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F1 Design

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Formula One Licensing B.V.
Beursplein 37
3011 AA Rotterdam


40th FLOOR

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  • F1 F

Information sur les codes de Viennes (Code & Description)

Routes, carrefours, bifurcations
Lettres ou chiffres représentant un être humain ou une partie du corps humain, un animal ou une partie du corps d'un animal, un végétal, un corps céleste, un phénomène naturel ou un objet
A 27.3.15
Lettres ou chiffres représentant un objet
Chiffres présentant un graphisme spécial
A 27.7.11
Chiffres juxtaposés ou accolés à une lettre ou à un élément figuratif

Produits (Classe de Nice & Énoncé(s))

(1) Soaps for personal use; soaps for household use; eau-de-Cologne; astringents for cosmetic purposes; cleaning chalk; shampoo-conditioners; cosmetic creams; shaving creams, shaving gels; facial cleansing creams; shower gels and creams; skin care creams, beauty creams, moisturising creams; shoe waxes; polishing creams; deodorants and antiperspirants for personal use; incense; cosmetic pencils; sun care lotions; pre-shave and after-shave lotions; hair lotions, hair gels, hair creams, hair spray; decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; aromatic essential oils; eye shadows; perfumes; face powders; cosmetic preparations for baths namely bath additives, bubble bath; cloths impregnated with detergent for cleaning, polish for furniture and flooring for household use, not being preparations for washing automobiles; make-up preparations; washing preparations namely body cleansers, body scrubs, laundry detergents, fabric softeners for laundry use; all-purpose cleaning preparations; make-up removing preparations; oral care products, particularly including dentifrices, mouthwashes; cleansing products for the body, particularly including cleansing lotions, beauty masks, cleansing foam, cleansing creams, cleansing gels and cleansing milk; liquid soaps
(2) Fuels namely diesel fuel, non-chemical additives for fuel, fuel oil; candles and wicks for lighting; automotive lubricants; industrial oils and greases; petroleum-based dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; non-chemical additives for motor fuel, lubricants and greases; benzine; biofuels; industrial wax; liquid petroleum gases; liquefied natural gases; liquefied petroleum gases; natural gas; diesel oil; gasoline; petroleum; fuel gas; industrial greases; Industrial lubricating greases; lighting fuel; metal cutting fluids; industrial lubricating oils and greases; industrial oils; engine oils
(3) Wrought iron decorative artwork; common metals and their alloys; ores; split rings of common metal for keys; chains of metal; small items of metal hardware namely bolts, nails, nuts, screws, springs, and washers; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; metal dispensers of hand towels, paper napkins, kitchen paper; badges of metal for vehicles; statuettes of common metal; figurines (statuettes) of common metal; medals, name plates, trophies, commemorative shields, in common metals
(4) Hand tools and implements namely hand saws, hammers, pliers, wrenches, screw drivers, shears; cutlery, forks and spoons; razor blades; knives namely kitchen knives, pocket knives, utility knives; electric or nonelectric razors; tweezers; scissors
(5) Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images, namely cameras, video cameras, video processors, video receivers, video tape players, video tape recorders, video transmitters, audio cassette recorders, audio receivers, audio speakers, audio/video cables; cash registers, calculators, data processing equipment namely computers and laptop computers; blank compact discs, blank DVDs, blank flash memory cards, blank USB flash drives; fire extinguishers; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; magnetic data carriers and recording discs namely blank floppy disks, blank hard discs, blank plastic cards with a magnetic strip, blank audio discs, blank compact discs, blank discs, blank optical discs, blank DVDs; electric batteries for vehicles; loudspeakers; audio amplifiers; satellite dishes; navigation apparatus for vehicles in the form of on-board computers; projectors for home theaters, video projectors; radios; vehicle radios; electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus; televisions; high definition televisions; cameras (photography); juke boxes for computers, musical juke boxes; velocity sensors; distance sensors; card readers for verifying data of cards magnetically encoded; time recording devices namely transponders and cable loops used to measure time; telephones; personal digital assistants (PDAs); earphones; earphones and headsets for cellular telephones; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; cellular phone batteries, electric batteries for vehicles; binoculars; electronic notebooks, diaries and agendas; directional compasses; cables, electric; automated teller machines; cameras (cinematographic cameras); video cameras; cameras and camera accessory cases and straps, batteries; headphones; protective helmets for sports; video game cassettes; mouse pads; photovoltaic cells; computer chips; answering machines; electric converters; cords for sunglasses and glasses; cellular telephone straps; smoke detectors; photographic slides; video game discs; liquid crystal displays; electric door control systems that facilitate remote opening and closing; remote controls for starting vehicle engines; portable electronic storage devices namely USB flash drives; ticket dispensers; hands free kits for phones; data processing equipment namely computer scanners, barcode scanners, fingerprint scanners; carrying cases adapted for cellular telephones; containers for contact lenses; exposed films; flash bulbs (photography); photocopiers; cellular telephone covers; 'karaoke' recorders and players; holograms; decorative magnets; printers for use with computers; laser speed detectors; doors alarms; cassette players; portable cassette players; portable CD players; CD players; mini-disc players; DVD players; MP3 players; contact lenses; eyeglasses; videotape recorders; computer carrying cases; windsocks for indicating wind direction; pressure gauges; digital maps; money counting and sorting machines; dictating machines; credit card reading machines; automatic teller machines (ATM); pressure sensors; microphones; modems; computer monitors; computers; solar panels; computer screens; plasma display panels; protective films adapted for computer screens; flat panel electroluminescent display screens; downloadable ringtones and graphic representations for cellular telephones; magnetic identification bracelets; central processing units; computer games; computer software for database management; electronic publications in the nature of books and periodicals; downloadable electronic books and periodicals; portable radios; computer mouse; audio-receivers and video-receivers; tire pressure gauges; clothing for protection against fire; semi-conductors; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; home theatre projectors, home theatre surround sound systems; computer software for editing, downloading, transmitting, receiving, creating, playing, extracting, encoding, decoding, displaying, storing and organizing digital text documents, computer graphics, digital photographs, electronic books and magazines; computer software, particularly software for transmission, recording, reproduction, visualization, organization, management, manipulation and review messages, digital text documents, digital photographs, movies, music and electronic sound recordings featuring voice messages, music recordings and audio recordings to facilitate communications between two or multiple users via the global computer network; ear plugs for divers; flash memory cards, secure digital (SD) memory cards; integrated circuit cards namely smart cards; magnetically encoded credit cards, magnetically encoded gift cards; identity cards, magnetically; magnetically encoded phone cards; blank integrated circuit cards; computer keyboards; keyboards for cellular telephones; facsimile machines; smartphones; portable telephones; electronic pocket translators; transceivers; cathode ray tubes; x-ray tubes for scanners; anti-glare glasses; safety goggles; sunglasses; computer disc drives; insulated clothing for protection against accidents or injury, irradiation and fire; video discs, video tapes, magnetic tapes, magnetic discs, DVDs, floppy discs, optical discs, compact discs, mini-discs, CD-ROMs, all the aforementioned being blank; video discs, video tapes, magnetic tapes, magnetic discs, DVDs, floppy discs, optical discs, compact discs, mini-discs, CD-ROMs, all the aforementioned being pre-recorded with music, movies or digital photographs; camcorders; video telephones; anti-dazzle shades; integrated circuits; fuel cells; video games
(6) Lamps namely floor lamps, table lamps; air conditioners; water filtering units for domestic use; electric hair dryers; electric laundry dryers; clothes dryers, hair dryers, hand dryers; barbecue; light bulbs; stoves; electric kettles; electric coffee machines; freezers; electric cookers; gas stoves; kitchen ranges (ovens); drinking water fountains; microwave ovens; ovens for household use; electric deep fryers; electric grills; table lamps; incandescent lamps; pocket searchlights; lanterns for lighting; lighting fixtures; decorative lamps; bicycle lights; lamp shades; solar collectors for heating; refrigerators; toilet seats; electric toasters; flashlights; electric fans for personal use
(7) Vehicles namely cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, motorcycles, scooters, trucks; vehicle accessories, namely, steering wheel covers, seat covers, seat cushions, windshield sunshades; anti-skid chains and studs for vehicle tires; motor buses; automobiles; aeroplanes; bicycles; air pumps for automobiles; bicycle bells; anti-skid chains; inner tubes for pneumatic tires; vans; trucks; caravans; treads for retreading tires; safety belts for vehicle seats; spikes for tires; casings for pneumatic tires; tire covers; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; motor racing cars; baby carriages (strollers); windshield wipers; seat covers for vehicles; vehicle covers (shaped); covers for vehicle steering wheels; air bags for automobiles; airships; hubcaps; rims for vehicle wheels; motorcycles; engines for land vehicles; scooters (vehicles); hubcaps; luggage carriers for vehicles; ski carriers for cars; travel trailers; rear-view mirrors; vehicle wheels; safety seats for children (for vehicles); bicycle bells; boats; valves for vehicle tires; electric cars, electric scooters; refrigerated vans; adhesive rubber-patches for repairing inner tubes
(8) Jewellery, trinkets namely key rings or key chains, precious stones; precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, namely bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces; horological and chronometric instruments namely clocks and watches; ornamental pins; ornamental pins for hats; brooches (jewellery); tie pins; amulets (jewellery); rings (jewellery); earrings; bracelets (jewellery); key rings (trinkets or fobs); key chains, key fobs, key rings; cufflinks; necklaces (jewellery); stopwatches; sculptures of precious metal; statuettes of precious metal; figurines (statuettes) of precious metal; jewellery; medals; commemorative medals of precious metal, medallions (jewellery); medallions; coins; semi-precious stones; gems (precious stones); pendulums (watchmaking); charms (jewellery); commemorative plates, trophies, statues of precious metal; watch straps; watches; clocks; wristwatches; electric clocks; pendulums (clock); tie clips; stopwatches; ornamental pins, tie pins, in common metals
(9) Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; bookbinding material; printers' type, printing blocks; photographs; instructional and teaching materials (except apparatus), namely, manuals, books and drawings; artists' brushes, artists' palettes, artists' pastels, artists' pencils, artists' pens; plastic materials for packaging namely plastic bags, plastic bubble packs, plastic film; paper and cardboard and goods made from these materials namely advertisement boards, boxes, placards, signboards; stationery namely stationery agendas, stationery binders, stationery labels; paintbrushes; printed matter namely printed awards, printed tags, printed timetables; stickers (stationery); diaries; albums namely souvenir albums; sticker albums; photograph albums; office requisites namely adhesive tape dispensers and correcting fluid; drawing pens, drawing paper; files folders; flags of paper; sporting event tickets; notepads; ball-point pens; pens; fibre-tip pens and felt-tip writing pens; paper bags; garbage bags of paper or plastics; boxes of cardboard or paper; pencil cases; decalcomanias; calendars; paint boxes (articles for use in school); folders for papers; advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; posters; booklets; adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; blocks for printing; tablecloths of paper; newspapers; adhesive tape dispensers (office requisites); stationery cases; bumper stickers; pamphlets; paper coasters; ball-point pen and pencil sets; pencils for painting and drawing; cases for visiting cards; tablecloths of paper; luggage tags; stationery labels; paper coffee filters; photographs; collectible photographs of sports personalities; passport holders; paper clips; rubber erasers; staples for offices; paper clasps, clips; writing chalks; printed timetables; writing instruments; plastic sheets, films and bags for wrapping and packaging; correction fluids (office requisites); lithographs; pencils; colouring pencils; books; activity books; address books; books including those relating to sports personalities and sports events; autograph books; geographical maps; electric or non-electric typewriters; pencil sharpeners (electric or non-electric); marker pens (stationery); handkerchiefs of paper; writing stationery; lithographic works of art; stationery personal organizers; palettes for painters; banners of paper; paper; self-adhesive paper for notes; food wrapping paper; writing paper; copying paper (stationery); gift wrapping paper; toilet paper; luminous paper; passes namely sporting event tickets; plastic film for preserving foodstuffs; paperweights; paper clasps, clips; fountain pens; boxes for pens; holders for cheque books; event programs; booklets; colouring and drawing books; square rulers; paintings (pictures), framed or unframed; blank flip charts; felt-tip colouring pens; comic books; magazines (periodicals); sealing stamps; bookmarkers; envelopes (stationery); bookends; stationery cases, pen and pencil holders, writing paper holders, stands for writing implements, document file racks; photograph stands; stands for pens and pencils; inking pads; note cards; invitation cards; greeting cards; postcards; gift cards; thumbtacks; tissues of paper; ink; sporting event tickets; place mats of paper; towels of paper; towel wipes of paper; napkins of paper for removing make-up; travellers' cheques.
(10) Leather and imitations of leather; whips, harness and saddlery; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; animal skins, hides; tote bags; suit bags; sport bags; sport bags (other than those adapted for the goods they are designed to contain); belt bags; school bags; bags of leather; handbags; travel bags; boxes of leather or leather board; wallets; travel trunks; vanity cases (not fitted); collars for pets; straps of leather (saddlery); leather leashes; leather and imitation leather; luggage and carrying bags; key cases (leather ware); luggage tags; briefcases (leather ware); purses; backpacks, rucksacks; toiletry bags; parasols; umbrellas; wallets; clothing made of leather, collars and leashes for pets; wheeled bags; beach bags; garment bags for travel; card cases (notecases); leather straps; clothing for animals
(11) Earthenware; cleaning, dusting and polishing cloths, brooms, dusters; fibres used to make hairbrushes, filaments for use in paint brushes, filaments for use in tooth brushes, horsehair for brush-making; largetoothed combs for the hair and bath sponges, make-up sponges, scouring sponges; brushes, except paintbrushes, namely hair brushes, make-up brushes, tooth brushes; unworked and semi-worked glass, except building glass; sports bottles; insulating bottles; drying racks for washing; cocktail shakers; mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); drinking flasks; soap boxes, tissue boxes; metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; containers for food and beverages; crystal drinking glasses; ice pails; decanters; bottle openers; drink coasters; statues of porcelain, terra-cotta and glass; clothes racks (for drying); figurines (statuettes) of porcelain, terra-cotta and glass; dental floss; cages for household pets; ice buckets; tankards; beer mugs; decorative glass; drinking glasses; gloves for household purposes; fruit presses, non-electric, for household use; feeding troughs for animals; bottle openers; fitted picnic baskets (including dishes); waste paper baskets; hair combs; cutting boards for the kitchen; toothbrushes; hairbrushes; containers for household or kitchen use namely food storage containers, garbage containers, pail containers; coolers bags; serving trays; decorative glass trays; saucers; sugar bowls; cups; tea pots; corkscrews; cooking utensils
(12) Clothing namely athletic clothing, baby clothing, casual clothing, children's clothing, sports clothing; footwear namely athletic footwear, casual footwear, exercise footwear, sports footwear; headgear namely sports headgear, hats, caps, protective visors for athletic use; coats; waistcoats; stadium vests (marking vests); bathing suits; bath robes; hats; caps; boots; scarves; shoes; shirts; headbands; belts; caps; neckties; aprons; sweatshirts; braces for clothing; skirts; shawls; bandanas (neckerchiefs); caps; knitted caps; gloves; waterproof clothing namely jackets and pants; jackets; blazers; sports jackets; pullovers; sleeveless pullovers; sweaters; underwear; garters; bathing suits; socks and stockings; trousers; shorts; pyjamas; sport bibs; knitted tops; wrist bands; kimonos; vests; suits for infants and children; shoes; sports shoes; t-shirts; singlets; sandals; sport uniforms; dresses; bathing suits; motorists' clothing namely motorists' casual clothing, motorists' sports clothing; cap peaks; shawls; none of the aforementioned goods intended or adapted for use in an orthopedic or therapeutic setting, for orthopedic or therapeutic muscle or joint support, or as orthopedic or therapeutic compression or anti-embolism products
(13) Decorations for Christmas trees; games, toys and playthings namely action skill games, board games, card games, coin-operated amusement electronic games, parlour games, party games; golf tees; golf accessories namely golf bags, golf balls, golf clubs, golf gloves, golf markers, golf tees; apparatus for gymnastics namely balance beams, horizontal bars, parallel bars, pommel horses, rings, springboards, vaults; electronic game consoles adapted for use with television sets; electronic game consoles with liquid crystal displays; controllers for electronic game consoles, bags specially adapted for electronic game consoles, fitted covers specially adapted for electronic game consoles; video game machines; handheld video games consoles; articles for gymnastics namely balls for rhythmic gymnastics, clubs for rhythmic gymnastics, hoops for rhythmic gymnastics, ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics; play balloons; party hats (toys) of paper; golf clubs; lottery tickets to scratch; balls for play; sporting bags and containers adapted for carrying sports equipment; golf bags with or without wheels; amusement park rides; golf club head covers; confetti; gaming consoles; voice-adapted or hand-operated game controllers; kites; golf gloves; automatic gaming machines; playing cards; board games; portable games with liquid crystal display; inflatable toys; toys for pets; robots (toys) for entertainment; joysticks for video games; foam hands (toys); coin-operated arcade video game machines, coin-operated amusement electronic games; electronic video game machines for game rooms; slot machines; football field markers, track and field markers, golf ball markers; scale model vehicles; skate boards; plush dolls; joystick for game consoles; toy scooters; roller skates; plush toys; sports balls; puzzles; rackets for tennis, badminton or squash; tables for indoor football; jigsaw puzzles; toy vehicles; remote control toy vehicles; none of the aforementioned goods intended or adapted for use in an orthopedic or therapeutic setting, for orthopedic or therapeutic muscle or joint support, or as orthopedic or therapeutic compression or anti-embolism products
(14) Spices; salt; mustard; vinegar, sauces namely barbeque sauce, ketchup, hot sauce; corn-based snack food; rice; cookies; cocoa; coffee; ready-to-eat cereals; sugar confectionery; chocolate confectionery; crackers; candies; soya flour; flour; corn flakes; ice cream; yeast; honey; molasses; bread; corn, roasted; pastries; cakes; cereal-based snack food; artificial coffee; sugar; tea; chocolate
(15) Mineral and aerated waters; fruit beverages and fruit juices; beers; syrups and powders used in the preparation of soft drinks; mineral and aerated waters; fruit and vegetable drinks; energy drinks; vitamin enriched water, vitamin enriched fruit juice; frozen fruit drinks; isotonic drinks; beers; non-alcoholic beers; ales; lagers; fruit and vegetable juices
(16) Alcoholic beverages, except beers, namely alcoholic coffee-based beverages, alcoholic coolers, alcoholic fruit drinks, alcoholic tea-based beverages; rice alcohol; anise (liqueur); anisette; aperitifs; arak; distilled beverages namely brandy, cognac; alcoholic cocktails; gin; kirsch; liqueurs; rum; sake; cider; wines; wine protected by the appellation of origin 'Champagne'; sparkling wines; vodka; whisky
(17) Articles for smokers in precious metals namely ashtrays, lighters, smoking pipes

Services (Classe de Nice & Énoncé(s))

(1) Business administration; business management; advertising the wares and services of others; business administration services; advertising agencies- publicity agencies; compilation and recording of statistics at sports events and activities; dissemination of advertising matter for others; compilation of statistics; market studies; rental of advertising space; advertising the goods and services of others through all public communication means; administration of customer loyalty programs; loyalty, incentive and bonus programs for customers at sports venues by means of distributing loyalty and encoded member cards which may hold personal user data; advertising agency services; promoting goods and services of others by means of issuing of loyalty reward cards for supporters, containing personal information on the identity of the card holder and enabling control of access to sports stadiums (ticket office services); promoting the goods and services of others; promotion of third parties through ads (sponsors); promoting the sale of goods and services through a consumer loyalty program; provision of space on websites for advertising goods and services; providing online business directories in relation to the reservation of temporary lodgings, and the rankings, ratings, reviews, referrals and recommendations in relation to reservation of temporary lodgings; on-line advertising for others via a computer communications network; advertising services for promoting sports events; television advertising for others, radio advertising for others; arranging and conducting trade show exhibitions of sporting equipment, clothing, games, toys, souvenir albums, magazines, books and computer software (excluding the transport thereof); arranging for sponsors to affiliate their goods and services with sporting and cultural events and activities; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the internet; compilation of information into computer databases namely still or animated images; collection of commercial information directories for publication on the Internet and on a wireless electronic communication network; compilation of information into computer databases; commercial business management services namely for processing commercial services on a global computer network (Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; promotional agency services for sports and public relations; services of an advertising agency on a global computer network (the internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; provision of information and advisory services relating to e-commerce; promotion services provided by a commercial company through a customer loyalty card; promoting the goods and services of others through the administration of sales and promotional incentive schemes; online advertising for others via a computer communications network; marketing research services; retail sale of solvents, paraffin, waxes, bitumen and gasoline; systemization of information into computer databases; opinion polling; auctioneering on a global computer network (the Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; retail store services featuring sports equipment, clothing, games, toys, souvenirs in the nature of programmes, albums, coins,and medals, printed materials, namely, brochures, greeting cards, diaries, note books and books, computer software, bags, home entertainment electronics, car audio electronics, personal digital assistants, eyeglasses, homewares, skin care preparations, perfumes, housewares, fuels, lubricants, hand tools, vehicles, jewellery, stationery, furniture, luggage, sporting equipment, ear protectors, headphones, food, drinks; retail sale of interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, and computer games; online retail services for interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, and computer games; retail sale of food
(2) Insurance; real estate affairs namely real estate investment, real estate management; credit bureaux; financial sponsorship of sporting events; hire-purchase financing; real estate consultancy; safe deposit services; issuance of credit cards; issuing of travellers' checks; financial guarantee and surety services; lease-purchase financing; capital investment; fund investment; financial clearinghouse services; financing of loans; insurance services; information services concerning financial analysis and insurance, provided from a computer database or via the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; financial guarantee services relating to the reimbursement of expenses incurred following a vehicle breakdown or a vehicle accident; bill payment services; credit card services; debit card services; financial analysis and research services; financial services namely provision of e-wallets and cryptocurrency; financial sponsorship of sporting and cultural events and activities; leasing of performance venue space
(3) Building construction; vehicle repair; vehicle maintenance; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; repair and maintenance of aircraft; vehicle polishing; refuelling and maintenance vehicle service stations; mining extraction; vehicle greasing; installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; installation of wind power systems; installation of solar power systems; installation of hydropower systems; pipeline construction and maintenance; installation and maintenance of hardware for computer networks; installation, maintenance and repair of vehicles; installations and repair of gasoline station equipment; vehicle lubrication; maintenance and repair of power stations; maintenance and repair of vehicle tires; maintenance and repair for the oil industry, namely consulting services for offshore oil and gas facility construction, rental of oil well drilling tools; vehicle cleaning; drilling of wells; gasoline refueling service for motor vehicles; retreading of tires; motor vehicle washing; repair of sports equipment; repair and maintenance of automobiles, tractor trailer (tractors) and other utility vehicles; repair and assembly or disassembly and maintenance of tires for vehicle wheels; repair or maintenance of electrical systems; installation, maintenance and repair services of electrical systems, computer hardware, computer networks, telecommunications networks; construction, repair, restoration, maintenance and installation services for heavy equipment; drilling services for oil and gas extraction; repair services of tires for vehicle wheels; services related to exploitation and production of oil, namely rental of drilling rigs; building construction supervision; anti-rust treatments for vehicles; vulcanization of tires (repair)
(4) News agency services; news agencies; leasing of broadcast apparatus for external broadcasting, namely screens; leasing satellite transmission capacity; radio broadcasting; communication by telephone; communication by telegraph; providing telecommunications connections to the Internet via a global computer network; radio and television broadcasting of programs relating to sports and sports events; cable television program broadcasting; radio broadcasting; broadcasting and transmission of analogue television, digital television, cable television, satellite television, pay-per-view television, interactive television and radio; radio broadcasting; television broadcasting; rental of cellular phones, fax machines, mobile phones, modems, telephones, video conferencing equipment; rental of facsimile machines; rental of telephones; rental of access time to music streaming websites on the Internet via a global computer network or via wireless electronic communication devices; rental of access time to global computer networks; rental of access time to a computer database in the field of sports; electronic mail; providing electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users on the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; providing access to real-time chat forums; communication by mobile telephone; telex services; internet service provider services; telecommunication services and consultancy namely mobile telephone communication services, personal communication services (PCS); telecommunication services, namely online retail sale by means of interactive communications with customers, namely providing electronic transmission of credit card transaction data and electronic payment data via a global computer network; teleconferencing services; mobile telephone services; videotext services and teletext services; paging services; providing access to websites offering digital music on the Internet via a global computer network or via wireless electronic communication devices; providing access to a multi-user network system giving information relating to betting and money games; providing access to a global computer network for the purpose of accessing online retail and wholesale store services; providing access to and leasing of access to electronic bulletin boards in the field of sports and online chat rooms in real time via a global computer network; providing access time to a global computer network (the Internet); providing internet access via a fibre-optic broadband network; providing access to global computer information networks for the transfer and dissemination of a wide range of information; providing online chat rooms for the transmission of messages, comments and multimedia content among users; cable television; transmission of data, namely digital text documents, digital photographs, computer graphics, videos featuring sports, movies, music, and downloadable and non-downloadable electronic sound recordings featuring voice messages, music recordings and audio recordings of live sports events via satellite transmission, microwave transmission, or a global computer network; electronic transmission of data namely digital text documents, digital photographs, computer graphics, videos featuring sports, movies, music, and downloadable and non-downloadable electronic sound recordings featuring voice messages, music recordings and audio recordings of live sports events via mobile telephone, telephone, facsimile machine and telex; transmission of data, namely digital text documents, digital photographs, computer graphics, videos featuring sports, movies, music, and downloadable and non-downloadable electronic sound recordings featuring voice messages, music recordings and audio recordings of live sports events by fiber optic cable or wireless computer networks; streaming of audio and video via the Internet featuring music, movies, news, and sports; providing electronic mail and instant messaging services; transmission of text messages and digital photographs via a global computer network; transmission of digital music via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; transmission of digital music via telecommunications; transmission of digital music via streaming websites; transmission of web pages of others via the Internet; facsimile transmission; on-line transmission of electronic publications, namely books and periodicals; real-time streaming of music and movies via the Internet; real-time streaming of digital music via mobile telephones; transmission and dissemination of television and radio programs via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; simulcast broadcasting and uploading of film recordings and music and videos featuring sports; simulcast broadcasting and uploading of interactive compact disks, CD-ROMs, computer programs containing musical sounds, entertainment-related audio, video, digital text and multimedia content, namely music, movies, television shows, music videos, news, sports and games and computer games; satellite television transmission; broadcasting of radio and television programs relating to sports and sporting events
(5) Packaging of articles for transportation; travel arrangement; transportation and storage of documents, messages, printed matter, parcels by land vehicles, boats and air; newspaper and book delivery; utility services transmission of electricity, water and natural gas; transportation of petroleum products by land vehicles, boats and air; warehousing of goods; rental of parking spaces; vehicle rental; travel arrangement; providing information related to the planning and bookings of car sharing and temporary parking services; providing information regarding passenger transportation services and bookings for passenger transportation by land vehicles, boat, or air via a website; tracking and tracing of packages in transit; travel agency services for arranging travel; courier services; gps navigation services; travel ticket reservation services; taxi transportation; travel tour operation services; freight forwarding services; transportation services by airplane, railway, bus and truck; boat travel services; tourist travel services; chauffeur services; transport of persons by aircraft, train, bus, truck or boat; transportation, storage and delivery of documents, messages, transportation of printed matter, parcels by land vehicles, boat or air; vehicle leasing
(6) Educational services in the field of automobile racing training; betting and gambling services on-line on the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; timing of sports events; operating night clubs; issuing of tickets for events, including motor sports events; entertainment in the form of movies, television shows, live theatrical performances and live performances relating to motor sports events; entertainment in the form of interactive live performances relating to motor sports events; practical training in the field of automobile racing; educational services in the field of automobile racing provided on-line from a computer database or via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; provision of entertainment information relating to motor sports, provided on-line from a computer database or via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; rental of music and movies for entertainment purposes; rental of movie projectors and their accessories; organization of sporting and cultural events and activities, namely motor races, concerts, and competitions relating to motor sport; organization of events relating to motor sport; organisation of exhibitions in relation to motor racing for cultural and educational purposes; organization of sports competitions, namely motor racing; arranging of beauty contests; organisation of computer games competitions; operating lotteries; arranging and conducting of musical concerts, conferences and training workshops in the field of automobile racing; operating amusement parks; party planning (entertainment); production of animated cartoons for the cinema, production of animated cartoons for television; production of programmes for radio, television and videotape; production, presentation, distribution and rental of film recordings and movies and music; provision of digital music (not downloadable); publication of books; publication of books and electronic journals on-line; reservation of entry tickets to sports or entertainment events; betting and gambling services relating to sports; entertainment services in the nature of customer reception services, namely corporate event planning; videotape editing; entertainment services in the form of public viewing of live and delayed broadcast of sports events; entertainment services in the nature of live performances at motor sports events; information services in the field of motor sport and live performances; audio and video recording services; electronic computer game services provided by means of the Internet or mobile telephones; ticket reservation services for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; entertainment in the form of prize draws; translation services; photographic reporting of sports events; provision of statistical information relating to motor sport; booking of seats for shows and sports events via a global computer network
(7) Design and development of computers and software; leasing of computers and computer software; upload, review and update of computer software for the electronic exchange of data and telecommunication networks for third parties; creation and maintenance of computer databases and software for database management; creating, compiling, maintaining and hosting internet web sites; design and development of wireless computer networks; design and development of computers and software; cloud computing provider services for general storage of data; installing and maintenance of computer software; hosting downloadable computer software to enable users to create and share text, documents, pictures, photos, movies, maps and roadmaps; temporary provision of non downloadable computer software online allowing users to access programs with audio content, video, text and other multimedia content, namely music, concerts, movies, radio, television, news, sporting events, games; computer disaster recovery planning; computer software consultancy; computer software design and development services; graphic arts designing; computer numerical and computer data download services, namely development and creation of computer programs for data processing; computer services that provide online web pages created according to customer needs and that offer user-specific information, including search engines and online web connections with news, information on sports; computer services that provide online web pages created according to the needs of customers and providing certain information to the user, including search engines and online web links to news, weather information, sports; hosting a website featuring an on-line community for registered users to participate in discussions, get feedback, form virtual communities, and engage in social networking services; services provided by an application service provider (ASP) featuring computer software for use in connection with subscription services for online music, software allowing users to play and program music, entertainment-related audio, video, digital text, multimedia content, namely music, movies, television shows, music videos, news, sports and games, and computer software featuring recordings of musical sounds, entertainment-related audio, video, digital text and multimedia content, namely music, movies, television shows, music videos, news, sports and games
(8) Services for providing food and drink namely food concession stands , street vending of food, and food preparation services, namely the preparation of pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals for take-out, and the preparation of meals for bars and restaurants; providing hotel accommodation; cafés; cafeterias; canteens; tourist inn services; information on hotel bookings; reservation of hotel and temporary lodgings, namely, rental of rooms as temporary living accommodations; hotel reservation; food and drink catering; restaurants; self-service restaurants; snack-bars; hospitality services namely restaurant services, bar services, catering services, hotel and motel services; bar services; fast food restaurant services; services provided by restaurant
(9) Social networking services


  • Priority Filing Date: August 14, 2017, Country or Office: ANDORRA, Application No. 32016 in association with the same kind of goods and in association with the same kind of services
  • Proposed Use in CANADA on goods (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15), (16) and on services (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(8)

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