Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

November 18, 2015—2015 Canadian Aerospace Summit

Minister of Science

To obtain a copy of a speech issued before 2012, please contact us.

Minister of Industry—Archived

June 2, 2015—Space Announcement—Archived

April 28, 2015—CANSEC—Archived

March 6, 2015—Announcement of AWS-3 Auction Results—Archived

December 18, 2014—Advancing Canada's Wireless Policy—Archived

December 9, 2014—Price Transparency Act—Archived

December 8, 2014—Announcement of SADI Contribution Agreement—Archived

November 19, 2014—2014 Canadian Aerospace Summit—Archived

October 3, 2014—Announcing E-labelling Regulations—Archived

September 29, 2014—Opening of International Astronautical Congress—Archived

July 7, 2014—Ministerial Announcement of AWS-3 Auction—Archived

April 4, 2014—Digital Canada 150 Launch—Archived

February 27, 2014—Announcement of SADI Contribution Agreement–Archived

February 19, 2014—Announcement of 700 MHz Spectrum Auction Results–Archived

February 7, 2014—Remarks for Space Policy Framework Announcement–Archived

February 5, 2014—Changes to Canada's Antenna Tower Siting Policy–Archived

January 10, 2014—Announcement of 2500 MHz Licensing Framework–Archived

December 2, 2013—Aerospace Innovation Forum 2013–Archived

September 18, 2013—Address to the Canadian Club of Ottawa–Archived

September 4, 2013—Launch of the Technology Demonstration Program–Archived

June 26, 2013—NGRAIN SADI Announcement–Archived

June 13, 2013—Committee on Internal Trade Symposium–Archived

June 4, 2013—Telecommunications Announcement–Archived

May 30, 2013—CANSEC 2013–Archived

May 23, 2013—Aéro Montréal–Archived

March 28, 2013—Announcement of a SADI Contribution–Archived

December 7, 2012—CNOOC Limited's Acquisition of Nexen Inc.–Archived

December 7, 2012—Petronas' Acquisition of Progress–Archived

December 5, 2012—2012 Canadian Aerospace Summit–Archived

October 19, 2012—Rover Prototypes "Meet our Fleet"–Archived

August 28, 2012—The Economic Club of Canada–Archived

July 25, 2012—James Webb Space Telescope–Archived

July 3, 2012—Memory Card Levy News Conference–Archived

June 5, 2012—Canadian Telecom Summit–Archived

May 8, 2012—Bloomberg Canada Economic Summit–Archived

April 24, 2012—Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum–Archived

March 14, 2012—Telecommunications Decisions–Archived

February 29, 2012—Canadian Space Agency Event–Archived

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Minister of State (Science and Technology)—Archived

June 23, 2014—Announcing PromoScience Recipients—Archived

May 16, 2014—NSERC CREATE Announcement—Archived

March 28, 2014—Canada Research Chairs Announcement–Archived

September 25, 2013—Canada Excellence Research Chairs Announcement–Archived

May 28, 2013—Mitacs Policy Forum 2013–Archived

May 14, 2013—PackEx 2013–Archived

May 6, 2013—CONNECT 2013–Archived

April 22, 2013—Leadership in Innovation Conference–Archived

April 9, 2013—12th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference–Archived

January 21, 2013—Mitacs Funding Announcement: Recon Instruments–Archived

November 30, 2012—Knowledge Infrastructure Program Finale–Archived

November 27, 2012—Genomics: The Power and the Promise–Archived

June 4, 2012—World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012–Archived

May 29, 2012—Mitacs Globalink Symposium–Archived

May 16, 2012—Research Money Annual Conference–Archived

May 8, 2012—Polytechnics Canada Annual Conference–Archived

April 3, 2012—Visit to ZBx Corporation Inc.–Archived

March 27, 2012—Visit to Valydate Inc.–Archived

March 6, 2012—The Economic Club of Canada–Archived

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Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism) (Agriculture)—Archived

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