Science Ambassadors

Help inspire the next generation of Canadian scientists.

Be part of a national program that connects scientists with teachers to inspire students. There is no better way to encourage youth than by having scientists share interesting and fun stories of day-to-day science work and talk about what led them to choose a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

We are matching scientists with teachers to deliver exciting short presentations in schools. Once they are matched, the teacher and scientist coordinate an arrangement that works for both of them.

Why I love doing science outreach: watch as Kate Van Rooyen talks about science outreach and why she loves sharing science with students


Hi, my name is Kate Van Rooyen. I’m a forest invasive species technician with Canadian Forest Service at Natural Resources Canada. I do outreach with kids, involving insects. I got started doing this when I first started here—quite a few years ago. I found I really enjoyed it, mostly because I got the kids interested about insects. The best part was you’d get boys and girls, different ages, especially the younger ones. The girls are braver than the boys, so you get them holding it and you get the little boys screaming. It was so much fun. You could actually see as they aged how the girls became more squeamish about the insects. But you could still talk to them and you could still see in their eyes that they wanted to be interested. You have them come to you with questions like, “Why does an insect have colour? Oh, look at this. I know this one. This one’s in my backyard.”

The best part is that the kids get to see all the different types of insects we have that we bring in from the field. The kids ask a lot of really, really good questions about insects. This leads them on to maybe having more interest in the sciences than they thought they would previously.

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