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Dear Mr. Tony Clement

Hi my name is Kirk Bannister

I am writing to you today because I am gravely concerned about the recent desire from the Federal Government to change the Copy Right Laws in Canada. From my understanding the government is close to introducing new copy right laws into Canada. There are concerns that this legislation will mirror the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) The DMCA has harsh anti consumer laws that criminalizes many activities that Canadians, especially young Canadians do on a daily basis.

Some of these activities include transferring music to their iPods, making a personal copy of their music, downloading music online, using time shifting devices. Other issues Canadians have are things like DRM (Digital Rights Management), DRM being technology that restricts the uses the product has to the consumer. The current copyright laws need only to be updated to protect the privacy of Canadians as well help Artists. I as well as many other Canadians consider this an election issue. Canadians have no intention putting up with a Made-in-America version of the DMCA. This is not only a method to prop up failed business models but an American solution being pushed on Canada. I Myself Download music and movies, I personally prefer to Download Classical music, techno, oldies and a lot of 80's to 90's music. I do not share my music with people, accept if they come into my home, I will have it playing. As far as movies are concerned, I download them, and if I like the movie, I will buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. Under no Circumstances do I make copies for anyone nor do I sell them. I am also a musician, and I don't care that people download my music, I make it openly available for the public to download. As a musician, I am not about making money, I am about having people listen to my music, it makes me happy if one of my songs makes someone else happy, gives them a good feeling inside.

What I don't understand, is the Liberal Party a few years back, made it so if you buy any Blank CD/DVD media, a small levy was attached to the purchase price of them, and was supposed to be used for Artists and Actors, as a way to pay them for us to download/Copy DVD's and CD's. Was this money not going to them, was the government taking this money and using it for themselves, I sure hope not.

Just a Suggestion, and I would be more than willing to do this, why doesn't the government, talk with the ISP's in Canada, Like Shaw, Telus, Bell, Rogers, and work out a deal with them, to charge people an extra $10, $20, or even $25 a month on each persons internet bill, and still allow us to download as we please, and that money that we pay extra, be taken and given to the Music, movie, and software companies. I for one would be more than willing to do that, Considering they seem to think they are losing money, when they really aren't losing anything. I have friends in high places too, and what we hear on the news, and what the government is being told, is quite literally B.S. These companies aren't losing really any more money than they were 10 to 20 years ago. Something else the government may not be aware of that I am, is that DVD/CD Burners and the software needed to use them, was actually created by Hollywood, and those Music companies, they saw it as a way of allowing people to make back up copies of there product. Also Programs such as Limewire, believe it or not was Created by Universal studios. So if anyone is to blame for it, blame them.

I hope that you defend the average Canadians and not the big media companies. It is not just Canadians who oppose these laws, Canadian artists, as well as Canadian recording companies are opposing these laws. Canadians have no desire for the government or corporations to ignore or diminish our rights.

Canada is known around the world for being a creative, democratic, fair nation, I hope that the Government of Canada will reflect those values in the solution for the issues at hand.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.


Mr. Kirk E. Bannister