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1 Telecommunications and Customer Service: Where are We? 2018/01/01
2 Limited usage of mobile internet access services: Informing and protecting consumers 2013/01/01
3 Competition in Telecommunications at the 10 Year Mark: How Have Consumers Fared? 2003/01/01
4 The state of telecommunications services 2002/01/01
5 Changing Landscape of Wireless Plans - 2009 Review of Prepaid and Postpaid Wireless Plans and Consumer Concerns 2010/01/01
6 Do Smartphones Make for Smarter Consumers? 2012/01/01
7 Cyber Threats on Mobile Devices 2013/01/01
8 A Comparative Analysis of Residential Telephone Service: 1992-2002 2003/01/01
9 The cellular telephone industry: birth, evolution, and prospects 1998/01/01
10 Communications Services: Are the recourses before disconnection sufficient? 2019/01/01
11 The Wireless Code: Who’s the Winner? 2015/01/01
12 Prepaid Wireless Services: protection from bill shock? 2015/01/01
13 The views of Canadians on the harmonization of consumer protection standards 2015/01/01
14 No consumer left behind: a Canadian affordability framework for communications services in a digital age 2014/01/01
15 Including low-income consumers as recipients of telecommunications services: how does Canada rate? (in French only) 2009/01/01
16 Barriers to Changing Telecommunications Service Providers 2008/01/01
17 Telecommunications Companies - One single incomprehensible bill? 2009/01/01
18 Waiting for the Dream: The Consumer Case for Telecom Reform and Results-Based Regulation 2010/01/01
19 The consumer interest in spectrum auctions 2012/01/01
20 Consumers and Wireless Data Roaming 2012/01/01
21 Cellular telephony… unveiled (in French only) 2006/01/01
22 Cell phones and young people in debt: The current situation (in French only) 2009/01/01
23 Impact of cell phone company advertising on teenagers: influenced but ill-informed (in French only) 2007/01/01
24 The Consumers Interest in VoIP 2006/01/01
25 La téléphonie IP : une véritable concurrence dans le marché canadien (in French only) 2005/01/01
26 La téléphonique cellulaire : Les pièges de la transaction (in French only) 2004/01/01
27 Mobile number portability: moving with the times 2005/01/01
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