The assets and debts of Canadians: an overview of the results of the Survey of Financial Security


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This report provides an overview of the results of the Survey of Financial Security (SFS). This survey collected information on the assets and debts of families and unattached individuals. Data collection took place from May to July 1999, in all provinces. Although this is the seventh time that an asset and debt survey has been conducted by Statistics Canada, over 15 years have passed since the last survey was done, in 1984. Many changes have taken place since that time, in both the economy and the structure of families.

The 1999 SFS provides the most comprehensive picture of the net wealth of Canadians yet available. Information was collected on the value of all major financial and non-financial assets and on the money owing on mortgages, vehicles, credit cards, student loans and other debts. The value of these assets less the debts is referred to in this report as net worth.

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