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TOWER photograph Design

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Canada Lands Company CLC Limited/Société Immobilière du Canada CLC Limitée
Head Office
1 University Avenue
Suite 1200


SUITE 1420

Trademark description

The trade-mark is two-dimensional, as provided by the applicant.

Vienna information (Code & Description)

Towers or masts, derricks (except 7.1.16) -- Notes: (a) Including transmitting masts. -- (b) Not including Eiffel Tower (7.5.2).
Constructions recognized as monuments (great wall of china, eiffel tower, statue of liberty, etc.)
Other monuments
A 7.5.50
Canadian historical buildings and landmarks


  • (1) Souvenir items namely photograph albums, stamp albums, coin albums, aprons, ash trays, athletic bags, athletic shoes, athletic visors, pre-recorded audio cassettes, tote bags, hand bags, sports bags, backpacks, balloons, golf balls, bandannas, bathrobes, beach bags, beach balls, beach umbrellas, beer glasses, beer mugs, belts, belt buckles, berets, bibs, binoculars, blankets, board games, bonnets, book markers, books, boots, bottle openers, bowls, bracelets, briefcases, brochures, brooches, hair brushes, bumper stickers, ornamental novelty buttons, calendars, camera bags, camera cases, photographic cameras, candle holders, candles, candy dishes, caps and hats, car ornaments, playing cards, card games, card holders, cardboard auto shades, pre-recorded audio cassettes featuring musical recordings, pre-recorded compact disks containing musical recordings, pre-recorded video cassettes and DVDs featuring movies, chains, charms, clip boards, clips and bobby pins, coasters, coats, coffee table books, coins, coin banks, colouring books, combs, commemorative plates, cook books, coveralls, covers, cowboy hats, crayons, crests, cruet sets, cufflinks, cups, cushions, decals, desk pen sets, desk sets, diaries, dish towels, doll accessories, dolls, drawings, dresses, drinking glasses, duffle bags, earrings, elastic pony tails clips, emblems, embroidered crests, envelopes, erasers, felt pens, flash lights, flasks, gift glass snowballs, glass mugs, golf shirts, greeting cards, growth charts, hand and body lotions, handkerchiefs, hats, headbands, inflatable toys, jackets, jars, jerseys, jewelry, jig saw puzzles, jogging suits, key chains, key fobs, key holders, knapsack, labels, lapel pins, letter openers, lighters, liquor glasses, lockets, luggage tags, lunch boxes, magazines, magnets, match books, matches, mats, medallions, medals, metal ingots, miniature buildings, mittens, mobiles, money banks, money clips, mugs, murals, name plates, napkins, neck ties, necklaces, note pads, notebooks, novelty hats, oven mitts, pajamas, pants, paper weights, parkas, patches, pencil cases, pencils, pendants, penlights, pens, pennants, photographic slides, photographs, pictures, pillows, pillow cases, pitchers, cloth and plastic placemats, plaques, plates, playing cards, polo shirts, post cards, posters, pot holders, pottery, prints, puppets, purses, radios, rain suits, jewelry namely rings, rulers, sandals, saucers, scarves, scenic cards, school bags, scrap books, sculptures, serviettes, hair shampoo, shirts, shooter glasses, shopping bags, shorts, shot glasses, skirts, slippers, sneakers, hand, face and body soaps, socks, souvenir books and albums, souvenir spoons, souvenir guide books, spice mills, sport bags, statuettes, steins, stickers, straw hats, stuffed animals, sun visors, sunglasses and cases, sweatbands, sweaters, sweatshirts, swimsuits, swizzler sticks, t-shirts, table cloths, key tags, tags, tams, telescopes, thermometers, three-dimensional models, tie bars, tie pins, tokens, tooth pick holders, toques, tote bags, towels, trading cards, travel bags, tray tables, trays, tumblers, turtlenecks, umbrellas, underwear, video and audio equipment namely, videotape recorders, audio cassette recorders, video cameras, mixers and speakers, waist packs, wall hangings, wallets, watches, watch cases, water glasses, water bottles, wristbands, writing paper.


  • (1) The operation of a communications and observation tower featuring restaurants, taverns, lounges, cafés, bars, nightclubs, coffee bars, boutiques, retail stores and multi-station take-out food outlet services; operation of entertainment, attractions and exhibits, namely motion simulator rides, photograph displays, video displays, interactive displays, and a cinema; provision of information to the public as it relates to a communications and observation tower; provision of tourist information; provision of sightseeing tours to individuals and groups, the leasing and management of space for commercial or individual purposes.

Classification data


The classification data is provided for information and searching purposes only. CIPO does not warrant the accuracy of the classes assigned to the trademark. This data has no legal value of any kind.

  • 1 - Chemicals and adhesives
  • 3 - Bleaching, cleaning preparations and non-medicated cosmetics
  • 4 - Industrial oils, greases and fuels
  • 6 - Common metals
  • 9 - Electrical, scientific and teaching apparatus and software
  • 11 - Environmental control items
  • 12 - Vehicles
  • 14 - Precious and semi-precious metals, and jewellery
  • 16 - Paper and printed goods
  • 18 - Leather and artificial leather goods
  • 20 - Furniture, mirrors, articles not included in other classes
  • 21 - Household goods and glass
  • 24 - Textiles and textile goods
  • 25 - Clothing, footwear, headgear
  • 26 - Sewing and decorative items including slide fasteners
  • 27 - Floor coverings
  • 28 - Games, toys and playthings, sporting articles
  • 32 - Beer and non-alcoholic beverages
  • 34 - Smoker's articles
  • 35 - Advertising, marketing, promotional and business
  • 38 - Telecommunications
  • 39 - Transportation and storage
  • 41 - Education and entertainment
  • 42 - Computer and scientific
  • 43 - Accommodation, food and drink


  • Used in CANADA since at least as early as January 2002

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Action Action date Due date Comments
Filed 2005-02-25
Created 2005-02-28
Formalized 2005-02-28
Search Recorded 2005-06-28
Examiner's First Report 2005-06-28 2005-10-28
Approved 2006-04-03
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Amendment to Application 2006-10-06 Owner Address Change / Voir Preuve au dossier/See evidence on File No. 396087
Approved 2006-10-17
Approval Removed 2006-10-27
Correspondence Created 2006-12-07 2007-04-07
Correspondence Created 2007-11-13 2008-03-13
Extension of Time 2008-04-07 2008-09-13 Request Letter Date: 2008/03/13
Approved 2008-10-07
Advertised 2008-11-26 Vol.55 Issue 2822
Allowed 2009-03-13
Allowance Notice Sent 2009-03-13 2009-09-13
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