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1 Competition in Telecommunications at the 10 Year Mark: How Have Consumers Fared? 2003/01/01
2 Specialized big-box stores 1999/01/01
3 Consumers and Product Insurance Purchase Decisions 2018/01/01
4 Bait and Switch Selling: The regulatory framework in Canada and the United Kingdom and data collection in the retail sector 2012/01/01
5 A Comparative Analysis of Residential Telephone Service: 1992-2002 2003/01/01
6 Empirical research on competition, innovation and the consumer 2008/01/01
7 Unravelling webs of uncertainty: What an internet code could mean for Canadian consumers 2019/01/01
8 Consumer-related Copyright Issues on the Internet of Things: A Study of Connected Objects Available to Canadian Consumers 2020/01/01
9 Insurance price comparison websites: Are they an effective tool 2018/01/01
10 Consumer Choice in Telecommunications Broadcasting 2019/01/01
11 The Consumer Perspective of Trade & Commerce Powers 2009/01/01
12 The Public Consultations of the Competition Bureau: Building Bridges to Consumers 2003/01/01
13 Obstacles to financial institution switching (in French only) 2007/01/01
14 L'erreur de Pandore : La concurrence et l'évolution du réseau Interac au Canada (in French only) 2003/01/01
15 Un cadre multilatéral sur la concurrence au sein de l’OMC est-il favorable aux consommateurs canadiens? (in French only) 2005/01/01
16 Tous les étangs gisent gelés : Le patient espoir d'une réforme du droit de la concurrence canadien (in French only) 2005/01/01
17 Competition Policy in the WTO and FTAA: A Trojan Horse for International Trade Negotiations? 2003/01/01
18 Canadian Communications Competition Review 2000/01/01
19 Bill C-19 Competition Act Amendments 2006/01/01
20 Instruments de mesure pour une enquête en profondeur des opérations du secteur des services financiers : Irons-nous vers une améliorations de la concurrence réelle ou virtuelle pour les consommateurs à faibles et modestes revenus (in French only) 2000/01/01
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