The Strategy

Version 2.0—Digital Canada 150 2.0

The Government of Canada has been actively implementing Digital Canada 150 initiatives since launching the strategy in the spring of 2014. All of the initial 39 initiatives announced have been implemented or are in progress.

Digital Canada 150 version 2.0 outlines achievements and progress over the past year and includes 31 new initiatives that build on the Government's successful measures for a more connected Canada.

The updated strategy is the result of consultations and dialogue with digital leaders across the country on how to help Canada remain connected and competitive and be a leader in the global digital economy.

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Digital Canada 150

Version 1.0—Digital Canada 150

Digital Canada 150 represents a comprehensive approach to ensuring Canada can take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital age. It envisions a country of connected citizens armed with the skills they need to succeed.

The Government plays a key role in ensuring that consumers are protected and action is taken to end price discrimination. We have introduced measures to protect Canadians and their families while encouraging healthy competition and lower consumer prices.

By Canada's 150th birthday in 2017, our vision is for a thriving digital Canada, underscored by five key pillars: connecting Canadians, protecting Canadians, economic opportunities, digital government and Canadian content.

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Digital Canada 150

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