Young Adults from Quebec, Savings and Investment: Practices, Knowledge, and Attitudes (in French only)


Marie J. Lachance, Jacinthe Cloutier


Université Laval




This report reveals the results of a public opinion research study undertaken with young adults from Quebec (18-29 years old), and relates to their practices, knowledge, and views about savings and investment. The data was collected via Internet in June 2008 (n=966). The results reveal that the level of knowledge with respect to savings and investment is quite low, even though attitudes toward this subject are favourable. Approximately one third of respondents claimed they put money into savings on a regular basis, whereas 60% claimed that they actually had money set aside at the time the survey was undertaken. Several influencing factors were identified, including the propensity to save, knowledge levels, and attitudes towards savings and investment.

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Science of Consumption
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