Choose science

Did you know that of all Canadians working in STEM, only 22% are women?
People see the world in many different ways,
so we need everyone's ideas to solve the world's biggest problems.

Make STEM a part of your vocabulary

S is for science. Scientists study the world around us, but many others also use science in everyday life, like artists, designers, and community builders.

T is for technology. You might be thinking computer programming, but video producers, digital marketing experts and graphic designers are all about tech, too.

E is for engineering. You may have heard of electrical or mechanical engineers, but how about environmental engineers? They're the guardians of our water, air and soil.

M is for math. Statisticians crunch the numbers, but people who design roller coasters, robots or airplanes need to know all the angles.

Why wait? Choose science right now.

Why wait? You can be a scientist today. No special training is required to be a citizen scientist. Whether it's snapping a pic of a tree in your neighbourhood or measuring rainfall in your backyard, your contribution to citizen science can help make a brighter future for us all.

#ChooseScience everyday

I am here to support you

Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science

One of my goals is to encourage more young women to be curious, to challenge the norm and be fearless in their pursuit of their dreams. Take every exciting opportunity that comes your way. Choose to be curious. Choose science.  

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