Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools (CFS) refurbishes donated digital devices and distributes them to schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities as well as eligible low income Canadians across Canada. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada leads this program for the federal government, working with provincial and territorial governments, not-for profit organizations as well as the private and volunteer sectors. The program has helped extend the useful life of computer equipment, reducing the overall environmental impact of electronic waste. Youth also benefit from paid, practical work internships where they can develop more advanced digital skills.

Transcript: Computers for Schools

[The Computers for Schools (CFS) Logo is shown with music playing, a female voice says:]

Computers for schools has always been a good news story.

[A video of a classroom of students on their computers is shown followed by a shot of a stockroom full of computers and an employee cleaning a keyboard with a brush. A female voice plays over:]

Narrator: Le programme OPE est un programme national qui permet de récupérer les ordinateurs des entreprises et des différents gouvernements.

[Text on screen: CFS is a national program that collects used computers from companies and from the government.]

[A shot of many computers on shelves, then a wide angle shot of the entire warehouse, while a male voice says:]

Narrator: Réutiliser cet équipement-là de façon écologique en leur donnant une seconde vie.

[Text on screen: Sustainably reusing that technology by giving it a new life.]

[The face of a teenage girl smiling, an older woman smiling, a woman driving appears. A park with children playing is shown.]

Narrator: Connecting Canadians, connecting families, and just making sure that everyone can participate in the digital economy.

[Text on screen: On connecte les Canadiens, on connecte les familles, afin d'assurer leur participation à l'économie numérique.]

[A cup of tea is passed between women wearing headscarves. A man in a wheelchair holds up a diploma. A man and a woman hold up a diploma together. A classroom shows another man receiving a diploma. A child appears on screen.]

Narrator: Access to the internet and computers is essential for integrating resettled refugees and new immigrants into Canadian life.

[Text on screen: Avoir accès à l'internet et à un ordinateur, est essentiel à l'intégration de réfugiés et d'immigrants.]

[The camera pans across a street. The warehouse full of computers is shown from close up and then aerial view.]

Narrator: Growing up low-income myself, I understand the need for technology for people that can't afford it.

[Text on screen: Parce que je viens d'un milieu défavorisé, je comprends l'importance d'avoir accès à un ordinateur pour ceux qui n'ont pas les moyens d'en acheter.

[Handwritten notes are shown close-up on screen.]

Narrator: Anyone that needs a computer that can't afford to have one we'll help them; we'll get them a computer.

[Text on screen: Si une personne à faible revenu se cherche un ordinateur, on trouve toujours une solution.]

[A woman speaking directly to the camera says:]

When I received the laptop from here it was pretty much the first time I'd ever owned my own laptop.

[Text on screen: Quand j'ai reçu mon ordinateur gratuitement, c'était mon premier ordinateur personnel.]

[An empty classroom is shown.]

Narrator: Ça peut me permette de créer cette personne que je dois devenir.

[Text on screen: Which allows me to become the person I want to be.]

[Children attending a puppet show are shown from behind on screen. Children working on computers are shown from behind.]

Narrator: Socialization is super important to someone's wellbeing and to hopefully reach whatever goal it is that they have.

[Text on screen: On sait que l'intégration sociale joue un rôle clé dans le bien-être de chacun, afin de réaliser leurs ambitions.]

[A young woman is seen repairing computers in a warehouse.]

Narrator: Ça m'a permis de découvrir pas mal de choses travailler ici.

[Text on screen: The CFS internships has taught me so much.]

Narrator: We have touched everywhere.

[Text on screen: OPE atteint tout le Canada.]

[A young man smiling at the camera.]

Narrator: We just need this.

[Text on screen: On a besoin de ça.]

[A close up of a keyboard and mouse that a person is typing on is shown.]

[Text on screen: Used technology. New possibilities. Technologie usagée. Nouvelles possibilités.

[A screen appears with the funding from Canada wordmark, the CFSC logo, the website address of CFSC and CFSC's telephone number.]

[Text on screen: Donate your Technology. Faites don de votre technologie.]

[Text on screen:]

[Text on screen: 514-756-3885]

[Music Ends]

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