Will consumers benefit from enhanced product labeling on energy efficient products?


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The goal of this research was to examine how well consumers understand energy labels and whether they want information beyond what is currently on these labels, to aid in making informed choices on energy using products. Few studies have examined how these labels are used and how well these labels are understood by consumers. Further to that, it has been unknown whether consumers want information beyond what is currently on these labels to aid informed choice amongst products.

This study sought to answer the following research questions:
A. How do consumers define energy-efficient products?
B. What product attributes do consumers consider when shopping for energy-using products?
C. How do consumers read, interpret and think about energy labels in the retail environment?
D. Do energy labels provide adequate and useful information?
E. What additional information on product attributes do consumers want to guide their purchasing decisions?
F. In what form(s) would consumers like to access this additional information?

The study used a sequential mixed method design that collected data in three ways: a review of pre-existing information, an exploratory focus group, and consumer surveys. The research design started with collecting qualitative data, to explore consumers’ comprehension of existing energy labels as well as their information needs beyond what is found on these labels, then transitioned to a second phase of collecting quantitative data to deepen the understanding.

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