Connecting Canadians – Digital Canada 150


(Music up)

(Video of train winding through a snowy forest, with mountains in the background)

Female voice-over: In the past, when we talked about Connecting Canadians, the conversation involved roads and railways.

(Video of an old locomotive pulling into a station shot head-on; live-action video transforms into an animated locomotive with high-speed internet written across its front.)

But as we approach our country's 150th anniversary, the ties that bind us are increasingly digital.

(A title screen appears overtop an animated Canadian countryside bordered by water on the right and left and mountains in the background. The Government of Canada signature and Canada wordmark appear at the top and bottom of the screen.)

Text on screen:
Connecting Canadians
Digital Canada 150

(Camera zooms into the animated countryside through trees and comes to a village at the base of mountains with the coast on the left.)

In 2014, the Government of Canada created Connecting Canadians—a program that came with the promise of high-speed Internet access for rural and remote communities from coast to coast to coast.

Now, we're making that promise a reality.

(As the camera pans to the right, lights begin to glow from the homes in the village. Camera keeps panning right and then zooms out to show a lake, forests and farms with the coast on the right.)

Connecting Canadians will bring high-speed Internet to over 350,000 more homes across the country.

(Circular graphics pop out of the countryside depicting Canadians connecting to the Internet on tablets.)

It will help Canadians in rural regions access basic tools like YouTube or FaceTime and cloud computing programs, among all the other benefits Canadians in urban regions enjoy today.

(Camera zooms into one of the graphics, which transforms into live-action video of a man and woman using a tablet in the kitchen.)

It means small towns that used to have slow Internet connections—or no connection at all—will now have access to the faster speeds they need to take full advantage of new e-commerce, distance education or employment opportunities.

(The next video shows a woman seated at a counter in front of her laptop while a man in the background looks at his smartphone.)

This will help businesses find new customers.

(The last video shows grandparents and grandson using a tablet to video chat outdoors. It transforms back into a circular graphic, which fades out over the animated countryside as the camera zooms out.)

It will bring us closer to our families and will create new opportunities for Canadians who didn't have them before.

(Fireworks explode over countryside as camera zooms out and title screen reappears.)

Text on screen:
Connecting Canadians
Digital Canada 150

By the time we celebrate our nation's 150th birthday, Canada will be better connected than ever before.

You asked; we delivered.

(Canada wordmark)

(Music ends)

End of transcript