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La demande de marque a été acceptée par l’Office (elle satisfait aux exigences de dépôt minimales) et n’a pas encore été attribuée à un examinateur.




Inuit Art Foundation
Centre of Social Innovation
215 Spadina Avenue
Suite 400

Rubriques d'index


Produits (Classe de Nice & Énoncé(s))

(1) Statues, busts and works of art of common metal
(2) Blades for knives; butcher knives; chef knives; filleting knives; fish knives; fish scalers; fish scoops; hand held cutting tools; hand saws; hand tools; hand-operated food dicers; harpoons; hatchets; hobby knives; household knives; instruments and tools for skinning animals; knife bags; knife handles of metal; knives for hobby use; knives made of precious metal; machetes; pocket knives; sewing scissors; spears; spears for use in fishing; sport knives; utility knives
(3) Agate jewellery; agates; amulets; amulets being jewellery; ankle bracelets; ankle chains; anklet jewellery; bands for watches; bands for wristwatches; bangle bracelets; beads for making jewellery; beads for making jewelry; beads for use in the manufacture of jewellery; beads for use in the manufacture of jewelry; bracelet charms; bracelets; bracelets for watches; bracelets for wristwatches; bracelets of precious metal; bronze jewellery; buckles for watch bands; busts of precious metal; busts of precious metals; cabochons; cabochons for making jewellery; cases adapted to contain items of jewellery; chains of precious metal for bracelets; charms for key rings; charms in precious metals or coated therewith; children's jewellery; chokers; clasps for jewellery; clasps for jewelry; clip earrings; clip-on earrings; cloisonné jewellery; cloisonné jewelry; cloisonné pins; costume jewellery; cuff links; cuff links and tie clips; cuff links made of precious metal; cuff links of precious metal; cufflinks; custom jewellery; custom jewelry; ear clips; ear studs; earring posts; earrings; earrings of precious metal; fancy key chains of precious metal; fancy key rings of precious metal; fancy keyrings of precious metals; figures of precious metal; figurines made from gold; figurines made from silver; friendship bracelets; gems; gemstone; gemstones; glass jewellery; gold; gold alloy ingots; gold bracelets; gold earrings; gold jewellery; gold necklaces; gold rings; gold thread jewellery; gold thread jewelry; grave markers of precious metal; hat jewellery; hat jewelry; ingots of precious metal; ingots of precious metals; ivory jewellery; ivory jewelry; jade; jade jewellery; jewel boxes; jewel cases; jewel cases of precious metal; jewel chains; jewel pendants; jewellery; jewellery and imitation jewellery; jewellery and precious stones; jewellery and watches; jewellery boxes; jewellery boxes of leather; jewellery boxes of metal; jewellery boxes of precious metal; jewellery bracelets; jewellery brooches; jewellery cases; jewellery cases of precious metal; jewellery caskets; jewellery caskets of precious metal; jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets; jewellery chains; jewellery chains of precious metal for bracelets; jewellery charms; jewellery clasps; jewellery for children; jewellery for men; jewellery for the head; jewellery hat pins; jewellery lockets; jewellery made of crystal; jewellery made of glass; jewellery made of plastics; jewellery of yellow amber; jewellery pearls; jewellery pins; jewellery plated with precious metals; jewellery presentation boxes; jewellery rings; jewellery rolls; jewellery rolls for storage; jewellery rolls for travel; jewellery watches; jewelry; jewelry and imitation jewelry; jewelry boxes; jewelry brooches; jewelry cases; jewelry cases of precious metal; jewelry caskets of precious metal; jewelry chains; jewelry charms; jewelry clips for adapting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings; jewelry dishes; jewelry findings; jewelry for the head; jewelry hat pins; jewelry of yellow amber; jewelry organizer cases; jewelry rings; jewelry stickpins; jewels; key chains; key chains of common metal; key chains of imitation leather; key chains of leather; key chains of metal; key chains of precious metal; key chains with trinkets or decorative fobs; lapel badges of precious metal; lapel pins; medallions; medals and medallions; men's jewellery; metal jewellery; model figures ornaments of precious metal; opal; opals; ornamental hat pins; ornamental pins; palladium; palladium alloys; paste jewellery; pendants; pin badges of precious metal; pins being jewellery; platinum; precious and semi-precious stones; precious gemstones; precious metals; precious stones; religious statues of precious metal; rings being jewellery; rings coated with precious metals; rings of precious metal; sapphire; sapphires; sculptures made of precious metal; sculptures of precious metal; silver; silver alloy ingots; silver alloys; silver bracelets; silver earrings; silver figurines; silver jewellery; silver jewelry; silver necklaces; silver rings; small jewellery boxes of precious metal; small jewellery boxes of precious metals; spinel; statues of precious metal; statues of precious metal and their alloys; statues of precious metal of religious icons; statues of precious metals; statuettes of precious metal; statuettes of precious metal and their alloys; tiaras; toe rings; unworked gold; wedding bands; wedding rings; women's jewellery; women's jewelry; wooden bead bracelets; wooden jewellery boxes; wooden jewelry boxes; works of art of precious metal; works of art of precious metals
(4) Art paper; art pictures; art prints; ball pens; books; children's books; children's storybooks; collages; colour print; colouring books; comics; craft patterns; educational books; framed artwork; framed pictures; graphic art prints; graphic novels; graphic prints; greeting cards; greetings cards; greetings cards and postcards; handbooks; histological sections for teaching purposes; knitting patterns; manuals; maps; murals; note books; note cards; notebooks; notepads; oleographs; painting sets; paintings; patterns for dressmaking; reference books; wall calendars
(5) Animal game bags; animal hides; animal leads; animal skins; animal skins and hides; athletic bags; baby carriers worn on the body; baby carrying bags; back packs; backpacks; backpacks, book bags, sports bags, bum bags, wallets and handbags; backpacks for carrying babies; bags for carrying animals; bags made of leather; bags of leather; briefcases; briefcases for documents; briefcase-type portfolios; business card cases; canes; canes and walking sticks; choke chains; coin purses made of leather; coin purses of precious metal; cosmetic bags; daypacks; diaper bags; duffel bags; duffel bags for travel; duffle bags; duffle bags for travel; fashion handbags; fur; fur pelts; furs; furs sold in bulk; fur-skins; gentlemen's handbags; gentlemens handbags; hides; hunting bags; leads for animals; leads for dogs; leads for pets; leather; leather and imitation leather; leather and imitation leather bags; leather and imitations of leather; leather attaché cases; leather bags; leather bags and wallets; leather bags for packaging; leather cases; leather cases for keys; leather coin purses; leather for harnesses; leather for shoes; leather handbags; leather purses; leather travelling bags; luggage; luggage and trunks; make-up bags; make-up bags sold empty; multi-purpose purses; multipurpose purses; name card cases; purses; purses and wallets; raw hides; raw skins; rawhides; satchels; shopping bags made of skin; sling bags for carrying babies; sling bags for carrying infants; slings for carrying infants; small backpacks; small bags for men; small clutch purses; small handbags; small purses; souvenir bags; suitcases; tanned leather; wallets including card holders; wallets of precious metal; wallets with card compartments
(6) Balsa wood; busts of concrete; busts of marble; busts of stone; decorative glass for building; earthenware tiles; figurines of concrete; figurines of marble; figurines of stone; pottery clay; quartz; semi-worked wood; statuettes in stone, concrete and marble; statuettes of concrete; statuettes of marble; statuettes of stone; stone sculptures; wood for making household utensils
(7) Animal claws; animal hooves; animal horns; animal teeth; bamboo; boxes of wood and plastic; boxes of wood or plastic; camping furniture; carvings; coral; fishing baskets; furniture for camping; gun racks; mannequins; seat cushions; statues of bone; statues of ivory; statues of plaster; stuffed animals; stuffed birds; unworked and partly worked animal bone; unworked and semi-worked horn; unworked or partly worked coral; unworked or partly worked ivory; unworked or partly worked material shells; whalebones; wood carvings
(8) Animal hair; coarse animal hairs; down feathers; down feathers for stuffing material; down feathers for use as stuffing; rabbit hair; raw textile fibers; snare nets; twine; twine for nets
(9) Angora thread; angora thread and yarn; embroidery thread; knitting wool; knitting yarn; metal thread for embroidery; sewing thread
(10) Afghans; blanket throws; blankets; blankets for children; duvets; eiderdown covers; eiderdown quilts; furniture coverings of textile; hand spun silk fabrics; infants' bed linen; kits comprised of fabrics for making quilts; knit fabrics; knitted fabrics; nylon fabric; pennants of textile; quilt covers; quilts; quilts filled with down; quilts of textile; silk cloth; silk cotton; silk fabric; silk fabrics; throws; velvet; velvet fabric; wall hangings of textile; woollen cloth; woollen fabric; woollen fabrics
(11) Anoraks; athletic apparel; athletic clothing; athletic footwear; baby booties; baby clothes; baby clothing; business attire; business clothing; children's clothing; children's footwear; coats; coats for men; coats for men and women; coats for women; down jackets; dress clothing; dress pants; dress shirts; dress skirts; ear muffs; earmuffs; fashion hats; fishing clothing; fur coats and jackets; fur hats; fur jackets; fur muffs; fur stoles; infant clothing; infant footwear; infants' boots; infants' shoes; infants' shoes and boots; jackets; mittens; mukluks; outdoor winter clothing; outdoor winter footwear; outerwear jackets; rainwear; shawls; shell jackets; shirts; slippers; snow boots; snow pants; snow suits; sports footwear; suit vests; suits; t-shirts; waterproof jackets; waterproof jackets and pants; waterproof pants
(12) Arm bands; armbands; barrettes; beads for handicraft work; decorative charms for mobile telephones; embroidered emblems; embroidered patches; embroidered patches for clothing; embroidery; embroidery for garments; frills for clothing; hair clamps; hair clips; hair pieces
(13) Dolls; fabric dolls; fish hooks; fishing hooks; fishing lure spoons; fishing lures; hand-held fishing nets; lures for fishing; lures for hunting; snow sleds; stuffed dolls; toy figures; toy figurines

Texte de la marque de certification

Carvings made by Inuit of Canada, principally in stone and ivory, but also in wood, bone and antlers; also dolls, wall-hangings, wool tapestries, parkas, mittens, duffle socks, baskets, seal-skin and caribou skin boots, traditional and contemporary fine arts and crafts, prints, sculptures, drawings, paintings, fibre arts, games, textile Arts, collages, conceptual art, installations, ceramics and jewellery

Historique des actions

Action Date de l'action Date d'échéance Commentaires
Produite 2019-06-17
Créé 2019-06-18
Formalisée 2019-06-25
Note au dossier 2020-02-06 Notification of third-party rights received on January 29, 2020.
Lettre d'évaluation préalable envoyée 2022-04-12 Goods or Services Not Acceptable
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