Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI)

A brief explanation of how the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative helps Canadian innovators and invests in great ideas.

Transcript—Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI)

[Music up]

Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative

[Image shows a graphical representation of a person in a business suit with a cityscape in the background]

Canadian entrepreneurs have
great ideas

[The character waves, then raises both hands in the air. Above the character's head appears a red balloon with a lightbulb inside.]

amazing concepts
endless potential

[The character grabs the balloon and begins to inflate it.]

But to create a world-class business, it also takes

[The character is now holding the balloon on a string. The lightbulb inside is flickering.]


[The image zooms in to show a tanker truck. On the side of the truck are the words "VC Funds" and a blue stripe.]

That's why we're launching the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative

[The image zooms out to show the tanker truck next to a skyscraper, with a cityscape in the background.]

with the Business Development Bank of Canada!

Making $400 million available to high-growth firms and start-ups

[The image zooms out further to show the character holding the balloon and standing beside the tanker truck. The tanker truck hose connects to the red balloon, which gets bigger and bigger. Another VC Funds tanker appears and continues to supply the red balloon, making it bigger, and a final VC Funds tanker truck appears, pumping something into the balloon and making it huge!]

To help them raise the capital they need to make their ideas take off

[The character and the balloon lift up into the sky, going higher and higher above the mountains and into the clouds. As they climb, two other characters are seen in the distance with their own balloons. [The image zooms out to show a map of Canada with several other coloured dots (balloons) appearing across the map.]

To build industry, create middle-class jobs and make Canada an innovation leader!

[The main character moves across the screen as the balloon fills the entire frame. Fade to white]

[Canada wordmark]

[Music ends]

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