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F1 FORMULA 1 Design

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La demande de marque a été acceptée par l’Office (elle satisfait aux exigences de dépôt minimales) et a été attribuée à un examinateur.




Formula One Licensing B.V.
Beursplein 37
3011 AA Rotterdam


40th FLOOR

Rubriques d'index

  • F1 FORMULA 1 F

Information sur les codes de Viennes (Code & Description)

Routes, carrefours, bifurcations
Lettres ou chiffres représentant un être humain ou une partie du corps humain, un animal ou une partie du corps d'un animal, un végétal, un corps céleste, un phénomène naturel ou un objet
A 27.3.15
Lettres ou chiffres représentant un objet
Chiffres présentant un graphisme spécial
A 27.7.11
Chiffres juxtaposés ou accolés à une lettre ou à un élément figuratif

Produits (Classe de Nice & Énoncé(s))

(1) Unexposed films; chemicals used in industry; tanning substances; artificial sweeteners; fluids for hydraulic circuits; transmission fluids; transmission, braking and hydraulic fluids; anti-freeze agents; coolants for vehicle engines
(2) Soaps; eau-de-Cologne; astringents for cosmetic purposes; cleaning chalk; conditioners; cosmetic creams; shaving creams, shaving gels; facial cleansing creams; shower gels and creams; skin care creams, beauty creams, moisturising creams; shoe waxes; polishing creams; deodorants and antiperspirants for personal use; incense; cosmetic pencils; sun care lotions; pre-shave and after-shave lotions; hair lotions, hair gels, hair creams, hair spray; decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; essential oils; eye shadows; perfumes; face powders; cosmetic preparations for baths; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations for household use, not being preparations for washing automobiles; make-up preparations; washing preparations; cleaning preparations; make-up removing preparations; oral care products, particularly including dentifrices, mouthwashes; cleansing products for the body, particularly including cleansing lotions, beauty masks, cleansing foam, cleansing creams, cleansing gels and cleansing milk; cleaning products; liquid soaps
(3) Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; fire-extinguishing apparatus; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; computer software; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; electric batteries for vehicles; loudspeakers; amplifiers; satellite dishes; precision measuring apparatus; navigation apparatus; projection apparatus; radios; vehicle radios; remote control apparatus; televisions apparatus; high definition television apparatus; cameras (photography); apparatus for recording, transmitting, editing, mixing and reproducing of sound and images; apparatus for reading digital music; data processing apparatus; speed measuring apparatus (photography); distance measuring apparatus; apparatus for verifying data of cards magnetically encoded; time recording apparatus; telephones apparatus; personal digital assistants (PDAs); earphones; earphones and headsets for cellular telephones; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; rechargeable batteries; binoculars; electronic notebooks, diaries and agendas; directional compasses; cables, electric; automated teller machines; cameras (cinematographic cameras); video cameras; cameras and camera accessory cases and straps, batteries; headphones; protective helmets for sports; video game cassettes; mouse pads; photovoltaic cells; chips (integrated circuits); answering machines; converters, electric; cords for sunglasses and glasses; cellular telephone straps; smoke detectors; slides (photography); video game discs; liquid crystal displays; electric door devices that facilitate remote opening and closing; electric apparatus for remote ignition; portable electronic storage devices: 'thumbs', 'drives' 'jump drives', USB keys and other storage memory information devices; ticket dispensers; hands free kits for phones; scanners (data processing equipment); carrying cases adapted for cellular telephones; containers for contact lenses; exposed films; flash bulbs (photography); photocopiers; cellular telephone covers; 'karaoke' recorders and players; gloves for protection against accidents; holograms; magnets; decorative magnets; printers for use with computers; speed indicators; alarms; cassette players; portable cassette players; portable CD players; CD players; mini-disc players; DVD players; MP3 players; contact lenses; eyeglasses; video recorders; computer carrying cases; windsocks for indicating wind direction; pressure gauges; electronic maps; calculating machines; money counting and sorting machines; dictating machines; credit card reading machines; money delivery machines; pressure measuring apparatus; microphones; modems; monitors (computer hardware); monitors (computer programs); computers; memory sticks; solar panels; computer screens; plasma screens; protective screens; flat screens; downloadable ringtones and graphic representations for cellular telephones; magnetic identification bracelets; processors (central processing units); data processors; software; software for games; computer programmes (programs), recorded; computer programs and database; electronic publications; electronic publications (downloadable); electronic publications downloadable from Internet; portable radios; mouse (data processing equipment); audio-receivers and video-receivers; pressure indicators; clothing for protection against fire; semi-conductors; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; home cinema systems; computer software for editing, downloading, transmitting, receiving, creating, playing, extracting, encoding, decoding, displaying, storing and organizing text, graphics, images, electronic publications; computer software, particularly software for transmission, recording, reproduction, visualization, organization, management, manipulation and review messages, text, images, archives, audio-visual and audio and video content, and other data to facilitate communications between two or multiple users via the global computer network; ear plugs for divers; chip cards; memory cards; integrated circuit cards (smart cards); magnetic cards (encoded); identity cards, magnetic; magnetic encoded mobile cards; cards containing a computer chip with integrated circuit; computer keyboards; keyboards for cellular telephones; facsimile machines; smartphones; portable telephones; electronic pocket translators; transceivers; cathode ray tubes; x-rays tubes not for medical purposes; anti-glare glasses; protection goggles; sunglasses; computer disc drives; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; video discs, video tapes, magnetic tapes, magnetic discs, DVDs, floppy discs, optical discs, compact discs, mini-discs, CD-ROMs, all the aforementioned being blank or pre-recorded with music, sound or images (which may be animated); camcorders; video telephones; anti-dazzle shades; integrated circuits
(4) Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes; lamps; air conditioning apparatus; water filtering apparatus; electric hair dryers; electric laundry dryers; drying apparatus; barbecue; light bulbs; stoves; electric kettles; electric coffee machines; freezers; electric cookers; gas stoves; kitchen ranges (ovens); drinking water fountains; microwave ovens; ovens, other than for experimental purposes; electric deep fryers; grills (cooking appliances); table lamps; incandescent lamps; pocket searchlights; lanterns for lighting; lighting fixtures; decorative lamps; bicycle lights; lamp shades; solar collectors for heating; refrigerators; toilet seats; electric toasters; flashlights; electric fans for personal use
(5) Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; vehicles; vehicle accessories; non-skid devices for vehicle tires; motor buses; automobiles; aeroplanes; bicycles; air pumps (vehicle accessories); bicycle bells; anti-skid chains; inner tubes for pneumatic tires; vans; trucks; caravans; treads for retreading tires; safety belts for vehicle seats; spikes for tires; casings for pneumatic tires; tire covers; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; motor racing cars; baby carriages (strollers); windshield wipers; seat covers for vehicles; vehicle covers (shaped); covers for vehicle steering wheels; vans air balloons; airships; hubcaps; rims for vehicle wheels; motorcycles; engines for land vehicles; scooters (vehicles); hubcaps; luggage carriers for vehicles; ski carriers for cars; trailers (vehicles); rear-view mirrors; vehicle wheels; safety seats for children (for vehicles); bicycle bells; boats; valves for vehicle tires; electric vehicles; refrigerated vehicles; utility vehicles; adhesive rubber-patches for repairing inner tubes
(6) Jewellery, trinkets (jewellery), precious stones; precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes; horological and chronometric instruments; ornaments (jewellery); ornamental pins for hats, pins (jewellery); brooches (jewellery); tie pins; amulets (jewellery); rings (jewellery); earrings; articles for smokers in precious metals; bracelets (jewellery); key rings (trinkets or fobs); novelty key holders, straps for keys; cufflinks; necklaces (jewellery); stopwatches; sculptures; statuettes of precious metal; figurines (statuettes) of precious metal; jewellery; medals; commemorative medals of precious metal, medallions (jewellery); medallions not of precious metal; coins; semi-precious stones; gems (precious stones); pendulums (watchmaking); charms (jewellery); commemorative plates, trophies, statues of precious metal; watch straps; watches; clocks; wristwatches; electric clocks; pendulums (clock); tie clips
(7) Clothing, footwear, headgear; coats; waistcoats; stadium vests (marking vests); bathing suits; bath robes; hats; caps; boots; scarves; shoes and footwear; shirts; headbands; belts; caps; neckties; aprons; sweatshirts; braces for clothing; skirts; shawls; bandanas (neckerchiefs); caps; knitted caps; gloves; waterproof clothing; jackets; blazers; sports jackets; pullovers; sleeveless pullovers; sweaters; underwear; garters; bathing suits; socks and stockings; trousers; shorts; pyjamas; bibs, not of paper; knitwear (clothing); wrist bands; kimonos; vests; suits for infants and children; shoes; sports shoes; t-shirts; singlets; sandals; uniforms; clothing; dresses; bathing suits; motorists' clothing; cap peaks; shawls; none of the aforementioned goods intended or adapted for use in an orthopedic or therapeutic setting, for orthopedic or therapeutic muscle or joint support, or as orthopedic or therapeutic compression or anti-embolism products.
(8) Decorations for Christmas trees; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; games, toys and playthings; golf tees; golf accessories; apparatus for gymnastics; electronic games apparatus adapted for use with television sets; electronic games apparatus other than those adapted for use with television sets; electronic game apparatus with liquid crystal displays; electronic games apparatus, accessories for electronic games apparatus; video game machines; handheld video games apparatus; apparatus for games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; articles for gymnastics and sports; play balloons; party hats (toys) of paper; golf clubs; lottery tickets to scratch; balls for play; sporting bags and containers adapted for carrying sports articles; golf bags with or without wheels; fairground ride apparatus; golf club head covers; confetti; gaming consoles; voice-adapted or hand-operated game controllers; kites; golf gloves; games and playthings; automatic games (machines) of pre-payment; playing cards; board games; portable games with liquid crystal display; games and playthings; inflatable toys; toys for pets; robots (toys) for entertainment; joysticks for video games; foam hands (toys); play and entertainment machine started by the introduction of coins; video game machines; electronic video game machines for game rooms; slot machines; automatic amusement machines; ground markers, ball markers; scale model vehicles; skate boards; plush dolls; joystick for game consoles; toy scooters; roller skates; plush toys; balls for games; puzzles; rackets; tables for indoor football; jigsaw puzzles; toy vehicles; remote control toy vehicles; none of the aforementioned goods intended or adapted for use in an orthopedic or therapeutic setting, for orthopedic or therapeutic muscle or joint support, or as orthopedic or therapeutic compression or anti-embolism products.
(9) Meat; fish; poultry; game; meat extracts; cooked fruits and vegetables; canned fruits and vegetables; frozen fruits and vegetables; frozen meat, fish and poultry; edible oils and fats; potato chips; French fries; processed nuts; jams; jellies; fish and meat preserves; milk, milk drink products; yoghurt drinks; milk shakes; dairy products; cheese; soya milk (milk substitute)
(10) Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages and fruit juices; beers; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; mineral and aerated waters; other non-alcoholic beverages; fruit and vegetable drinks; energy drinks; enriched drinks with added vitamins; frozen fruit drinks; hypertonic drinks; hypotonic drinks; isotonic drinks; non-alcoholic beverages; beverages containing vitamins; beers; non-alcoholic beers; ales; lagers; concentrates, syrups and powders for making non-alcoholic beverages; fruit and vegetable juices

Services (Classe de Nice & Énoncé(s))

(1) Business administration; business management; advertising; office functions; advertising agencies- publicity agencies; search for financial sponsorship in relation to motor sport events; compilation and recording of data and information on sports performances; dissemination of advertising matter; compilation of statistics; marketing study services; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising time to any means of communication; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; presentation of goods on any communication media for retail services; benefits programs for clients; loyalty, incentive and bonus programs for customers at sports venues by means of distributing loyalty and encoded member cards which may hold personal user data; promotion (advertising) of events, sports, cultural and leisure activities; promoting goods and services of others by means of issuing of loyalty reward cards for supporters, containing personal information on the identity of the card holder and enabling control of access to sports stadiums (ticket office services); promotion of the goods and services of third parties; promotion of third parties through ads (sponsors); sales promotion, namely implementing preferential programs for customers; provision of space on websites for advertising of goods and services; providing online business directories in relation to the reservation of temporary lodgings, and the rankings, ratings, reviews, referrals and recommendations in relation to reservation of temporary lodgings; on-line advertising on a computer network; advertising for sports events; television advertising, radio advertising; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of various goods (except the transportation thereof) including sporting equipment, clothing, games, toys, souvenirs, printed matter, books and computer software (excluding the transport thereof) in order to give customers the opportunity to view and purchase those goods conveniently in a store or via a global computer network (the Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; sponsorship search; compilation of advertisements and information for use in a web page or a web page in relation to an electronic network or Internet; compilation of information into computer databases namely still or animated images; collection of directories for publication on the Internet and on a wireless electronic communication network; compilation of information into computer databases; commercial administration services for processing commercial services on a global computer network (Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; promotional agency services for sports and public relations; services of an advertising agency on a global computer network (the Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; electronic commerce services (E-commerce), namely making product information available via telecommunication networks for advertising and sales purposes; promotion services provided by a commercial company through a customer loyalty card; promotion services that belong to this class, including services promotional with incentive schemes and loyalty programs; advertising and promotional services, information services concerning advertising and promotion, all the aforesaid services being provided on-line from a computer data bank or via a global computer network (the Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; marketing research services; services for retailing of solvents, paraffin, waxes, bitumen and gasoline; promotional services; systemization of information into computer databases; opinion polling; auctioneering on a global computer network (the Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; retailing of goods of all kinds; retailing of interactive educational and entertainment products, interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, and computer games; retailing, particularly on a global computer network, of interactive educational and entertainment products, interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, and computer games
(2) Insurance; financial affairs; real estate affairs; monetary affairs; credit bureaux; financial sponsorship; hire-purchase financing; home banking services; private banking; real estate consultancy; safe deposits; issuance of credit cards; issuing of travellers' checks; Guarantees- Surety services; leasing financing; Guarantees- Surety services; capital investment; fund investment; vehicle leasing; clearing (financial)- clearing-houses (financial); loans (financing); banking services; banking services via the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; insurance services; information services concerning finance and insurance, provided from a computer database or via the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; telephone banking services; financial guarantee services relating to the reimbursement of expenses incurred following a vehicle breakdown or a vehicle accident; payment services; credit card services; debit card services; financial services; financial services including e-wallets and cryptocurrency
(3) Telecommunications; news agency services; news agencies; leasing of broadcast apparatus for external broadcasting; leasing of telecommunications installations; communication by radio; communication by telephone; communication by telegraph; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network or to internet or databases; radio and television broadcasting of programs relating to sports and sports events; cable television program broadcasting; radio broadcasting; distribution and transmission of analogue television, digital television, cable television, satellite television, pay-per-view television, interactive television, interactive entertainment and interactive competitions and radio; radio broadcasting; television broadcasting; rental of telecommunication equipment; rental of facsimile machines; rental of telephones; rental of access time to music streaming websites on the Internet via a global computer network or via wireless electronic communication devices; rental of access time to a database server centre (telecommunication services); rental of access time to a computer database (telecommunication services); electronic mail; operating of discussion groups on the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; providing access to data communication servers and real-time chat forums; providing connections for telecommunications with a global computer network (the Internet) or with data banks; broadcasting; communication by mobile telephone; telex services; service provider services via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network (telecommunication services); telecommunication services and consultancy; telecommunication services for the booking of tickets via the internet; telecommunication services dedicated to retail sales by means of interactive communications with customers; telecommunication services for receiving and exchanging information, messages, images and data; teleconferencing services; mobile telephone services; videotext and teletext transmission services; paging services (radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication);; providing access to websites offering digital music on the Internet via a global computer network or via wireless electronic communication devices; providing access to a multi-user network system giving information relating to betting and money games and internet-based services and other global networks; providing access to a global computer network or interactive communications technologies for access to private and commercial purchasing and ordering services; providing access to and leasing of access to computer bulletin boards and chat rooms in real time via a global computer network; providing access time to a global computer network (the Internet) or via wireless electronic communication devices; telecommunication via a fibre-optic network; telecommunication of computer information (including websites) and other data; multimedia telecommunication; cable television; transmission of information (including sites on data communication networks) via telecommunication; information transmission via communication satellite, microwave or by electronic, digital or analogue means; transmission of information via mobile telephone, telephone, facsimile machine and telex; transmission of digital information by cable, wire or fibre; streaming; electronic message transmission; computer aided transmission of messages and images; transmission of digital music via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; transmission of digital music via telecommunications; transmission of digital music via streaming websites; transmission of commercial Internet pages online or via wireless electronic communication devices; facsimile transmission; on-line transmission of electronic publications; real-time streaming of video and audio material via the Internet; real-time streaming of digital music via mobile telephones; transmission and dissemination of television and radio programs via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; simulcast broadcasting and/or uploading of film recordings and sound and video recordings; simulcast broadcasting and/or uploading of interactive educational and entertainment products, interactive compact disks, CD-ROMs, computer programs and computer games (telecommunications); satellite transmission
(4) Packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement; transport; packaging of goods; newspaper, review and book delivery; distribution (delivery) of films and sound and image recordings; distribution (delivery) of interactive educational and entertainment products, interactive compact disks, CD-ROMs, computer programs and computer games; distribution of water, heat, gas and electricity; distribution of water; distribution of electricity; distribution of tickets; distribution of petroleum products; packaging of goods; warehousing of goods; rental of parking spaces; vehicle rental; travel organization and reservation; providing information related to the planning and bookings of car sharing and temporary parking services; providing information regarding transportation services and bookings for transportation services via a website; tracking and locating of goods and parcels in transit; travel agency services for arranging travel; courier services; satellite navigation services; travel ticket reservation services; taxi transportation; travel tour operation services; freight forwarding services; transportation services by airplane, railway, bus and truck; boat travel services; tourist travel services; chauffeur services; postal services; transport of persons by aircraft, train, bus, truck or boat; transportation, storage and delivery of letters, documents, messages, printed matter, parcels and other goods by land, sea or air
(5) Sporting and cultural activities; education; entertainment; providing of training; betting and gaming services on-line on the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; radio or television coverage of sports events; timing of sports events; operating night clubs; distribution of sound and images recordings via the internet; entertainment; education; issuing of tickets for events, including motor sports events; entertainment through films, television and performances and shows in direct; interactive entertainment; practical training (demonstration); education information provided on-line from a computer database or via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; entertainment information (including in connection with sport), provided on-line from a computer database or via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; rental of sound and picture recordings for entertainment purposes; rental of video and audio-visual installations; offering digital music via telecommunications; organization of sporting and cultural events and activities; organization of events relating to motor sport; organisation of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; organization of sports competitions; arranging contests; arranging of beauty contests; organisation of computer games competitions; operating lotteries; arranging and conducting of concerts, conferences and training workshops; operating amusement parks; party planning (entertainment); providing sports facilities; providing recreation facilities; production of animated cartoons for the cinema, production of animated cartoons for television; production of programmes for radio, television and videotape; production, presentation, distribution and/or rental of film recordings and sound and video recordings; provision of digital music (not downloadable); publication of books; publication of books and electronic journals on-line; reservation of entry tickets to sports or entertainment events; betting and gaming services relating to sports; customer reception services (entertainment services); editing services; entertainment services in the form of public viewing of live and delayed broadcast of sports events; entertainment services in connection with sports events; information services concerning sports events or entertainment; hospitality services; audio and video recording services; electronic games services provided by means of the Internet or mobile telephones; ticket reservation services for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; prize draws services; provision of entertainment facilities; translation services; photographic services; provision of sports information relating to statistical information; providing facilities for sports events
(6) Services for providing food and drink; providing hotel accommodation; cafés; cafeterias; canteens; tourist homes; information on hotel bookings; temporary accommodation reservation; hotel reservation; food and drink catering; restaurants; self-service restaurants; snack-bars; hospitality services; hospitality services in particular providing of suites in relation to the provision of food and drink for sporting or entertainment events, both on and off site sports facilities; bar services; fast food restaurant services; services provided by restaurant


  • Proposed Use in CANADA

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