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Connecting Canadians: How it works

We are checking with Canadians and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to see where broadband access is needed.

Once all of the underserved communities have been identified, we will issue a call for applications to ISPs.

Selected ISPs will get funding to help connect communities that need better broadband service.

The wireless or wired infrastructure will be put in place.

Households will be able to subscribe to broadband services through ISPs.

98% of Canadian households will have access to at least 5 Mbps.

What does 5 Mbps mean for Canadians.

For small companies, it means access to a world of opportunities.

For bigger companies, it means access to enterprise cloud-based solutions.

For students, it means access to world-class education without having to leave home.

For patients, it means better access to medical experts.

For families, it means being together even when far apart.

Connecting Canadians is a Government of Canada program to help households in rural and remote areas get access to high-speed internet (5 Mbps).