Portraying the Canadian population as consumers


Sue McGregor


McGregor Consulting Group




Relative to business and government, consumers spend over two thirds of all the money spent in Canada. Given this reality, it is prudent to sketch a profile of the Canadian population in its role as consumer. This paper provides a synopsis of eight different types of consumers each with respective marketplace challenges: teen, young adult, baby boomer, elderly, low income, disabled, illiterate, and ethnic. This demographic diversity in the Canadian marketplace needs to be understood, monitored and taken into account in the next century.

Changing characteristics of the socio-economic demographics of the Canadian population translate to changes in the nature of marketplace participants. In this paper, the Canadian population will be divided into eight consumer groups according to: (a) age (four age groups), (b) income, (c) disability, (d) literacy, and (e) ethnicity. An integral part of each profile will be a general discussion of why each type of consumer will face unique challenges in the marketplace.

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