Impact of Climate Change on Landscape

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During International Polar Year, scientists learned more about the consequences of melting Ground Ice...

Scott Lamoureux (Associate Professor, Queen's University):
This environment, and everything we see around us, is intimately tied to the climate we see now. And our main interest is trying to understand how climate change is affecting water and the landscape. This is a permafrost environment; it's particularly sensitive to climate change. And that ground ice, when it melts under warm conditions, provides water that lubricates the soil above it and makes it unstable. The land is literally ripped apart.

The water, the land, the entire ecosystem in the arctic are intrinsically linked...

Scott Lamoureux:
We're collecting not just river flow, but we're also collecting water quality. We're also looking at the lakes system, as well as land based measurements of vegetation and soils. And knowledge is a vital component.

During International Polar Year, results of research will enable Canadians to better manage our vast Arctic.

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