Making food safe for all: A needs assessment of new immigrant mothers and their families


The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs




First generation immigrants now comprise over 20% of Canada’s population with the number of incoming immigrants remaining steady at an average of 235,000 newcomers per year, over the past two decades (Statistics Canada, 2016). While immigrating to Canada affords newcomers many opportunities for a better life, recent immigrant families face many challenges when they first arrive, including significant adjustments to their food practices (Vallianatos & Raine, 2008). This project focused on newcomer women’s experiences adjusting to a Canadian food context where perceptions of food safety and nutrition are bound to differ. The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) goal was to document the food safety, nutrition, and food label information needs from the perspective of both newcomer women and the service providers who deliver family and food-oriented programming. Based on the documented needs, FRP Canada aims to develop educational resources (e.g., websites, phone applications, e-learning modules) geared toward facilitating newcomer women’s transitions to Canadian life.

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