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1 Regulating distance contracts: Time to take stock 2014/01/01
2 How Young People View Credit: Predictable Debt Overload? 2012/01/01
3 Impact of mobile point-of-sale payments apps on consumer privacy 2016/01/01
4 Stuck in the Middle: Consumers, Transaction Fees and Loyalty Programs 2015/01/01
5 Consumer Redress, Chargebacks and Merchant Responses in Distant Transactions 2017/01/01
6 Customer Loyalty Programs: Are Rules Needed? 2013/01/01
7 New Payment Methods: Is Canada Ready? 2011/01/01
8 Postal Credit Offers: Between Dream & Reality 2010/01/01
9 Are You Sure You Want to Continue? Consumer Authentication at the Crossroads 2008/01/01
10 Long Distance Phone Cards: Are Consumers Satisfied? Is Regulation Required? 2009/01/01
11 Will Cash Soon Be a Thing of the Past? 2019/01/01
12 Speeding up electronic bill payment: a consumer perspective 2016/01/01
13 How well do newcomers understand consumer credit? 2014/01/01
14 Knowing the Score: Canadian Consumers’ Knowledge and Understanding of Credit 2011/01/01
15 Spend to save: Is it really such a good idea? An analysis of debit card savings programs and credit card cash back reward programs 2010/01/01
16 Le cadre juridique des paiements électroniques au Canada: quand Fortune se fait virtuelle (in French only) 2002/01/01
17 Protecting users of prepaid payment cards: At the mercy of market forces (in French only) 2008/01/01
18 L'erreur de Pandore : La concurrence et l'évolution du réseau Interac au Canada (in French only) 2003/01/01
19 Paiement préautorisé ou chèque en blanc? (in French only) 2005/01/01
20 Confusion and devaluation: the Canadian system of credit card cash advances (in French only) 2006/01/01
21 Interactions autour d'une règle : la mise en place d'un encadrement canadien pour les paiements en ligne (in French only) 2005/01/01
22 The Incredible Sad Tale of a Doomed Code: the trial and tribulations of implementing the Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Cards (in French only) 2005/01/01
23 Cartes de crédit et jeunes: Une combinaison fatale? (in French only) 2005/01/01
24 Virtual debit cards and consumer protection 2014/01/01
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