How to Get Involved?

The IRB Policy provides an opportunity for Canadian industry to gain access to the domestic and export markets of multi-national companies from around the world.

Engaging with potential bidders or current IRB contractors:

Canadian companies are able to optimize participation in IRB by following some key steps:

  1. Identify opportunities
    • Research upcoming and current procurements and identify who the contacts are at the major IRB contractors;
    • Study the bidder's/IRB contractor's products and those of their suppliers;
    • Contact an IRB manager and/or officials at the Regional Development Agencies for specific project information and advice;
    • Prepare a marketing plan that demonstrates how your product or service is competitive and how it could fit with the bidder's/IRB contractor's business activities;
    • Make sure your company has the appropriate accreditation (ISO, Controlled Goods);
    • Keep your company website up to date; and
    • Register on the Canadian Company Capabilities List
  2. Make contact with bidders or current IRB contractors
    • Make direct contact with the IRB contractors and their major suppliers and present your marketing plan; and
    • While IRB officials can help point companies toward each other, it is up to you to make contact and sell your product or service.
  3. Network
    • Gather additional intelligence; and make contacts through trade associations, industry days, conferences and trade shows.

Engaging with IRB contractor major suppliers

In most projects, the IRB contractor will ensure that their major suppliers are involved in their IRB plan, which means Canadian companies can then look to work with some of the major suppliers of some of these large IRB contractors. Each IRB contractor leverages their major suppliers to help them deliver their IRB obligation, including:

  • Best efforts:
    No formal arrangement, suppliers do their best to utilize Canadian sources to help out the IRB contractor.
  • Flow down:
    IRB contractors contractually flow down IRB commitments to their major suppliers.

Similar to the IRB checklist above, Canadian companies are encouraged to be specific and determine which companies to target before approaching IRB contractors for contact information. Make sure to include IRB contractors in correspondence with major suppliers.

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