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1 Unlimited… really?: Are consumers adequately protected? 2017/01/01
2 Limited usage of mobile internet access services: Informing and protecting consumers 2013/01/01
3 Download limits: A necessary evil? (in French only) 2014/01/01
4 Household Internet use survey 2001/01/01
5 The Digital Divide 2002/01/01
6 Getting connected or staying unplugged: the growing use of computer communications services 1999/01/01
7 E-commerce: Household shopping on the Internet 2003/01/01
8 Social Network Site Privacy - A comparative analysis of six sites 2009/01/01
9 Canadian Perspectives on Cloud Computing and Consumers 2011/01/01
10 Assurances sur Internet (in French only) 2002/01/01
11 Kids for Sale: Online Privacy and Marketing 2009/01/01
12 Unravelling webs of uncertainty: What an internet code could mean for Canadian consumers 2019/01/01
13 Saving and investing using Fintech: How to harmonize innovation and consumer protection 2019/01/01
14 Consumer-related Copyright Issues on the Internet of Things: A Study of Connected Objects Available to Canadian Consumers 2020/01/01
15 Consumer Attitudes and Their Role in Reducing the Impact of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods and Services 2019/01/01
16 Penny Auction Website Issues 2012/01/01
17 A Charter of Rights for Internet Users: For a Canadian Perspective 2019/01/01
18 The digital divide: The cost in terms of time, money and complexity of being an unwired consumer 2013/01/01
19 A Virtual Fortune: Consumer Protection for Banking and Consumer Fraud in Virtual Worlds 2011/01/01
20 Assessing the Emergence of "Alternative" Currencies and Legal Risk: The Consumers Perspective 2018/01/01
21 Insurance price comparison websites: Are they an effective tool 2018/01/01
22 Do Tradition and Innovation Mix? The benefits and risks of peer-to-peer insurance for consumers 2018/01/01
23 Changes to prices advertised online: Analysis of business practices and the legal framework in Canada 2018/01/01
24 Silence is consent: Opting out of the Digital Age 2018/01/01
25 All in the Data Family: Children's Privacy Online 2008/01/01
26 How Free is “Free”?: Setting limits on the collection of personal information for online behavioural advertising? 2015/01/01
27 Integrated purchases in apps and online games – consumer challenges 2016/01/01
28 Is Broadband Basic Service? 2010/01/01
29 Transparency in Broadband Advertising to Canadian Consumers 2012/01/01
30 La téléphonie IP : une véritable concurrence dans le marché canadien (in French only) 2005/01/01
31 Is There a There There? Toward Greater Certainty for Internet Jurisdiction 2001/01/01
32 Les jeunes sur l'Internet : étude sur les problématiques commerciales posées par le Web (in French only) 2005/01/01
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