An Evaluative Framework For Voluntary Codes


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The purpose of this document is to further this objective by providing firms, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations and governments with a framework to evaluate how well existing voluntary codes are working and how they could be improved. Through its questions and organization, the framework is also potentially useful to those who are developing or revising codes. The framework thus can be used in a number of ways:

•Code adherents can use the evaluation framework to assist in structuring the code and its development processes, and in integrating evaluation criteria and information collection into the terms of the code at an early stage.

The question can be asked: What are the elements that should be built into an effective code? How should a code be developed?

•Government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), targeted beneficiaries (e.g., workers, the community), investors, competitors, academics, think tanks, and independent evaluators can use the framework to assist them in determining the effectiveness of a code in protecting the public interest (e.g., consumer protection, worker protection, environmental protection, promotion of respect of human rights, etc.), its impact and interaction with legislation, and its effects on the particular interests of code proponents and other affected parties.

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