the best practices and established standards of the advising industry.

Our professional integrity and values, the procedures we have adopted, and the quality of our work meet or exceed the global benchmarks.  
Pays propriétaire : Canada  
Exportation : Non  
Industrie primaire (SCIAN) : 541611 - Services de conseils en gestion administrative et générale
Activité principale de l'entreprise : Services  

Produit / Service / Licence

Nom du service : International Business Advisory Services
(4) Services

The below list contains a brief description of the services we offer and is not exhaustive. Please, contact us for more information and specific inquiries.

(4.1) Strategic Services

- Developing and implementing comprehensive or specific strategies
- Due diligence and analysis of local markets and competition
- Networking to local industry and government

(4.2) Operational Services

- Interim management
- Start-up assistance -- legal, HR, accounting, real estate
- Other operational assistance
- Outsourcing

(4.3) Other Services

- Finding production and trade partners
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Investments and stock market operations
- Interim staffing -- mostly senior management through our access to local talent pools

(5) Coverage

We are able to provide sound business guidance and reliable support to companies which are either considering the initial establishment of their foreign operations or are already growing their business abroad.

We operate mainly in North America (Canada and the United States), Asia, and Europe.

A few examples of companies, which we would be able to advise, include a Canadian natural resource company, launching processing facilities in Russia and Ukraine; a U.S. high-tech firm, seeking strategic acquisitions and alliances in China; a Japanese corporation, growing its commercial operations in Canada and the U.S.; and a Russian software developing company, exploring the U.K. market.


Profil de marché

Alliances :

  • Financier
  • Ventes / marketing
  • Technologie

Secteurs industriels d'intérêt :

  • Construction
  • Produits de consommation
  • Culture
  • Affaires environnementales
  • Industries forestières
  • Technologies de l'information et télécommunications
  • Fabrication et transformation
  • Mines, pétrole et gaz
  • Industries de services
  • Tourisme
  • Transports
  • Gros et détail
  • Automobile
  • Fabrication d'aliments de boissons
  • Appareils électriques

Marchés géographiques :

Recherche active de marchés :
  • Allemagne
  • Autriche
  • Bulgarie
  • Espagne
  • Estonie
  • États-Unis
  • France
  • Grèce
  • Hongrie
  • Italie
  • Lettonie
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lituanie
  • Luxembourg
  • Macédoine, L'Ex-République Yougoslave de
  • Norvège
  • Pologne
  • Roumanie
  • Royaume-Uni
  • Slovaquie
  • Slovénie
  • Suède
  • Tchèque, République
  • Turquie

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