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1 Regulation, Competition and Risk in the Market for Credit Cards 2000/01/01
2 To deal directly with air carriers: how Canadian travellers can be afforded better financial protection? (in French only) 2006/01/01
3 Access to auto and home insurance: an issue? 2010/01/01
4 Consumer Groups’ Capacity to Assess Potential Consumer Impacts of Policy Proposals 2010/01/01
5 Enhancing the Credibility of Social Responsibility Claims Among Canadian Consumers 2010/01/01
6 The use of Administrative Monetary Penalties in Consumer Protection 2007/01/01
7 Is the Trade in Personal Information Beneficial to Consumers? 2007/01/01
8 Bank Mergers and the Public Interest 2005/01/01
9 A Vehicle Lemon Law in Canada? 2005/01/01
10 Canada's Consumer Legislation 2002/01/01
11 Unit Pricing: Time for a National Approach 2019/01/01
12 Unravelling webs of uncertainty: What an internet code could mean for Canadian consumers 2019/01/01
13 Pre-purchase home inspection in real estate: Better Protection for Buyers and Sellers 2012/01/01
14 A Bargain or a technical problem? Pricing errors in Canada's e-commerce 2018/01/01
15 The Truth behind the Obligation to Take back Returned Items 2015/01/01
16 Consumer Contracts: When Is It OK to Change the Rules of the Game? 2009/01/01
17 The Wireless Code: Who’s the Winner? 2015/01/01
18 Private Vehicle Access for Canadians with Disabilities: Policies and Practices to Increase Transportation Options for Disabled Canadians 2007/01/01
19 Disputes between consumers and energy distributors: An uneven playing field? 2016/01/01
20 Shopping for Consumer Protection: Current Jurisdictional Issues 2013/01/01
21 Obstacles to Consumer Awareness and Understanding of Consumer Contracts (in French only) 2008/01/01
22 Neuromarketing: A new issue (in French only) 2008/01/01
23 The end-user licence: do you accept all of the conditions? 2010/01/01
24 Ensuring Retail Food Scale Accuracy and Consumer Confidence in a Changing Market 2002/01/01
25 The ATCO case - Did the Supreme Court of Canada Alter the Regulatory Compact? 2007/01/01
26 Consumer Representation: Recognition Criteria 2009/01/01
27 Representing the Consumer in Broadcasting 2008/01/01
28 Consumer arbitration: a fair and effective process? (in French only) 2009/01/01
29 Collective Arbitration: A Solution for Consumers ? (in French only) 2007/01/01
30 Electricity Restructuring: A Consumer update 2002/01/01
31 L'erreur de Pandore : La concurrence et l'évolution du réseau Interac au Canada (in French only) 2003/01/01
32 Smart Regulation III - Implementation (joint project with Option Consommateurs) 2006/01/01
33 Make Haste Slowly: Regulatory Reform for Canadian Financial Markets (in French only) 2005/01/01
34 Proliferation of Redress Procedures 2013/01/01
35 Le procès du recours collectif (in French only) 2006/01/01
36 Legal Insurance: A Solution for Improving Access to Justice? (in French only) 2007/01/01
37 Smart Regulation: The Consumer Interest Part II 2005/01/01
38 Towards more efficient Canadian banking legislation: the challenge (in French only) 2006/01/01
39 An error of diagnosis? The pros and cons of harmonizing Canadian and American procedures for approving new medications (in French only) 2006/01/01
40 Condominium Property Managers: Examining the Impact of Regulation on Consumers 2014/01/01
41 Deal of the day? Consumer protection in online group buying deals 2013/01/01
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