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1 Debt settlement and financial recovery companies: Too risky an option? 2017/01/01
2 Unlimited… really?: Are consumers adequately protected? 2017/01/01
3 Credit contracts: signatory solidarity 2017/01/01
4 Are Business’ Support Forums Reliable? 2018/01/01
5 Native Advertising: Information or Illusion? 2018/01/01
6 Discounts at What Cost? Communication Services and Promotional Pricing: A Closer Look 2018/01/01
7 Gaps in New Home Warranty Coverage Across Canada 2007/01/01
8 Cornerstones of Community: Highlights of the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations 2004/01/01
9 Consumer protection rights in Canada in the context of electronic commerce 1999/01/01
10 Options for a sustained institutional role for consumer organizations in internal trade harmonization initiatives 2015/01/01
11 The Highs and Lows of Long-term Financing 2014/01/01
12 Dynamic Pricing – Can consumers achieve the benefits they expect 2017/01/01
13 Making food safe for all: A needs assessment of new immigrant mothers and their families 2017/01/01
14 Consumers’ Use of Small Claims Court in Construction Disputes 2013/01/01
15 Adequacy of Legal Warranty Plans 2012/01/01
16 Consumer Groups’ Capacity to Assess Potential Consumer Impacts of Policy Proposals 2010/01/01
17 New Home Builder Customer Service Best Practices 2011/01/01
18 Enhancing the Credibility of Social Responsibility Claims Among Canadian Consumers 2010/01/01
19 Ensuring Electricity Metering Accuracy and Consumer Confidence in a Changing Market 2002/01/01
20 Assurances biens / habitation pour tous (in French only) 2003/01/01
21 Is the Trade in Personal Information Beneficial to Consumers? 2007/01/01
22 Income Trust – A Challenge for Regulators 2007/01/01
23 L’achat d’une maison : qui représente l’acheteur dans une transaction? (in French only) 2002/01/01
24 Spyware - Looking out for the Consumers 2006/01/01
25 Cyber Threats on Mobile Devices 2013/01/01
26 Mandatory Arbitration and Consumer Contracts 2004/01/01
27 Market-driven Consumer Redress - Case studies and legal issues 2001/01/01
28 Empirical research on competition, innovation and the consumer 2008/01/01
29 Bibliometric Anaysis of Consumer Issues Research in Canada and in Other Leading Countries 2008/01/01
30 Investment Funds in Canada and Consumer Protection 1998/01/01
31 Strengthening the marketplace through a Consumer Protection Framework for consumer online reviews 2016/01/01
32 Super complainers: Greater Public Inclusiveness in Governing Consumer Complaint Handling 2019/01/01
33 Pre-purchase home inspection in real estate: Better Protection for Buyers and Sellers 2012/01/01
34 A Charter of Rights for Internet Users: For a Canadian Perspective 2019/01/01
35 Will Cash Soon Be a Thing of the Past? 2019/01/01
36 Can Seller Disclosure Be Improved to Better Protect Parties during a Real Estate Transaction? 2013/01/01
37 Communications Services: Are the recourses before disconnection sufficient? 2019/01/01
38 Assessing the Emergence of "Alternative" Currencies and Legal Risk: The Consumers Perspective 2018/01/01
39 Insurance price comparison websites: Are they an effective tool 2018/01/01
40 Consumer Choice in Telecommunications Broadcasting 2019/01/01
41 Changes to prices advertised online: Analysis of business practices and the legal framework in Canada 2018/01/01
42 Silence is consent: Opting out of the Digital Age 2018/01/01
43 A Bargain or a technical problem? Pricing errors in Canada's e-commerce 2018/01/01
44 Sharing Economy. Canadians Perspective. 2017/01/01
45 Class Action: How to increase claim rates? 2017/01/01
46 Obsolescence of Home Appliances and Electronics: 2018/01/01
47 The Truth behind the Obligation to Take back Returned Items 2015/01/01
48 Consumer Contracts: When Is It OK to Change the Rules of the Game? 2009/01/01
49 Would application of ISO standard 14452: 2012 Network services billing – Requirements benefit the customers of Canada’s energy distributors? 2016/01/01
50 Disputes between consumers and energy distributors: An uneven playing field? 2016/01/01
51 Lifting the barriers to internal trade and consumer protection : The Example of the European Union 2015/01/01
52 Dispute Resolution in the Agreement on Internal Trade: A Consumer Perspective 2015/01/01
53 All along the watch tower: a review of the Canadian consumer debt collection industry 2014/01/01
54 Analysis of strategies used by consumer groups in the construction sector 2014/01/01
55 The Privacy Box: Enabling Consumer Choice and Meaningful Consent in Online Privacy 2017/01/01
56 Consumer Protection in Canada and the European Union: A Comparison 2009/01/01
57 The Consumer Perspective of Trade & Commerce Powers 2009/01/01
58 Spend to save: Is it really such a good idea? An analysis of debit card savings programs and credit card cash back reward programs 2010/01/01
59 Class Actions : Two models of notices to better communicate with members 2011/01/01
60 Les tests génétiques et les consommateurs : sommes-nous préoccupés de l’équité dans les contrats d’assurance (in French only) 2003/01/01
61 Mail-In Rebates: Not Always A Gift (in French only) 2006/01/01
62 Used Vehicle Retailing Investigation 2007 2007/01/01
63 Ensuring gasoline pump accuracy and consumer confidence in a changing market 2004/01/01
64 Assurance: la hausse des primes à la suite d’un sinistre annule-t-elle pour les consommateurs l’intérêt d’être assurés? (in French only) 2003/01/01
65 Forces for Change in Canada's Electricity Sector: How will Consumer Interests Be Protected? 2002/01/01
66 Non-Judicial Consumer Recourse (in French only) 2009/01/01
67 Consumer Representation: Recognition Criteria 2009/01/01
68 Fee for Carriage – Broadcast Distribution Undertakings (BDU) Regulation II 2009/01/01
69 Extended Warranties : Do customers get their money’s worth? (in French only) 2007/01/01
70 La législation québécoise relative aux secteurs du tourisme et des services juridiques à l'épreuve du critère de nécessité de l'Accord Général sur le Commerce des Services : un équilibrage réussi en terme de protection du consommateur? (in French only) 2002/01/01
71 La téléphonie IP : une véritable concurrence dans le marché canadien (in French only) 2005/01/01
72 L'accès a la justice : comment y parvenir? (in French only) 2004/01/01
73 Recours des consommateurs : Collectivité et efficacité peuvent-elles s'accorder? (in French only) 2002/01/01
74 Voluntary Codes and Consumer Protection in the Insurance Industry 2006/01/01
75 How to Pay the Piper: A Primer on Additional Charges to Consumers in Canada for Paper Billing 2014/01/01
76 No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: Consumer Contracts and “Free” Services 2013/01/01
77 Domestic hot water tanks and other equipment - A consumer perspective 2013/01/01
78 The Radon Challenge - Building Awareness and Encouraging Action 2012/01/01
79 Marketplace Accessibility in the Retail Sector: Incorporating Universal Design Principles to Identify Common Issues and Develop a Model for Change 2006/01/01
80 Des experts de fortune : Un aperçu du marché québécois du conseil en matière de placements (in French only) 2000/01/01
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