Importance of Changes in Sea Ice for Arctic Peoples


During International Polar Year, scientists study the impacts of climate change on Arctic communities.

Sim Akpalialuk (CEDO Hamlet of Pangnirtung):
When you’re growing up here, you observe everything around you: the sky, the wind, the snow conditions, and the ice.

One of the most noticeable impacts of climate change for communities is on sea ice.

Gita Laidler (Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University):
Changing sea ice will affect safety and the ability to navigate.  And some of the traditional indicators that would be used are not as reliable anymore.

Doug Bancroft (Director of the Canadian Ice Service, Environment Canada):
International Polar Year was an opportunity to find out more about Northerner needs and how those needs for ice information services are expected to evolve.

Gita Laidler:
There’s a lot more interest now in access to satellite imagery.  Some of the hunters want to find as much information as possible before going out to travel.

Thanks to International Polar Year, Canadian scientists learned more about how Northerners are dealing with the impacts of climate change

David Barber:
The Inuit as a people are extremely resilient, and they’ve proven that over millennium because they’re able to live in a very harsh environment.

During International Polar Year, Canadian scientists increased our knowledge of Ice in the Arctic.

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