The Regulatory Context for Assistive Technologies and Accessible Products in Canada


Phyllis Gordon, Lana Kerzner, Tess Sheldon, and Eli Hansen


ARCH Disability Law Centre




Access to assistive devices is essential for persons with disabilities to participate fully in work, social and community life. Persons with disabilities must be assured availability of a broad range of safe, reliable and affordable assistive devices that meet their individual needs. The ability to make choices in this regard is fundamental to their dignity. The goals of the project are twofold: It is aimed to assist persons with disabilities to advocate for themselves and others. It is also intended to provide essential and comprehensive information and suggestions for reform to ground the development of policy in a way that is responsive to the concerns of those who use and work with assistive devices. The project is divided into four parts: • Part I details issues identified as important to consumers of assistive devices; • Part II clarifies the political and legal landscape that governs the sale, use, importation, safety and labelling of assistive devices in Canada. It describes various funding programs for assistive devices within the federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions. • Part III outlines additional avenues of redress for consumers who experience problems with their assistive devices. It examines the potential application of product liability law and consumer protection legislation to assistive devices. • Part IV highlights, from a consumer perspective, the barriers and obstacles that impede the availability and use of assistive devices. It also offers law reform and policy approaches for the regulation of assistive devices in a manner that maximizes their accessibility and safety.

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