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Concord Confections

Company information

Legal Name:   Tootsie Roll of Canada ULC
Operating Name:   Concord Confections
Mailing Address
345 Courtland Ave
CONCORD, Ontario
L4K 5A6
Location Address
345 Courtland Ave
CONCORD, Ontario
L4K 5A6
Telephone: (905) 660-8989
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-267-0037
Fax: (905) 660-8979
Website URL: 

Contact information

Ljubo Stankovic
  Title:   Director
  Area of Responsibility:   Export Sales & Marketing
  Telephone:   (905) 660-8989
  Fax:   (905) 660-8979


Company description

Concord Confections

The Crowned Leader

Established in 1986 in Concord, Ontario, Concord Confections
has rapidly expanded to rank now as one of the world's leading
manufacturers of bubble gum and candy products. The company is
renowned in the confectionery market for its incredible product
breadth and benchmark quality. Concord's prized Dubble Bubble®
brand (obtained in it's 1998 acquisition of Fleer Confections)
was the first bubble gum on the market, and maintains a
preeminent position in the category. The famous crown & oval log
remains a classic icon of American popular culture.

From modest beginnings, Concord drew the collective attention of
the confectionery industry with a stream of blockbuster product
innovations, Brand introductions such as Tear Jerkers® and Tongue
Splashers® bubble gum spurred levels of consumer enthusiasm
previously unfathomable in the category. Sales quickly
skyrocketed and an extensive international network of
distribution was established.

Widespread Distribution
Concord's now dominant retail and wholesale presence in packaged
goods is bolstered by consistently strong demand for bulk packed
products by the vending trade; consolidator / re-packers; and the
private label market. These complementary pipelines have coursed
Concord products to literally hundreds-of-thousands of points of
distribution in over 60 countries across the globe.

State of the art facilities
Concord operates production facilities in Concord, Ontario and
Barcelona, Spain. The company also recently finished
construction of a new state of the art 160,000 square foot office
headquarters and distribution centre, just minutes away from the
Ontario plant. This new facility brings the superior scale and
efficiency required to support strong long-term growth
projections in both domestic and international sales.

Our Commitment
In the coming years, Concord will maintain our commitment to the
development and extension of existing brands, while keeping a
steady eye to new product innovation. Of equal importance during
this period of expansion in Concord's dedication to maintaining
the flexibility and responsiveness that have the foundation for
continued prosperity.  
Country of Ownership: Foreign  
Year Established: 1986
Exporting: Yes  
Primary Industry (NAICS): 311340 - Non-Chocolate Confectionery Manufacturing
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer  
Number of Employees: 400 


Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: BUBBLE GUM
Brand Name Dubble Bubble's Concord leading brand, (including
trade mark products such as ``Tear Jerker``- the pioneer sour
gumball product in the market or ``Tongue Splashers`` - the
pioneer in mouth coloring product in the market), as well as the
Concord brand name itself, enjoy high recognition throughout the
North American market and the world.



Market profile


Strategic alliances:

Current Geographic Marketing Activity

Approximately 90% of total sales were to customers in the United
States. The company's products are marketed through a network of
more than 40 brokers in USA, and distributors in Australia,
Panama, Israel, Sultanate of Oman, Japan, Korea, France, Brazil,
South Africa, United Kingdom, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. On a
regular basis the company exports to Czech Republic, Holland,
Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand,
Ukraine, Taiwan, Philippines, Poland, Hungary, Russia, And the
Caribbean region.

Export Marketing Strategy

While Concord is interested in pursuing and developing sales
worldwide, Europe (the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Benelux
countries), C.I.S. (Including East European countries), South
America and Pacific Rim Have been identified as priority markets.
The company has recently started to export its product to Hong
Kong, Philippines, Argentina, Pakistan, U.A.E., Chile, Uruguay
and Paraguay. Due to the presence of established industry
players at the adult end of the market, the company believes that
significant opportunity exists in the ``under 14`` category in
overseas markets. Concord believes these markets could represent
a significant opportunity for growth, given the affordability of
its products even in lesser developed economies.

The company has ambitious growth plans both on the North American
continent and overseas. Important aspects of the Company's
export growth strategy are;
(1) increase emphasis on consumer-packaged products and non-gum
confectionery products;
(2) expand aggressively into lucrative seasonal markets such as
Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas;
(3) begin production and marketing of new line products; and
(4) exploit attractive international growth opportunities either
through direct sales or through exporters and distributors.

Geographic markets:

Export experience:
Actively pursuing:


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