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IFI Refrigeration

Company information

Legal Name:   IFI Refrigeration
Operating Name:   IFI Refrigeration
Alternate Name:   Foster Réfrigération
Alternate Name:   Métropolitaine Réfrigération
Alternate Name:   Tecnodor
Mailing Address
11020 Parkway Blvd
ANJOU, Quebec
H1J 1R6
Location Address
11020 Parkway Blvd
ANJOU, Quebec
H1J 1R6
Telephone: (514) 270-7181
Fax: (514) 270-7450
Website URL: 

Contact information

Pierre De Castris Jr
  Title:   President
  Area of Responsibility:   Manufacturing/Production/Operations
  Telephone:   (514) 270-7181
  Fax:   (514) 270-7450
Rolland De Castris
  Title:   Chief Operating Officer
  Area of Responsibility:   Export Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (514) 270-7181
  Fax:   (514) 270-7450


Company description

IFI Refrigeration is specialized in the design and manufacturing of a full range of refrigerated merchandisers for supermarkets and Reach-in Coolers and Freezers for convenience stores. Foster Refrigeration specializes in the design and manufacturing of walk-ins rooms (refrigerators and freezers), Quick Chillers and Blast Freezers (45lb to 200lbs), Mortuary Refrigerators, Roll-in type cabinets and specialized laboratory equipment. Tecnodor manufactures hinged doors and sliding doors for cold rooms, hinged glass doors (refrigerators and freezers) and shelves for convenience stores. Métropolitaine Réfrigération Commerciale is distributor of refrigerated display cases for supermarkets, convenience stores, deli shops, pastry shops and chocolate shops. It also provides planning services, modernization and offers refurbished equipment. Some IFI Refrigeration customers: Metro, Sobeys, C&K Markets, Couche-Tard, Mac's, Circle K, Ultramar, Petro Canada, Shell, Esso, A&P, Canadian Tire and Giant Tiger.  
Country of Ownership: Canada  
Year Established: 1980
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 333416 - Heating Equipment and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  
Total Sales ($CDN): $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 
Export Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 to $4,999,999 
Number of Employees: 120 


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Refrigerated Merchandisers for Supermarkets
Complete range of high quality refrigerated merchandisers for fresh meat, delicatessen, dairy products, produce, fish and seafood, pastries, frozen foods and specialty applications. We offer over 124 basic models to create a supermarket or a convenience store. Units are operating with a remote compressor. We also offer design and fabrication of custom made units to suit your applications.

Product Name: Refrigerated Display Cases for Convenience Stores (Reach-ins)
Complete line of Cooler and Freezer Reach-in Display Cases with 1, 2, 3 or 4 glass doors or solid doors, operating with hinged or sliding doors. These display cases are self-contained and the compressor can be installed top mount or bottom mount on the unit according to your presentation needs. Available with digital electronic control, defrost pan (no drain required) and doors with high energy efficiency. Standard with four rows of shelves, white color (other colors available).

Product Name: Refrigerated Display Cases for Deli Shops, Pastry Shops & Chocolate Shops
Complete line of refrigerated service or self-service display cases with front curved glass, with 1, 2 or 3 shelves and bottom shelf, self-contained units. This series includes models Delice and Regal from IFI, and many exclusive models, such as Costan, Pastorkalt and Silfer (vertical display refrigerators/freezers for desserts). Including our brand new model Delice "Verti-Max" with vertical display glass for maximum visibility. The "Verti-Max" is the latest design in product merchandising.

Product Name: Cooler and Freezer Walk-in Chambers
Foster Refrigeration manufactures standard or custom walk-in rooms for restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, hotels and warehouses. The "sandwich panels" of 3" or 4" thick are made of white prepainted steel, aluminum or stainless steel, from which the polyurethane insulation is injected under high pressure. The panels of high thermal efficiency are assembled using a camlock system, which ensures high strength and fast assembly. Many options are available according to your applications. Foster has certifications CAN/ULC-S101, CAN/ULC-S102 and ULC/ORD C376.

Product Name: Refrigeration Systems for Walk-in Chambers
Foster is offering 3 different types of air-cooled or water-cooled refrigeration systems for its walk-in rooms. The Self Contained System is pre-charged and pre-wired at factory and is designed for installation on top of a walk-in room. Prefabricated notched panels are made at the factory and permit an easy field installation. The Semi-Unitized System is a pre-charged system with quick couplers installed on the panel at factory with selected controls and accessories, and tested for proper performance. The Remote System is entirely assembled on the field with all the required components to insure a reliable operation adapted to your project requirements.

Product Name: Custom Doors for Walk-in Rooms & Shelf Display Systems
Tecnodor is an innovative new company that creates and manufactures state-of-the-art specialized hinged and sliding doors. Our high-quality doors are designed for optimum energy efficiency. We produce glass doors for reach-in coolers / freezers, and for walk-in service doors and entrance doors. More, we offer a full line of LED lights both for new construction and retrofitting, and an automatic magnetic locking system on our doors. Our versatile framing and unlimited shelving configurations make them ideal for a broad range of applications, including convenience stores, supermarkets and warehouses.

Product Name: Quick Chillers/Blast Freezers for Food Processing
Positioned between food cooking and storage/distribution of foods, Foster Quick Chillers and Blast Freezers are a key element of the "Cook & Chill" food process. The Quick Chillers are designed to ensure rapid cooling of cooked foods from 150ºF to 37ºF (65ºC to 3ºC) in about 90 minutes. The rapid cooling process preserves the quality, texture and nutritional value of food for several days. Foster chillers are designed to cool 45lb, 90lb, 135lb or 200lb of food depending on the selected model. Models FQC (Chillers) and FQF (Freezers) are entirely built of stainless steel and equipped with 4 product temperature probes and 3 internal temperature sensors, and a microprocessor controller. Available with remote compressor or self-contained unit (Models 45 and 90). Many options available upon request.

Product Name: Mortuary Refrigerators/Freezers
Product Name: Roll-in Type Cabinets (Refrigerators/Freezers)
Product Name: Specialized Refrigerated Cabinets for Laboratories & Hospitals


Market profile


Strategic alliances:

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Sector information

Key / Major clients:

Metro, IGA (Sobey's), A&P (Canada), C&K Markets (USA), Couche-Tard (Canada), Mac's (Canada),
Ultramar (Canada), Canadian Tire (Canada), BP (England), Wal Mart (Canada), ESSO (Canada),
Shell (Canada), Circle K (USA), Industrial Taylor (Columbia), Zellers (Canada), Henny Penny (USA)(Europe), Giant Tiger (Canada), plus thousands of independent stores across North America.

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