Senior leadership

Executive structure

The CRC's expertise is organized as follows:

  • The President sets direction and oversees all operations of the Communications Research Centre;
  • The Executive Vice-President of Business Development and Corporate Affairs leads client development, technology transfer and the establishment of research collaborations, along with corporate affairs management.
  • The Chief Technology Officer manages overarching R&D priorities, including the technical delivery of the Grand Challenges and wireless technology foresighting;
  • The Vice-President of Applications and Performance directs research in performance evaluation, radio technologies, and network applications;
  • The Vice-President of Wireless Technologies directs research in network technologies, information processing, as well as propagation and antennas;
  • The Vice President of Digital Technologies directs research on the application of big data analytics, virtual and augmented reality;
  • As Executive Advisor, Campus Partnerships and HR Initiatives, Ms. Jubinville leads the partnerships with the other federal partners on the campus, and CRC talent development.

Executive team

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