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1 Spotlight on the provision of financial literacy content on the Internet 2014/01/01
2 Household spending on health care 2000/01/01
3 Christmas: Consumers' Season 2003/01/01
4 On the move with homebuyers: shopping for furniture 2004/01/01
5 The Sandwich Generation 2004/01/01
6 Time or money? How high and low income Canadians spend their time 2002/01/01
7 Survey of Household Spending 2003/01/01
8 Consumer demand for entertainment services 2003/01/01
9 Recent trends in spending and savings in Canada and the US 2003/01/01
10 Do Canadians pay more than Americans for the same products? 2003/01/01
11 My money, my choice: exploring consumer spending on entertainment services 2002/01/01
12 Rural and Urban Household Expenditure Patterns for 1996 1999/01/01
13 Dynamic Pricing – Can consumers achieve the benefits they expect 2017/01/01
14 Stuck in the Middle: Consumers, Transaction Fees and Loyalty Programs 2015/01/01
15 Customer Loyalty Programs: Are Rules Needed? 2013/01/01
16 Financial Literacy: Lessons from International Experience 2007/01/01
17 A little place in the country: a profile of Canadians who own vacation property 2002/01/01
18 Sustainable Consumption: How Do We Encourage Consumers to Purchase Sustainably? 2009/01/01
19 Bait and Switch Selling: The regulatory framework in Canada and the United Kingdom and data collection in the retail sector 2012/01/01
20 The Current State of Canadian Family Finances – 2003 Report 2004/01/01
21 "Can I help you?": the rise in household spending on services 1999/01/01
22 Generosity in Canada: trends in personal gifts and charitable donations over three decades, 1969-1997 1999/01/01
23 APA Report on New Vehicle Financing and Leasing 2017/01/01
24 Integrated purchases in apps and online games – consumer challenges 2016/01/01
25 Speeding up electronic bill payment: a consumer perspective 2016/01/01
26 How well do newcomers understand consumer credit? 2014/01/01
27 Knowing the Score: Canadian Consumers’ Knowledge and Understanding of Credit 2011/01/01
28 “Rent-to-own”: portrait of an industry and its clientele (in French only) 2008/01/01
29 Impact of cell phone company advertising on teenagers: influenced but ill-informed (in French only) 2007/01/01
30 Portraying the Canadian population as consumers 2001/01/01
31 Étude de la capacité de payer et de l'intérêt public dans l'offre de chaînes de télévision en vue de la migration du signal de l'analogique vers le numérique (in French only) 2002/01/01
32 An Empirical Study of Canadians Seeking Personal Bankruptcy Protection 1998/01/01
33 Cartes de crédit et jeunes: Une combinaison fatale? (in French only) 2005/01/01
34 Deal of the day? Consumer protection in online group buying deals 2013/01/01
35 Are Consumers' Purchasing Choices Influenced by Socio-Ethical Issues 2001/01/01
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